Ways to Save Dollars on Cleaning Supplies

There is no doubt that all of us have been affected by rising costs of everything, from the gas that powers our cars to the breakfast rolls we eat in the morning. We all realize that each penny we save can go along way in helping us when the time comes. If you own a business, you know that the amount of money you spend on purchasing cleaning supplies can be a huge part of your operating expenses. But if you do it right, you can actually realize a savings of up to 50% on your janitorial supply expenses. While it may be necessary to have your business facilities cleaned by professionals and you have to buy toilet papers and soap for your office bathrooms, you can still save a substantial amount of dollars yearly on traditional janitorial and cleaning supplies you need for your facilities.

Hiring a cleaning company makes sense depending on the size of your facility. Getting a professional cleaning service for facilities smaller than the size of a regular football field is not a good practice and only makes the cleaning service richer and places your business on the losing end. You and your employees can actually do the same job and save money on cleaning expenses. You can use this money for other important business expenses. Your current employees should have no reason not to take out the trash when their shift ends. You can facilitate their efforts by providing a main location where they can easily bring their trash at the end of the day. Many companies have already made a lot of savings this way and some of them have offered cleaning jobs for after office hours to their current employees who want extra income. Many employees have already accepted these type of jobs to make extra money. You can be a smart small business owner by observing what services a cleaning company offers so you can do the same jobs for your business with the help of your current staff and save a lot of dollars.

One product that is consumed a lot is toilet paper. Its price starts from $ 40 a case and can go up as high as $ 120 a case. Commercial toilet paper comes wound with longer length to a roll and cost less than regular ones. Buying this type instead of regular toilet paper can save you several hundreds of dollars each year. Soap is another essential expense where you can save a lot of money. Instead of the usual cartridge soap, you can buy bulk gallon soap which is 4 times less expensive than cartridge soap. Instead of paper had towels, you can use hand dryers which costs less to maintain. There is no trash to dispose of, allowing you to save further on trash disposal expenses.

Some cleaning service company charge the janitorial cleaning supplies they use to their clients at cost. But some of them add a little more. As a business owner, you may have no idea at all about the cost of a case of trash can liners or soap but by asking your cleaning service provider for a breakdown of the bill they charge you, you can make a comparison with the cost of the same supplies from other janitorial supplies stores. You might be surprised that some cleaning services mark up their prices by as high as 300 percent.

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Save Time Spent on House Cleaning & Live Better

Even though house cleaning is not anyone’s favourite activity, yet many of them end up spending double the amount of time decided and only half of the cleaning job is accomplished. This happens due to lack of cleaning experience, appropriate tools and limited knowledge about suitable techniques. When someone plans to clean the house on their own, they are not aware of products and equipments they will need.

Professional home cleaners can be hired for appropriate cleaning of a house. House cleaning companies in Ottawa, Canada are in abundance; however, only a handful of them have been offering quality services for years. This does not mean, they charge huge amount for their services. First, they inspect the client’s house, and then enquire about specific areas the client wishes to get cleaned. Cleaning services cover different areas of house like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, lawns, gardens, fireplace and others. Accordingly, Ottawa home cleaning companies quote the price for the service one wishes to avail. This gives option to customers for customizing the cleaning service package.

Once the client agrees on the price quoted as per the package, the process initiates with proper planning. Before entering the house, they know where to start from and where to end. Following a plan allows them to finish their job on time and efficiently.

Kind of cleaning for different areas of a house

* Kitchen: They scrub, sanitize, and shine the countertops, shelves and floor, avoiding the use of disinfectants and pesticides in the kitchen, as this the place for storing eatables. In case of deep cleaning, they pull out fridge, oven, stove, chimneys from the wall and clean the same. Avoid use of harmful keeping in mind that the place is filled with eatables.

* Bathroom: They scrub and sanitize bathrooms including bathtubs, toilet seats, floor and tiles.

* Light Fixtures: They clean by dusting and washing.

* Carpet Cleaning: They follow extensive techniques for cleaning different kinds of carpet and upholsteries.

* Lawn and Exterior: This includes lawn cutting, hedge trimming, and exterior maintenance. Pruning, fertilization, weeding, spring and fall clean-up are some of the special services offered.

* Window: They will clean windows along with frames, from inside and outside.

* Asthma and Allergy control: They help to control allergens like pet dander, pollen and dust mites. HEPA filtration vacuuming is a famous technique for capturing dust and allergens.

They also take care of security measures like verification before hiring a cleaning staff. Keys or alarm codes are only accessible to managers, in case clients want the house to be cleaned in their absence. Hiring professional cleaners is a smart option, which saves time and ensures better results.

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Ways To Save On Home Cleaning Products

Keeping up with your home cleaning is the best way to combat bacteria and illness, though cleaning products can sometimes be very expensive. There is no need to sacrifice your health to save money. Many people spend way too much when shopping for products to clean their homes. Cut unnecessary costs by following these tips.

Make your own cleaning products

It is possible to use home remedies to cut through grease and stains. An all-time favourite is distilled white vinegar. A large jug costs just a few dollars, and it can be used to clean an entire house. Vinegar is a natural antibiotic, so it kills germs and sanitizes bathroom and kitchen surfaces quickly and easily.

Some individuals are hesitant to use vinegar for cleaning because of its strong scent. It can make the eyes water when used to mop a whole floor. Even so, the smell disappears as soon as it evaporates. The strong smell is great for neutralizing any kind of harmful odor.

There are also other natural cleaning solutions such as baking soda and lemons. They all work just as well or better than store-bought products.

Make your cleaning supplies multitask

You don’t need a toilet cleaner, a sink cleaner, and a tub cleaner. Look for all- or multi-purpose products. Specialty solutions take up a lot of space, and they are only really needed for very heavy stains. If you clean frequently, you will not have to tackle tough messes.

Stop using disposable paper towels

You only really need them to grease pans and drain fried foods or bacon. Old t-shirts, unlike paper towels, never leave streaks or lint on windows.

While reusable cleaning items might not seem as sanitary, a quick wash in hot water will kill all germs. Dry them outside over a fence or clothing line if you are hesitant to put them in the dryer with your clothes.

Take care of your cleaning supplies

Sponges won’t stink so quickly if they’re not allowed to linger at the bottom of the sink. Wash the sponge after use, and set it on a sponge holder. Get a good sponge dish that drains away liquids.

It is okay to spend a little more money on high-quality cleaning items if you know you can take care of them. It will pay off in the long run, and good, sturdy supplies can make your cleaning faster and more efficient.

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Ways to Save Money on a Solar Home Project

You should try using a ready made kid instead of sourcing all the componetns yourself, if you intend to build a home solar power system. By this way, the system performance is better, and you can rely on the instructions and support. Also, you will not have to deal with problems of parts or components not working right as joined together. Most solar kits are tested and set up for maximum power output and efficiency.


1) Use ready-to-build solar kit – If you are planning to build a home solar power system, try using a ready made kit instead of sourcing all the components yourself. By using a residential solar kit, the system performance is better and you can rely on the instructions and support. You also won’t be facing problems of parts or components not working right when joined together. Most solar kits are tested and setup for maximum power output and efficiency.


2) Get a price for installation – Get a construction quote even if you are doing the solar system on your own. Sometimes, you will notice the construction quote is not much difference than doing via Do It Yourself (DIY) approach.


In this case, it would be a better idea to just outsource the whole project. You will be saving time, effort and the unnecessary head ache. Most of the time, the professionals have good sources and they can get the parts more cheaply than you can. They can install it quicker and more efficient also.


3) Get more than one bid – If possible, get at least 3 quotations for your home solar power system. The solar industry is growing very fast. Every day, new technology and components are available in the market. You want the best parts with least amount of capital investment.


By getting 3 quotes, you’ll have a better chance of achieving this. The best solar contractor will give you the best components and at the best price.


4) Don’t always go for the lowest bid – Sometimes the lowest bid may be a high bid in disguise. Some newer contractors that may not have sufficient experience will submit a lower quote just to secure the project.


You may get a low bid but will end up spending more money because of problems during the construction phase.


5) Get recommendation – If you know of someone who has done a home solar power project, get his recommendation on which solar professional to use. What was his experience? How was the workmanship? A contractor with a good reference from a satisfied customer is always a good bet.


Do it yourself Roofing and Save

There are several roofing strategies you’ll be able to employ to assure that your DIY undertaking meets quality and code standards. These might apply to new roofs, re-roofing or roof repair. Depending on the duty at hand you’ll make use of specific instruments and strategies to perform your roofing goals.

While Do-It-Yourself roofing may be time consuming and labor intensive, it may well actually be cost effective considering the financial savings compared to paying a contractor or roofer to do the job. That is after all, as long as you do the job right! Ensuring you realize what sort of job you are getting your self into forward of time, and being prepared for its requirements, can ensure your DIY roofing job doesn’t turn out to be an epic fail.

Tips and Tips to Hold the Roof Above Your Head

There are a number of DIY roofing ideas that can help prepare and information you in your work.

To start with, you must test the weather. You’re going to be up on a roof, probably a steep one, so you may want to make it 99.9% positive you’ve gotten the weather on your side. Checking climate forecasts in advance can help you keep away from excessively windy, rainy, or stormy days that may make your DIY roofing job attempt harder and dangerous.

Secondly, put together a checklist. Before you begin ripping shingles off your roof, be sure to are prepared. Having a guidelines can get you organized forward of time and maintain you on activity once you’ve begun your DIY roofing job.

Thirdly, put together your materials. Having all your supplies on web site and on hand can keep away from time consuming and aggravating trips forwards and backwards to the house supply store.

Also, attempt to have help. While initially, a DIY roofing job might not seem a difficult job, if you happen to’ve by no means performed it before, you may need to have some assist available. Not only can the additional labor assist with transferring massive quantities of heavy shingles to laborious to reach areas, however having someone to discuss and work by points with is handy as well.

Moreover, it’s worthwhile to have the proper tools. Having the right instruments is imperative to making sure your Do It Your self roofing work goes smoothly. Items similar to an extension ladder, hammer(s), utility knife, putty knife, roofing nails, and a pry bar can make the job a lot easier.

Additionally, be aware of Unique Tools. In case your roof is ceramic tile, slate, wood, or materials apart from the usual roofing shingle, you might want special tools to cut, shape, and fasten/remove your roof’s surface. Guaranteeing you have these tools ahead of time is usually a main saver.

Then you have got the time factor. Allowing yourself enough time to complete the job is necessary if you find yourself trying a Do It Yourself roofing job. Rushing the work can result in a poor product or having to return and fix areas later.
Additionally don’t neglect, safety first. Tying in with the time factor is safety. Permitting your self enough time and not rushing your work is not going to only keep away from pricey and time consuming mistakes, but will make your work safer and simpler too.
What’s more, don’t push it. If you’re not comfortable with heights, you’ve got a steep or oddly angled roofline, or are just not that handy; you is likely to be taking up more work with a DIY roofing job than you are ready for. Do not take on an excessive amount of and don’t overdo it on the subject of your skills and abilities.
Lastly, try to have as much resources as you can. Using guidebooks and home repair manuals can help you in hassle capturing in case you come to sticking points. It could actually additionally help in planning, preparation, step-by-step instructions, in addition to offering suggestions for DIY roofing jobs.

Try to “Roof” Round

In the UK, there’s a giant roofing trade association. This affiliation ensures that members offer excessive standards of workmanship and high quality of materials. So it really helps to know a bit more concerning the materials you might be getting for your roof, that is why a bit of analysis and background check shouldn’t harm if it means getting the best quality for all of your roofing needs.

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