The Strategy Of Commercial Interior Design

The planning and execution of a office interior design project can be very time consuming. However, corporate interior design projects are very financially lucrative. Because the accuracy of everything you do in the project is under scrutiny and there are specific deadlines you have to reach, and the simple fact that the corporate interior design project is promoting the corporation to its public, this corporate interior design project has to be costly. There are floor plans, space planning, computer links, government and building codes that have to meet approval. The design concept will be refined several times over and a designer will work 12 hour days to meet the deadlines involved in the project. Whether it be a small corporate job, or a major corporation, the needs and integrity are the same and a good Interior Designer will have to provide the best services in able to complete the job.

Corporate interior design projects are usually sold by word of mouth. In order for a designer to stay in the corporate interior design field they will have to provide the quality service that is expected or their meal tickets may cease down the road.

The Concept

A design concept is the first thing that must be created in corporate interior design and then presented for approval. A designer will analyze lighting, space, texture and color to develop a preliminary plan. It is essential that a designer listen carefully to her client and work with them as a team in planning a corporate interior design project.

Once the final concept is approved, then the furnishings and other material will be ordered, technicians hired and the work is scheduled. It is imperative that the design goals of the client be considered in all aspects of the project from start to finish. ADA requirements, building codes and building standards must all be respected and followed as well during the project. It is always important to respect deadlines, the continuity of the work environment and budgetary constraints.

It is also important to choose an Interior Designer who is experienced and very knowledgeable in corporate interior design. It does not matter if it is a major design firm or a single designer, as long as they have the proper credentials and references to support their experience. A single designer may be easier to work with, as they will be hands on in every aspect of the design concept. Corporate interior design is not the easiest of design areas, but with experience and knowledge a good Interior Designer can bring quality, ingenuity and great customer service to the project.

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