A Quick And Simple Guide About Ceramic Tiles

For creating indoor decorations, ceramic tiles are a great product to use. Ceramic Tiles can be used as covering floors and walls (witch is most common) or it can be used to cover chimneys etc. Painted and glazed, ceramic tiles have a high resistance to external factors, as they are not influenced by moisture or temperature variations, they are easy to clean and pretty cheap to install. Ceramic tiles are most commonly massed produced, but it can be customized and pretty unique in design.

Ceramic tiles seems pale and less valuable to natural stone tiles and because of that, the price is lower than the natural stone tiles. Since it cheaper, it is the number one choice for a lot of users. When installing ceramic tiles, you have to consider the thickness and if the tiles has an uneven surface. A thinner one needs more adhesive then a thicker one and if the ceramic floor tiles has an uneven surface, you can use a mortar to correct it and if has some higher spots, you can use very simple chisels moves. Another thing to think about is that its very slippery when wet.

To avoid of getting the tiles stained or too dirty and difficult to clean, make sure to seal the grout lines. If you do not do it, the tiles will become very difficult to clean and moisture has a chance to make its way true the ceramic tiles.

A great advantage of ceramic tiles is that it has even and easy to wash surface. Compare to natural stones, it is a huge different, since the natural stone models usually accumulate dirt in certain patterns. This advantage is the reason why public institution and medical facilities use ceramic tiles, since they need sterile and even structures.

Many years ago, ceramic tiles were used both in mural works and mosaic floorings. It was consider as luxury and their artistic use was more important then their practicality.
Look at Islamic tile work that clearly shows the versatile use of ceramic tiles; they are present in palaces, temples, public buildings and in the homes of upper class families. European cultures were influenced of the artistic tradition of Arab ceramic tiles patterns and used it as decorations in garden and courtyards. Tourists can still admire the beauty of such tile work in the Moorish remnants of Spain: at Malaga and Cordoba for instance; the mosaics are incredibly well preserved testifying once again for the durability of such ceramic structures.

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Ceramic Wall Tiles for Beautiful Homes

It won’t be exaggeration to say that Ceramic Tiles are indeed an essential requirement for a beautiful home. From outdoor to bathroom, tiles give a spectacular look to one’s house. Choosing tiles according to the area where they are to be installed is very important. Tiles provide an astonishing look to almost every part of one’s house including bathroom, kitchen and living area. Let’s see how Ceramic Wall Tiles can be used in a variety of ways to lift the entire aesthetic quotient of the site of installation.

Ceramic Glazed Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Digital Wall Tiles and many more options are available when selecting tiles for your home. You can choose from any of the following design of tiles:

Laser cut tile: Cut in a tricky way, these tiles produce fancy designs.Diagonal tile: These tiles are arranged diagonally and give a beautiful look to one’s home. Arranging tiles diagonally may cost one a little extra because this arrangement requires more tiles.Large pattern design: These tiles are best suited for kitchen walls. These tiles have large patterns and require careful layout on wall space.Subway tile: This design of tiles is named so for being the most common tile in subway stations. This style of tiles never runs out of fashion.Custom mosaic tile: These are precisely trimmed tiles which provide one’s kitchen custom design.Mirror tile: These types of tiles give a special look to one’s kitchen. These look better in buffet area.

Multipurpose porcelain, Ceramic Wall Tile with blue crackle glaze, limestone tile, handmade glazed wall tiles and marble floor tile are some other options for wall tiles for home.

Apart from this, one has the options of several finishes in tiles.Brushed finish: These types of tiles give home a worn-down look as surface of these tiles is brushed properly.Exterior finish: These types of tiles have natural rock like look. These are mainly used for exteriors and wet areas.Polished finish: These types of tiles are prepared by polishing for longer time. Thus, the tile gets a reflective and shiny look.

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Ceramic Tiles: To Spruce Up the Interiors

Ceramic tiles add a splash of colors to the interiors, and this color is not that fades with time. The same holds true for the aesthetics they impart to the settings. With myriad of shades, patterns, designs, and textures, Ceramic Tiles allow you to get flamboyant in sprucing up your rooms, washrooms, kitchen and even the exteriors. Besides, there are host of other reasons as well why you would want to have those floors and walls clad with tile. Let’s get an insight!Ceramic Tiles give you your money’s worth. When compared to most other flooring solutions, Ceramic Tiles have much longer life; they require no special maintenance and cost lesser per square foot.They are really versatile in the sense that myriad of colors, textures, patterns and finishes are available. You can create custom expressions and style your walls and floors the way you want them to be. Ease of cleaning makes them even better for households. Biological infestation from mites, germs, bacteria, etc. is never a threat. Ceramic Tiles exhibit exceptional durability. Rain, sleet, snow, scuffs, etc. can do no harm; you can rest assure.Tiles are resistant to moisture attacks and are thus ideal for installation at wet sites. Besides, they are designed for better traction and serve the right purpose in swimming pools, showers patios and other wet areas.One of the best things about Ceramic Tiles is that they do not fade. The richness of the colors remains intact lifelong. This particular attribute makes them highly popular.Even from safety aspects, Ceramic Tiles fare better when pitted against many other flooring solutions. They do not burn and there are no toxic emissions as well in case of fire hazards.

Not to forget, Ceramic Tiles have a distinct appeal. Vibrant colors, patterns and designs allow artistic expression. There can be no other flooring or wall cladding solution that offers such liberty in adornment of interiors.

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Aum Corporation is the market leading in manufacturing quality wall and flooring tiles like Double Charge Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Glazed Ordinary Wall Tiles, Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles, Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles etc.

Ceramic Tiles – Redesigning Home Was Never So Easy

There are various ways to beautify house and tiling is one of them. When you are thinking to improve your house internal usually you try to avoid expensive Floor Tiles. Of course, just for the benefit of modifying you would not like to affect your price range. At such point it is apparent to look for less expensive option. Ceramic Floor Tiles are thus very popular among those who are looking for affordable Floor Tiles. Ceramics are less expensive than any Floor tile present in the market. The Ceramic Floor Tile is most suggested as exteriors Floor tile but can be used on the roof as well. If you properly watch its features you will find that it can fit anywhere you want it to fit.
However, bathing room and cooking place area are the more beneficial position regarded for Ceramic Floor Tiles. They have become popular not just because of their price range but also because of their friendly behavior. They are extremely appropriate to any misty position or location with regularly modifying heat range. These Ceramic Floor Tiles are flexible and give no trouble while in use. If you are planning for renovating house, Ceramic Floor Tiles are the best suggested tile to go with. They might not be as resilient as stone or marble but they are not delicate either. A high quality Floor tile can be used as a Floor of different classes and colors related to your room interior.
As a surfaces Floor tile they are an ideal choice for cooking place area, bathing room as well as external roof or sheds. Where you get lot of wide range to beautify areas, you also get enough reasons to have them for your house. Because they are safe from nature’s elements they stay on external surfaces without any harm decades after decades. On similar front, bathing room and cooking place area walls can look awesome with Ceramic Tiles. You can create unbelievable impact in your house if you know the right way of choosing them.
The best part of ceramic is that it can be set up by combining and linking the Floor Tiles of different styles. Get modern or traditional styles by using your impressive concepts. Different templates can be acquired by combining and related Ceramic Floor Tiles. Ceramics are also simple to position even an individual can set up them by following guidelines. It just needs few minimal accessories and clay to lay them on position. These are not only very simple to set up but less time taking too. So, without choosing any professional at less expensive price you can renovate your house. What else would you need from a Floor Tile like ceramic?

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Ceramic Floor Tiles And Natural Oaks Are The Best.

Tiles have been a mostly preferred material when it comes to our house floors. Manufactures have even come up with ceramic floor tiles which have proved to be very popular in the past few years. This is made possible by the use of ceramic tiles adhesives, which are of two types. They are either made of mastics or motors to help in the installation of the tiles.

Ceramic tiles can however be used in the tubs, doors, counters among others. There are very many advantages associated with ceramic tiles. Normally; the tile is made from a natural material like glass, soil or sand making it environmental friendly. It is very hard although if not handled carefully, it can easily break. Its maintenance is task free and to top all that, the material is able to stay cool, a factor that reduces the energy costs. Another good thing associated with ceramic tiles is the factor that it is very cheap, easy to maintain and repair. One can either decide to consult a professional or do it himself when it comes to its repair. It is a material that has been used for very many years and upon completion it is very beautiful. This can be done by painting, glazing, use of differing colors and sizes among others.

Ceramic Floor tiles are usually larger than those used on the wall .A professional will aid you get the desired design for your floor using the tiles. This can be achieved by the varying sizes he uses colors and even texture of the tiles. Settling on this option is quite a benefit for it is very durable on the floor because of its something natural. The colors of tiles have changed over the years and today they come in differing colors enabling one to choose one that matches her taste or furniture. The finished product is so beautiful and the good thing is that it is scratch resistant making its beauty for a long time. It is very good in resisting water penetration and that is why it is the most preferred material for kitchens and bathrooms.

Apart from using floor tiles, one can decide to use natural oak for the flooring of their houses. They are very beautiful and add style in ones house. Hard woods are the most preferred and having it in your house will save you the stress of cleaning carpets. They can also be used in kitchens and a special substance called polyurethane are used to provide a protective coating which is going to aid in the little spills that are unavoidable in the kitchen. Natural oak floors are very easy to clean although it is imperative for one to follow the manufactures instructions to the letter to ensure your floor remains beautiful and maintains its original beauty.

When settling for one of the discussed ideas, you can do so and do some window shopping locally or on the numerous online stores which offer large number of choice ranging from the texture design among others.

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Ceramic Floor Tiles and Why They Are Special

Ceramic tiles are special. It’s not just because of the fact that they generally make better flooring than carpets or wood, it’s no that they keep you cool in very hot summers. There is more to ceramic tiles than what is usually let on.

Ceramic tiles have a long and illustrious history – nearly as long as civilization itself. The first tiles used that have been found are roof tiles dating from 6000 years in 4000 BC. In the Early Helladic House the Tiles, fired terracotta roof tiles has been found at the site in Lerna, Greece. In the Mycenaean Period, roof tiles were documented for Gla and Medea. The Chinese also had ceramic artwork, but they never used tiles in the way that the Europeans or the Middle Eastern nations did.

The Dutch style, otherwise know as the Delft Style of ceramic floor tile making was started in a Dutch town called Delft in 1544. In 50 years, the craftsmanship became so popular and world renowned that the Dutch prospered immensely from it. However, with increased popularity, there was a commensurate increase in competition and the Dutch floundered – all that remained was their style, which slowly changed due to Chinese influence into the blue and white ceramic glazed tiles that we know today. The other major competitor to the Delft Style is the Maiollican Style, crafted by the artisans of Italy and Spain, which are to this day considered among the greatest tile makers in the world.

In the 19th century the British pioneered the mass production of ceramic floor tiles, boosted by the effects of the Industrial Revolution. The British prospered much like the Dutch and much like the Dutch they succumbed to the increased competition that popularity brought. The Americans overtook the British as the main mass producer of floor tiles but were kept on their guard with the ever present availability of English wares.

Today’s floors are mostly covered by ceramic tiling as it has proven to have the best cost to upkeep ratio. While there are many types of flooring that are cheaper than ceramic floor tiles, nothing can really compare to negligible cost of upkeep that ceramic tiles bring to the table. They are easy to clean and do not crack easily. They might not have the durability of porcelain or the luster of marble, but they do not have the price either yet they are relatively similar to both. They are better than a Jack of all trades and it is precisely for this reason that they have been an integral part of every major historic event the world has ever seen. Whether it be in the Far East, the Middle East or anywhere else – ceramic floor tiles have been there to keep people feeling good.

So the next time you think about buying new floor tiles for a new room in your home or for a refurbishment of an existing room, think about the versatility of ceramic floor tiles. Think about the longevity of these marvels of human ingenuity and think to yourself… What history will these tiles witness?

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Ceramic Floor Tiles – Types & Benefits

What kind of flooring option should I choose? Would the usual granite floors look good? Or should I go for hardwood floors or should I look for other exclusive options? These are some of the questions that haunt every house owner when they are getting a new house built or renovating their existing one. Well, this article aims to offer a great solution to home owners who are facing this dilemma; there is a flooring option available in the market which has become synonymous with style & elegance- the Ceramic Floor Tiles. These have become a popular flooring choice owing to their attractiveness and utility as well.

Types Of Ceramic Tiles:Glazed Tiles
Such tiles come in various designs and protect the tile surface from stains. These tiles give a textured and glossy look to the surface.Unglazed Tiles
These kinds of tiles have a dull finish & resemble natural stone. Unglazed Tiles add a lovely charm to ambience & give it a classic look.Porcelain Tiles
These tiles are made from white clay baked at high temperature for a longer period than other ceramic tiles.Terracotta Tiles
These reddish-brown tiles give a rustic appeal to the home décor. They are made at temperatures lower than ordinary ceramic tiles.Benefits Of Ceramic Flooring:Durable
As compared to other floor and wall tiles, Ceramic Floor Tiles last for a longer time. This ensures that your beautiful home stays as charming & elegant for a long time.Fire Proof
These tiles are fire proof. They do not burn nor give-off toxic fumes and smoke. They can also withstand extreme temperatures.Moisture Resistant
Since these tiles are moisture resistant, they can even be laid in areas, like bathrooms, which are prone to moisture. Certain types of ceramic tiles like porcelain have less than 0.5 percent moisture absorption pace.Hygiene
They are hygienic as they can be easily cleaned. By installing these in places like bathrooms & tiles you can maintain the attractiveness without compromising on the hygiene aspect.Color
One of the best reasons why these ceramic floor tiles are so popular is because they are available in a wide range of colors. You can easily get these floor tiles in almost every color.Chemical Resistant
These tiles are highly resistant to chemicals, which makes them perfect as a flooring option. In case of accidental spillage, you do not have to worry about your floor getting damaged.Easy Maintenance
They are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is to sweep and mop with water to maintain their glossy charm.Abrasion Resistant
These tiles are also resistant to abrasion and so can be very easily used in high traffic areas. They can very well withstand heavy foot traffic.Slip Resistant
They have an anti-slip quality. This is done by adding either rough grit or studs or orange peel finish. So you do not have to worry about the safety of your family or visitors.AUM Corporation is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Ceramic Floor Tiles & Ceramic Wall Tiles. They are listed among the reputed Ceramic Floor Tile Manufacturers that offer excellent ceramic tiles to beautify your homes in the trendiest way at reasonable prices. Products include Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles, Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles, Ceramic Digital Wall Tiles and Vitrified Tiles.

AUM Corporation is the market leading in manufacturing quality wall and flooring tiles like Double Charge Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Glazed Ordinary Wall Tiles, Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles, Ceramic Glazed Wall Tiles etc.

Ceramic Floor Tiles Through the Years

Bright colors, unique shapes, and intricate designs are the cornerstones found throughout the history of ceramic floor tiles. Archeological discoveries have found ceramic floor tiles still in the pristine condition that was present when they were first fired and installed in family homes. The tiles at that time were used in every area where visitors might visit just as they are today.

More structured elements were added to the composition of ceramic floor tiles as their use extended to all levels of society and it was necessary to maintain a quality standard for each tile produced. Prior to this time there were very few ceramic floor tile makers and the methods for creating the tiles was not recorded. Until mass production was introduced many of the styles and designs that are available today were not affordable for an average family. Today’s ceramic floor tiles have seen a resurgence of artist designs seen throughout history and tiles have again assumed their place within the art community in many locations.

Most ceramic tiles are created with an eye toward the dramatic. They are produced in an array of colors and designs which range from bright and bold primary colors to muted neutral tones. Specialists in ceramic tile once again address each project as a creation of usable art by the individual requesting it striving to reflect a distinct disign and character. With the introduction of laser technology these unique tiles can be mass produced at an affordable price and can been seen in every style of home.

The decorative styles of minimalism and urban chic require that ceramic tiles be in neutral colors that provide a continuous flow from floor to ceiling in kitchens. While the tiles used may be different for the floor and wall, they must provide the textural landscape that provides the illusion of movement. In addition, the tiles must be capable of withstanding the constant flow of traffic that is in a kitchen area as well as resilience when heavy objects fall on it.

Ceramic floor tiles receive ratings that indicate their ability to resist moisture and foot traffic. Choosing tile includes consideration of the rating of the tile and the amount of use that will be taking place in the area in which it is placed. For instance, a patio area would require a ceramic tile with a rating of 4 which indicates that it is the most durable floor tile available and will withstand heavy traffic and use.

A rating of 1 indicates that the tile is very delicate and should not be used in areas where there is any traffic at all. These tiles are very porous and are used primarily for decorative areas on the floors of homes. The more delicate ceramic tile is what is used most often by artisans to create floor tile mosiacs which, when glued together on a floor, create a beautiful artistic pattern that is to be admired by visitors.

In bathrooms today the practice of using floor tiles from floor to ceiling throughout the bathroom is growing in popularity. Class 2 ceramic floor tiles are especially designed for bathroom use and are not appropriate for heavy foot traffic. These tiles are not as porous as many of the ceramic tiles made and are not damaged by the steam produced in many bathrooms. They require care when cleaning because they are covered with a sealing substance which will scratch off if cleaned with the wrong product.

A heavier tile with a rating of 3 or 4 which is specifically designed for moderate to heavy traffic provides the perfect floor for a bathroom or kitchen that is used constantly. These tiles are designed to compliment the more delicate floor tiles and give the illusion of a seamless enclosure in a bathroom. The cost of the higher rated ceramic tile makes enclosure a bathroom in tile much more affordable and the need to replace broken tiles is reduced considerably.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are slim, flat, pieces widely used to secure and beautify houses and palaces. Ceramic Floor Tiles have developed over many hundreds of years, and the first forms of floor tiles descend from the Middle Eastern about 7,000 to 8,000 decades ago. During that age, only the rich in the community could afford them, until handier production components became available then it was no longer a source for the rich. They came in raw forms and were not as strong as the ones available these days, but even then, the craftsmen took a chance to add a sprinkle of color in different pigmentation, and rounded out amazing styles before resting them out to dry.
At one time, China was also using white-colored clay generally known as kaolin to produce the first form of ceramic mosaic and floor tiles. They motivated the Napoleons to transfer their ceramic to beautify areas and cities across North Africa, Japan, Mediterranean Sea European countries, and finally the whole of European countries. Today on walking into a Ceramic Floor Tile store, one will find a variety of floor tiles with models motivated by different areas.
Advantages of Ceramic Tiles
Like all floor areas, ceramic floor tiles come with a number of benefits.
* They are versatile, and quickly set up on virtually any level surface.
* Since refined ceramic floor tiles come in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes, you can use them to make different, amazing styles and art. For example, use them to make subjective mixtures, or make a cover style design.
* The floor tiles are easy to clean and as opposed to wood made areas, they do not need improving.
* Use Ceramic Floor Tiles to link different areas, and even link various space styles. Achieve a cohesiveness that is hard to get with other components you can use them in non-carpeted places, which will combination the different areas together quickly.
Disadvantages of ceramic tiles
Ceramic floor tiles are extremely fashionable and resilient, but have drawbacks based on what you need in your flooring areas and the function of the space you’re resting the floor tiles in.
* Unlike other strong flooring areas choices, ceramic floor tiles can break quickly.
* A ceramic floor tile can be cold underfoot; however under floor heating is a consideration.
* Slipperiness is an enormous drawback in refined ceramic floor tiles flooring areas. There are non-slip types that are suitable for use in wet places, while others are sleek and a bit of water can lead to a fall accident.
* When a floor tile smashes, it takes a lot of work to fix as you will need to cut out and eliminate the floor tile along the grout line with no damage the nearby material in the process.
* Additionally if you use white-colored or light colored filling, this will need cleaning and eventually re-grouting.
* Some ceramic floor tiles need closing to stop the intake of water, in high traffic places, re-sealing at some point may be required.
As with all flooring areas there are problems to consider. It’s important that you consider all factors such as the use of the space, will water be present, is it a highly trafficked area etc. and of course your budget, before your make to resting floor tiles on your floor.
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Interior Design with Mosaic Tiles

When choosing to redesign the interior of your home, there are always various updates that come to mind. An update that will make a large difference in the look of your home is using mosaic tiles. The use of these tiles will dramatically change the look of any room in your home and will make it look amazing.

Mosaic tiles are particularly great to be used when redesigning a kitchen or bathroom. It will give it a fresh new look and is something that you can admire for years to come. Once you have decided that you would like to update a room in your home using these tiles, you will need to do some shopping to find the colour and design that works best for you.

There are numerous colours and styles to choose from, so you are sure to find the one that best fits the look you are trying to achieve. Whether you are looking for a lighter colour, such as a light blue or yellow, or a darker colour, such as a maroon or deep green, you will be able to find it. You can also mix a couple of colours together to form the perfect look, such as using a cream colour along with maroon. You could then have the various colours laid out into a fabulous coloured pattern.

There are also numerous designs that can be made from the various colours as well. Whether you would like to have a design of the outdoors within your bathroom or are looking to have a few flowers on the wall, you can have this done. No matter what your taste in design may be, there is an option out there for you.

Once you have chosen the colours and/or the design that you would like to use, it is time to get it installed. There are numerous companies out there that will install it for you if you choose or you could do it yourself. Decorating with mosaic tiles is time consuming but after your project has been completed, all of the time is well worth it. All of the tiles need to be carefully put in place to ensure there are no gaps and to ensure the look that you want is achieved.

These tiles are a great way to not only decorate a room and give it a new look but are a great way for you to express yourself. Once installed, you can enjoy the beauty every time you go into the room.

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