Home Cleaning May Not Be The Chore It Used To Be

I don’t know about you, but house cleaning does not rank high in my list of fun things to do. It is on my don’t-want-but-have-todo list, and if I knew you better, I would give you the real name of this list… Still it has to be done, and I have realized 2 points that help a lot.

One, it helps if you organize it in smaller items with a specific schedule.

Two, it helps if you work with a clean place to start with. I am not kidding. Starting with a clean place, makes the maintaining that much easier, so I have no shame to tell you that once in a while, and maybe even a little more, I use the services of a local home cleaning service company. They do a great job and get me back on track.

That being said, how can you make your life easier and still get a clean place to live? Make a Schedule. Make a schedule of all the cleaning tasks you have to get done.

Before you do that, take a seat, a pen and paper … and think. Think about what having a clean home means to you. Does it means cleaning the windows every day … or once a year? It does change with individuals, and it will help you have a clear understanding on what you need to do and how often to get to live in a place you can call clean.

Then, list everything you need to do to have this house clean. Would you like a tip to make it simple? Take your pen and paper, and go from room to room. Take a look around and note everything you can think of that does or will need cleaning sometime in the future. Don’t despair if the list gets out of hand. Right now we are still just in thinking mode. Done? Alright!

Your next step is to decide what is important from what is not (Do you really think you need to dust the attic to consider your house clean?) and choose a frequency for what is left in your list. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every other day, whenever. Once you are done, create a schedule, decide of a specific time to do it, update your family calendar, and … if you can, share the responsibilities with everybody in the family.

Last tip for today, from experience. Do not allow yourself any negative emotion about it. It’s just something that has to be done, like shopping for groceries, or driving to work. Oh, and in term of real priority, attending the kids football practice and spending quality time with them is always a no brainer! You can always ask your local house cleaning professional to come back.

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What woods are used for hardwood floors?

Investing in hardwood floors not only increases the home value, but also adds elegance and charm to the interiors which can be enjoyed for years together. There are different types of hardwood floors available these days, which makes it easy to choose one based on the budget and the interior design scheme. The basic hard wood floor has many variations with different treated surfaces, and other alterations made to meet the demands of flooring. There are laminated wood flooring, engineered wood and the solid hardwood, which are available in various natural and manmade textures and colors. While choosing the hardwood floor, the strength of the wood, the grain structure and the color of the wood should be kept in mind.

Laminate wooden floors are actually plywood planks with layers of veneers on top. These can be given the same finish are real woods, and can be made to withstand daily wear and tear. Although not as good as solid wood, these are nice alternatives with stain resistant and scratch resistant surfaces. They are treated to last long, so can be safe investment when it comes to installing hardwood floors. Engineered wood is the next best alternative to the solid wood and can withstand weather changes and can be treated to be least effected by humidity. It has layers of wooden planks that are bound together by adhesive, and so they can be made to withstand wear and tear just as the solid wood. They can also last really long, and minimize the need for replacing the hardwood flooring.

Solid wood is the best and most expensive hardwood flooring option available, since they are thick and strong, and can add lavishness to the interiors with the real wood charm. Since they are natural wood, treated to with stand maximum wear and tear, they are the longest lasting of all the other alternatives. Although a lot depends upon maintaining the wooden flooring, this option can be the best, since they are available with treated surfaces these days. They can also be made to resist staining from spillage and can be made scratch resistant. Solid wood can come in various different colors, depending on the wood used for the planks. Cherry wood, red and white Oak Wood, Teak wood, Mahogany, Maple, and Bamboo are some of the wood that are available and in demand these days. They can be treated to give different look to the flooring, but the colors of the solid wood planks are mostly natural. The colors can range from light brown or cream to dark brown, or reddish brown. Using bamboo can give the hardwood floor a pale whitish green color.

Whatever the type of wood used, maintaining hardwood floor is something that should be done regularly. Although treated surfaces can resist scratch and stains, the floor must be wiped regularly to avoid dust from settling. It is not necessary to clean them daily with cleaning solutions, but mopping them with damp cloth is sufficient. Hardwood floors are an investment that can return more value with time, if properly maintained.

Learn how to take care of your hardwood floor, if you already have one, or learn the options available if you are thinking of installing a new one.
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What set of window cleaning supplies are used?


Most of the people clean their inside of the houses and buildings. Most of them do not bother about the cleaning of their windows of these buildings. For this purpose, they hire the professional window cleaning services.

When you clean the windows, you should possess some proper equipment or you can say that you should have a good set of window cleaning tools.

Now we will discuss about the set of window cleaning tools. These tools must possess an effective solution in them and it must be environment friendly and should be safe. Moreover, there should be no hazards regarding these equipments. The cleaning solutions must have some substance added in them which would clear off all the dust and it should be so strong that it would remove all of the stains and spots from the window glass. Then we would wipe off the window with a sponge device. Then it would clean the windows quite efficiently.

Then you should make sure that the chemicals which you are using are not harmful. They should be environmental friendly and not harmful for the humans and they must be safe to use. Safety measures are written on the back side of the chemicals bottles and you should make sure that you use them as per instructed because if these chemicals are not properly utilized then they may cause infections.

Then you must possess a squeegee which should be adjustable and must be used for the removal of excess amount of water. Microfiber glass wipes must be used to wipe the windows after washing them. And lastly, you must have a bucket in which you would keep all of your equipments while working or cleaning the windows.

These are some of the basic windows cleaning tools which a cleaning company must have with them. These equipments are easily available in the market on affordable prices and can help one to save money too. Window cleaning services are now becoming quite common every where.