Taking The Right Home Improvement Tool

Home improvement projects are things that many home owners take very seriously and that many homeowners also attempt to do themselves. There are some parts of a home improvement project that I would recommend you hire professionals to do.

For example, unless you are a licensed electrician then I highly suggest that you hire someone to do any electrical work you need done inside or outside your home. But for the most part it is possible for any homeowner to do the majority of the work on most home improvement projects.

Of course you should always discuss your plans with an engineer first as you do not want to be removing load bearing walls or anything else that is important to keeping your home standing. But if you have the right home improvement tool then you will find that many projects are quite easy.

One very important home improvement tool that you should always try and get your hands on is remodeling home software. Even the professionals like to have things drawn out for them so they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and a good piece of software can be an invaluable home improvement tool for your home improvement project.

There are many different kinds of software you can get for your home improvement project but the important thing to keep in mind with this home improvement tool is that you get something that is designed for your level of expertise.

If you get a piece of software that is designed to be used by seasoned professionals, and you are not a seasoned professional, then the piece of software becomes useless to you as a home improvement tool. Talk with a software vendor and make sure you get a piece of software that you can understand and use as a home improvement tool.

As Always You should Do Research before Buying

As with any other home improvement tool that you intend to use in your project you should do some research on the various types of software available before you purchase anything. You may even be able to find low priced, or free, software that can really help your project’s progress and budget.

So make sure you look around and do research before buying home improvement software. A home improvement project is made easier when you use the right home improvement tool. In the case of planning there is no more valuable tool than home improvement software.

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Find The Right Hosting Company For Your Online Business

How many times have you had to change hosting companies? For your sake and your sanity I hope the answer is never.

Your website is your digital life. Be it business or a personal blog your website needs to be easily accessible to you at all times to make any changes you may require, from a content, programming or design aspect. And this is normally the case. Most web hosting providers give you a litany of easy to use frontends and desktops with which to manage your site.

Most provide easy FTP access as well. But what happens when you find yourself at the mercy of an unscrupulous service provider who tells you everything you want to hear when signing up but drops the hammer on you when you want to move on?

This unfortunately is more common than you would think and more common than is acceptable. Many low cost web hosting providers have absolutely stupendous rates which they use to lure you in. Once you’re signed on that’s when the fun begins. If you never have a problem or need support then hooray for you. But oh heaven help you if you need tech support with these budget providers. The first cost cutting measure is to lose any telephone support.

I don’t mean some support I mean ALL of it. There’s not a phone number listed anywhere. If you do find one it rings into a voicemail box of the janitor’s office. If he picks up the phone he doesn’t speak English. If you speak his native tongue then he’ll quickly switch to something else. If you speak every language they switch to binary. You laugh but I’m serious. Your only assured way to contact these companies is through email. By assured way I mean hitting send over and over on message after message, opening one support ticket after another. When the reply finally comes it is written by a person whose writing classes stopped sometime before third grade, in Afghanistan. Oh and they aren’t even replying to your original problem. They are responding to your email asking why they haven’t responded.

So you’ve now decided, after much gnashing of teeth and strewn obscenities, to move your website over to another hosting provider who has better support staffed by people from the planet earth (or one of its close neighbors at the least). My advice is to start the process early. It took me nearly three months to move my site from one of these bottom feeders. Not only do you deal with the standard issues we’ve already discussed but you get to see an entirely new level of scumbaggery.

While fighting with the provider to free my site, which they locked to their domain servers, my domain registration ran out. They then proceeded to register my domain name, helpfully they claimed, so no one could snatch it out from under me. They were more than willing to hand it over for a small fee of $ 100.
Moral of the story is don’t be cheap. You get what you pay for. A domain stealing janitor from the planet X.

Cleaning the Home With the Right Supplies

There are very few people who actually enjoy cleaning the house. While there is not much that can be done about the attitudes, having the right home cleaning supplies at hand lessens the chore and saves time. Thinking about the cleaning supplies you need before you start simplifies the job. You can chose from commercial purpose made chemical formulas that clean a specific area a general multi purpose cleaner or eco cleaning products.

One of the biggest challenges of keeping the house clean is maintaining the momentum. It can be very easy to get distracted during cleaning because for most people, there are many other tasks that are simply more enjoyable. To lessen the risk of stopping, make sure that everything needed is within reach. Imagine having to stop cleaning for a store run for some all-purpose cleaner. Situations such as this can be time-consuming and discouraging. For example, I keep my shower cleaning cream next to my shampoo in the shower storage unit with the scrubbing sponge. It is handy, and also out of reach from the kids.

When preparing the cleaning products, it is not enough to just have a complete checklist of materials to be used. It is also important to see if it will do the job properly. Look at the labels to see vital information on the items. The directions and precautions involving the cleaning supplies should be understood before using them. For example, not all products can be used on certain surfaces. The chemical ammonia can damage plastic surfaces like laminated countertops.

Rags are one of the most functional home cleaning supplies that should be in abundance. They can be used to clear dust on surfaces as well as polish furniture. There are also purpose made gloves that fit over your hand you can find in your supermarket or through a party plan like Enjo. These do anything from clean your windows, to shower maintenance. You can get very good cleaning gloves that do not cost too much from your supermarket. I really love using these.

Another essential home cleaning supply is the window spray. Use newspapers to wipe the glass to prevent streaks from happening. After cleaning, the papers can simply be tossed into the recycling bin or a trash bag for easy cleanup.

One of the most indispensible products in cleaning is the anti-bacterial spray. There are many different formulations, with each kind designed to work in a particular area such as a kitchen or bathroom. Most can be used in almost any surface, however. It is best to use a spray that is formulated to get rid soap scum and mold since these are the most common types of dirt in the home.

It should no longer come as a surprise that the dirtiest area of the house is the floor. Given that they come in contact with grime all the time, they need special attention when. A mop and some floor cleaner can be used to clean non-carpeted areas while those which have floor coverings can be cleaned using a vacuum and some carpet cleaner.

In the interest of cleaning fast, it is important to always keep your home cleaning supplies on hand and organized . An easy way to do this is with a multi purpose cleaner that serves several functions. You can either buy these at your local supermarket, or make my favorite eco cleaning product. Mix 2 cups of hot water with a tablespoon of borax, a table spoon of white vinegar until the borax is dissolved. Then, mix a few drops of your favorite essence. I like to use eucalyptus or lavender. This is a great all round cleaner that is both kind to your wallet and the environment.

For tons of free cleaning short cuts and secret tips, visit www.speedcleaningsuccess.com. Katrina White, is the owner of SpeedCleaningSuccess.com, a directory of house cleaning articles. If you would like to receive more information, sign up to the free mini-course that will deliver cleaning tips and secrets to your inbox. All articles are written to provide tips to free up the time to do the things you love to do.

Getting the Right Mix of Home Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your home and keeping it safe from disease and harmful bacteria should be your number one priority to ensure the protection and safety of your family members. A good clean home is a disinfected home, with minimal dirt and a well maintained cleanliness in all areas of the living space. Finding the right combination of household cleaning supplies can be confusing sometimes with hundreds of products lined up in supermarkets boasting to be the best and most ideal purchase for your home cleaning supplies. This may be the case, but as a smart shopper finding the right mix of cleaning cloths, disinfectants, liquids should be a piece of cake once you are armed with the right information to come up with solid and informed decisions about your cleaning supplies purchases.

These days, the search for the most ideal and effective cleaning supplies for the home doesn’t just stretch from your counter shelves at the local superstore. More people are looking into the power of the internet to solve their home cleaning woes, as there is so much information that can be learned from the web when it comes to proper home cleaning. Spending a bit of time on a search engine will open up a Pandora’s box of information on home cleanliness- from proper home grooming techniques to the kind of do it yourself home cleaning supply kit. The best approach is to find a middle ground and lock on a list of economical yet high quality items and decide to buy the bare essentials or stock your cabinets full for a year’s supply of cleaning goodies.

Take a quick survey of your home and determine which areas are most in need of a good scrubbing. After that figure out which parts of your living space need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will help you decide which cleaning products to stock up on and which cleaning supplies to buy at a bare minimum. Also if you find that your kitchen, bathrooms and garage need heavy duty cleaning more than once a month (due to kids, pets) then invest in a good quality cleaning chemical and a lasting cleaning tool such as a vacuum cleaner and floor polisher to avoid having to purchase cleaning equipment sooner than expected and ruining the family budget.

One of the most important things to remember when picking cleaning chemicals is how child safe they are. It doesn’t matter if you have no children in your home. Child friendly products are adult friendly products and will ensure that you don’t expose yourself to harmful fumes or corrosive chemicals which can cause long term damage to your body because of prolonged exposure or unintentional exposure. Keep it natural and mix up your cleaning supplies with items already found in your kitchen such as baking soda or vinegar to disinfect floors and surfaces or used clothes for rags and shelf cleaners. The important thing is to balance your picks and not go overboard with your cleaning supplies.

Loren Yadeski, author of this article is also interested in janitorial supplies and recommends you to please check out janitorial services if you liked reading this information.

Discover the Right Way of Installing Ceramic Tile Floors

Installing ceramic tile floors is not as hard as it looks. With a little knowledge and an easy step-by-step guide on how to do it, you can already be tiling your way to your dream floor. Here are some basic ceramic tiling tips you can chew on when you plan on installing ceramic tile floors at your home.

Before you tile, identify first your existing tile floor. There are three main types of subfloors you might encounter: Vinyl, plywood, and concrete floors. Installing ceramic tile flooring directly to your vinyl or linoleum subfloor surfaces is greatly discouraged. One, it may contain asbestos fibers; and two, vinyl flooring is not a solid as good ol’ concrete flooring. When installing ceramic tile on vinyl, experts would recommend rough-sanding, or scarifying, the vinyl floor surface first so your tiling mortar has good grip to set on.

If your subfloor is plywood, be sure that the wood is at least 1 and 1/8 inches thick and is supported by an equally strong underlayment. Otherwise, your ceramic tiles will dislodge easily, or worse, break and need replacing. Concrete floors are the most ideal subfloor surface to work with. But before you can start installing ceramic tile flooring over it, it must be cleaned thoroughly. For dust and other debris, sweep and then mop your concrete subfloor surface, and allow it to dry completely. Smooth concrete surfaces must be rough sanded just like vinyl floors to allow the tiling mortar some grip.

After you’ve made the estimates for the floor space that needs to be tiled, window-shop for your ceramic tiles. Ceramic floor tiles come in a variety of prices, shapes, textures and styles. Pick a tile type that’s within your price range and ask to see it in what a palette of colors. The most common ceramic tile size is one square foot. But ceramic tiles may come in a wide array of sizes; from one inch, to two feet.

Prices can vary according to tile type. Natural stone tiles made from granite or slate may sell for two dollars per square foot. Glazed ceramic tiles run from a dollar to twenty dollars per square foot, while unglazed quarry tiles may average around $ 2 per square foot.

Remember: When installing ceramic bathroom tiles, use ceramic tiles with a slightly rough textured surface. This is so you won’t encounter accidents on a floor that’s always wet. Smooth glazed ceramic tiles, especially, are ideal for kitchen or back porch flooring. But you shouldn’t use them bathroom floors, as they can be treacherous when wet.

Having the right tools for the job is a must. You can buy most of the tools and materials you’ll need at you neighborhood hardware store, or home center. For equipment that might over your budget like tile cutters, try asking your local home center or tool rental yard if they have the tools you need for rental. Basic ceramic tiling tools include A pair of safety glasses, heavy leather gloves, tile spacers, notched trowel, a handheld tile cutter, and a pair of tile nippers. Have some sandpaper handy for smoothing out cut edges. Sponges and clean dry rags will come in handy for cleaning and wiping off excess mortar material and grout lining from your newly-finished ceramic tiling floor.

Consult a professional if you are hesitant over how to start installing ceramic tile on your floor. From choosing the right tiles and color, to tearing out existing ceramic tile floors without damaging the subfloor, to installing ceramic tile that will last you a lifetime, a home improvement professional will be able to help you with information, at the very least, or assist you when you start installing ceramic tile.

Discover how to install ceramic floor tile . Grab your step-by-step guide on installing ceramic tile floors in easy steps.

Picking the Right DIY Wedding Flowers While Saving on Cash

One of the most important pieces of any wedding is the bride’s bouquet. After the bride’s dress, it is the main centerpiece of attraction. The bouquet is very much like an accessory to the bride’s dress and has to be carefully chosen to make sure that it contrasts well with the overall look. The size and colors are also very important. It should not overshadow the bride and should not ruin the bride’s overall look either. It should have such colors in it that contrast with the bride’s eye color, hair color, and the look of her dress too. The bouquet is what should help the bride shine even more. As important as the bouquet is, it does not come cheap either. It costs quite a lot and the fancier the flowers you pick, the more expensive it will get. Therefore, it is important that you carefully plan to ensure it does not over budget you while still serving the most important purpose.

When deciding on the bride’s bouquet, a great option to consider is DIY wedding flowers. DIY stands for ‘do-it-yourself’ and is basically a cheaper alternate to hiring a florist to take care. This guide will help you save cash by giving you some invaluable tips. The first major step involved is to carefully choose when purchasing. But for this, you need to have sorted out other details like the theme and the colors that will be most prominent in the arrangements. This should also complement the bridesmaids’ dresses. Once you have all that sorted out, you can make the right decisions. Begin by doing some research on all the options and colors you have available to you. From all those DIY wedding flowers colors, choose the ones that will best complement the colors in your wedding theme.

You can either go with just one color or you can mix and match different colors and different sizes too. It is important that there is some dimension in your DIY wedding flowers. Therefore, if you are going with only one specific color theme, make sure that your bouquet contains different sized flowers that have varying hues so you can create that striking dimension that will attract all eyes. When picking different colored flowers for your DIY wedding flowers, it is again important that you make sure you do not overdo it by going too wild with the colors.

Once you have decided on the color and size, you need to move on to the supplies you will need. Go to an inexpensive stationary shop to purchase supplies for your DIY wedding flowers. This includes buying a bouquet holder, a glue gun, good pair of scissors, and other accessories like ribbons, tulles, and beads to add more interest. It will also be good if you could invest in a beautiful bouquet stand where you will place the bride’s DIY wedding flowers on her table. For more ideas on how to arrange all your DIY wedding flowers, go online and find out that are available on the World Wide Web. There are a lot of interactive websites that allow you to mix and match and get an idea of how it will look. Be creative and have fun with your DIY wedding flowers.

DIY wedding flowers Matrimonial ceremonies would not be complete without the adornment of fresh flowers. The best alternative would be to shop around for cheap wedding flowers. Click here for Wedding flowers.

Hiring the Right Home Cleaning Service

Cleaning the home can be a challenge, especially for people with busy schedules. These days, many companies are offering the service for interested clients. If you think you don’t have time to do actual home cleaning (or the task may simply be too overwhelming – such as after hosting a house party or after undergoing a home renovation), then you might as well check out local cleaning firms.

Of course, you have to be careful as you take your pick. If you want to get your money’s worth, then that means doing a little research along the way. There are so many home cleaners out there trying to grab your attention by offering low price rates. However, what matters most in the end is that you are very much satisfied with the level of service they provide.

Talking with several cleaners in the area is a wise idea. This is crucial if you want to have a clear understanding of the entire deal. Also, this allows you to make better assessment because you will be able to accurately compare the required rates as well as the scope of various packages. Of course, you can always refer to the official websites of these companies but it’s always a better experience to actually interview company representatives either by phone or by a personal visit. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to lay out the details regarding the cleaning tasks that you need.

Another important matter you should consider as you shop around is to find out if the agency and their staff are properly insured and licensed. As a homeowner, this information is highly relevant. You will have greater peace of mind once you are sure that the company will be held responsible to replace or repair in case they break anything in your home.

Now be very specific when it comes to defining the scope of service that you expect. Will you need their assistance once or twice a week? Want them to come over at least on a monthly basis? Or is it only a one-time cleaning service you hope to sign up for? Will the task include cleaning windows and carpets? Are the cleaners expected to clean the entire home or just a few rooms? In general, charges differ depending on the frequency and the package you avail of. You will probably be able to enjoy bigger discounts if you grab the right deals. Additionally, cleaning companies will appreciate the information you can give so they know which supplies and equipment are appropriate to bring.

Speaking of prices, be sure to check the fine print before making a final decision. See if there are any hidden rates. You don’t want to be surprised with a huge bill in the end so do take the time to study the agreement carefully.

With these things in mind, it will be possible for you to get a deal that truly matches your exact requirements. Your home will be spotless just the way you want it and you will be pleased with what you paid for.

Ben Wall is a home and design blogger with over 10 years experience in interior design and landscape. He is passionate about this industry and wishes to share what he has learned from his experience to those who wish to know more about the business. Visit PEC for more about professional home cleaning services.

Choosing the Right Cleaning services for Your House

Specialized cleaning services in Virginia Beach

The cleaning services in Virginia Beach are provided by many companies. The type of cleaning services provided by the companies are Home cleaning, office cleaning, car cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, Pressure cleaning, Blinds cleaning and repair. Cleaning services are fast and can be found in any part of the Virginia Beach.

The home cleaning service include cleaning of the upholstery cleaning, bed sheet cleaning, TV cover cleaning, wall cleaning ,wall painting, indoor cleaning and outdoor cleaning. All these services are done using best cleaning services provided at your door step. Office cleaning includes cleaning of carpets, cleaning of tables, computer cleaning, Air duct cleaning etc. All these cleaning services in Virginia Beach are provided by the company. Car cleaning involves cleaning of carpet cleaning, dash board cleaning, car body washing, and upholstery cleaning. Window cleaning involves cleaning the windows of houses and painting them. Pressure cleaning involves cleaning with machine that cleans dust and stains through pressure.

Cleaning services providing professional are so fast and punctual means they complete the job at the specified time that is given by you. The cleaning services provided in the city are reliable. We provide cleaning services with exciting offers. The services of these companies are available on daily, weekly and monthly. The services can be customized according to the needs of the customer. The services of the companies are available only on phone call. The professionals are highly skilled to do the job. These professionals are IICRC certified. The cleaning is a long term affair it is not done in minutes. The professional are into the cleaning service to help the customers. The cleaning cannot be done on your own you need to take help of these professionals.

Cleaning services in Hampton roads area are cost effective

The cleaning services in Hampton roads area are efficient and reliable which means whatever customer is paying he is getting output of the service. The cleaning services involve cleaning of all the items of house, office commercial place, and office, indoor and outdoor, move in and move out. The cleaning professionals are responsible for cleaning the whole area with utmost care and delicately. The cleaning services in Hampton roads area are affordable and easily manageable.

Cleaning service includes

* Complete cleaning of Bathrooms and kitchen
* Cleaning the cupboard front and washing floors
* Cleaning the dust of skirting board, pictures, lamp shades, window sills, furniture and lightings
* Full vacuuming in every room
* Cleaning the spots on the walls

Cleaning services

Cleaning services are available according to your need what type of service you need. The cleaning is an ongoing process which is done with special care so that the delicate things should not ruin or broken. There are many provider of cleaning services in Hampton roads area. The cleaning service includes cleaning of things after the flood. The cleaning includes drying the area, cleaning the wet things, checking the moisture content of the things, cleaning the rusted items of house, repairing of delaminated wood items, cleaning of carpet.

Carpet cleaning can be done by steam carpet cleaning. The steam carpet cleaning is the process of cleaning the carpet by spraying the hot water to the surface of the carpet. Shampooing the affected area and then through the vacuum cleaners clean the carpet. The method cleans the carpet removes the pet urine odor, Removing the dust, stain and removing the bad spots. The cleaning should be done by care so that the things do not destroy.

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Maid Agencies In Hong Kong – Choosing The Right One

You can’t begin to imagine the abundance of maid agencies in Hong Kong, but do you know that many of them are only out to take money from unsuspecting clients. Thus, when shopping around for maid agencies, do so with extreme caution.

Of course, you can always ask your friends for referrals, but if they can’t find one for you, a reliable maid agency is your next best option. To begin your shopping for maid services, get a list of legally operated and active maid agencies that are in Hong Kong. So many are operating without licenses, so see to it that you are not placing your trust on the wrong agency.

Good and reliable maid agencies in Hong Kong have everything laid out in black and white. A contract between you and the agency is essential so this is one of the first things that you must look for when making inquiries with an agency. Sometimes, it is best to ask a lawyer to read through the terms and conditions of the contract, so you can be sure that you will not be at a disadvantage.

These days, it does make sense to employ the services of a maid. A maid will be of so much help to you when you are not at home. If you are working, for instance, or out of the house most of the time, your maid will keep watch over the house and keep it clean and organized. She will wash the dishes, mop the floors, dust the cabinets, water the plants, feed the dogs, and so on. Certainly you will no longer have enough time for all these when you get home from work!

Maid agencies in Hong Kong have different rates, and you may be tempted to go for one that is most affordable to you. You should always evaluate the agency, however, and choose one that can provide you the best service.

Visit the top domestic helper agency Hong Kong for free profiles & photos of applicants and contact us for the best way to hire your next live-in maid, nanny, housekeeper, gardener, driver and much more.

The Basics on How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tile the Right Way

Raring to start working on your own ceramic floor tile project? Get ready to learn the basics of how to lay ceramic floor tile right here and make that beautiful ceramic tile floor that you and your family have always wanted! So, get your tiling tools ready, put on your safety goggles and let’s do some tiling!

The tiling starts with the subfloor. As you learn more about how to lay ceramic floor tile, you will find out about the three general types of floors that tile installers may often work with. Such information will help you alot along the way.

There are three types of subfloors: Vinyl, plywood, and the concrete floors. Installing ceramic tile directly to vinyl or linoleum floors (or subfloor surfaces) should be avoided at all cost. Your vinyl or linoleum flooring may contain asbestos fibers and should be tested first before you try removing it. If your vinyl floor covering does not contain asbestos fibers, a general recommendation on how to lay ceramic floor tile is to rough-sand, or scarify, the vinyl floor surface to provide your tiling mortar a better grip. Use a latex modified thinset mortar to install your ceramic tiles over your vinyl subfloor.

Working over plywood subfloors can be very tricky, as well. Like vinyl floor surfaces, it is not advisable to install your ceramic tiles directly on to your plywood floor surface. Plywood flooring usually has a smooth surface, and easily warps when exposed to heat or moisture. Be sure that the wood is at least 1 and 1/8 inches thick and is reinforced and supported by an equally strong underlayment. Otherwise, your ceramic tiles will dislodge easily, or worse, break and need replacing. Plywood panel edges must be installed about one-fourth of an inch away from perimeter walls and door jambs, and fixtures and cabinetry. These are expansion gaps and should not be bridged with tiling mortar. To prevent moisture from damaging the plywood subfloor, use a waterproofing sealant or caulk over your plywood subsurface.

The easiest subfloors to work on are concrete subfloors. But before you start tiling over the subfloor surface, it must be cleaned thoroughly. Paint, adhesives, fillers or levelers, sealers, and chemically treated cement substrates are unsuitable surfaces fpr ceramic tile installations. Remove these by using non-chemical methods. For dust and other debris, sweep and then mop your concrete subfloor surface using only clean water. Allow the surface completely before you start working on it. Generally, smooth concrete surfaces are difficult to work with as the tiling mortar may not grip and hold. Consequently, your ceramic floor tiles may be in danger in dislodging. Smooth concrete surfaces must be rough sanded, scarified, or etched to allow the tiling mortar some grip.

Make sure there are no cracks and debris before you start tiling. Repair as many of the cracks as you can. If you see cracks that are too large to repair, replace the floor section where they are found with new concrete. Concrete may need to set (or dry) for at least twenty-four hours before you can start tiling over it. Lastly, get out your carpenter’s level and check for any dips or humps on the concrete subfloor surface. If you find any, you may use a cement-based floor level to fill in the dips and smoothen over the humps. This will help to keep your finished ceramic tile floor level and minimize dislodging, or tile breakage.

Let it dry or set properly. This is the key step you need to keep in mind about how to lay ceramic floor tile flooring. There are three setting periods: The first is right after you have placed your ceramic tiles with thin set mortar and bonded them to your subfloor. The second is after after putting in your tiling grout (before putting on the sealant). These setting periods last overnight, at the very least, to twenty-four hours, at the most. Your sealant has dried, you are done!

When you work on your own ceramic tile project, always remember how to lay ceramic floor tile properly by knowing how to work with your subfloor surfaces. Learning how to lay ceramic floor tile is also both a great way both to learn a new hobby, and a home improvement skill. Just remember to keep a safe working environment, not to rush things (especially during setting periods), and try to work with at buddy. Better yet, get your friends over and help.

Know how to lay ceramic floor tile on your bathroom or kitchen. Find your ceramic tile installation instructions online.