How To Make Your Home Ready Before Maids Arrive

When house cleaning service people are coming, put down carpet runners over the flooring in the most travelled areas. If you would prefer to not use runners, consider at least installing a floor mat near the exterior entrances. These will catch most of the dirt that visitors might track in, making the party a bit easier on your home.

It’s not necessary that your maids team would be thorough in art of cleaning windows. When you hire house cleaning service it’s a possibility that they leave the windows which still would need your attention. First, you’ll need a cleaning solution of a capful of ammonia mixed in two gallons of water. Regular soap leaves a filmy white residue on windows, but ammonia provides a powerful cleaner without streaks or greasy film. You’ll also need a sponge to apply the solution to the windows and a squeegee brush to remove it.

You can give your bathroom a nice spring scrub and makeover. Remove mold that is stuck on the grout, and put some elbow grease into making your tub and shower sparkle. Once your housekeeping services arrive for their cleaning schedule, allow them to tackle this job. They are trained professionals who will handle it best!

When you have some of your friends coming to your home in short notice, they expect to be treated with respect and come into a home that is clean and comfortable.There are a number of ways you can clean up your home in just a few hours – or even as people are walking in the door. These steps won’t take much time at all –

• Get rid of the clutter – The more things you have out, the messier your home will look. Try to put away any items which are not absolutely necessary.

• Clean the bathrooms – Since guests are most likely going to use the bathroom at some point, wipe down the counters and scrub the toilet quickly to ensure things are fresh in there.

• Light a candle – Though this isn’t actually a cleaning tip, a home that smells good is one that will seem to be clean too.

Once the visitors are off give a call to your house cleaning service company and they will handle the rest.

Cleaning your home is not only important to give warm welcome to your friends or relatives but it is also important to stop spread of any diseases such as H1N1 flu. These are few tips to avoid this –

Wipe down countertops and other surfaces with antibacterial cleansers

Target door handles and drawer handles

Focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms

In winters you can clean entire house from top to bottom. This is a great time of year to scrub every surface in the house, vacuum and steam clean every floor, and dust every nook and cranny. Some part of your house which needs to be cleaned by experts, give a call to your maids company and they will handle the rest.

In previous articles we have discussed about tips on window cleaning , polishing hardwood floors and how to hire house cleaning service. Let’s understand further how to make your home ready before maids arrive.

Keep Your Supplies Clean And Ready With Interior Design

It seems to be a frustrating process of opening paint in multiple buckets and testing them to find the correct paint color for your wall. You may need to try more than once to open the lids only as they’re often stuck. Your brush’s bristles might be sticking up all over. Your roller paint may be stuck with 3 layers of old paint and its handle may be stuck due to the now-dried wet paint that have been left on it.


It seems like enough for you to forget any painting project. It doesn’t have to be his way with a few careful steps you will never have any of these problems again.


First the paint, never pour the paint out and spill it over the label that tells the manufacture and the sheen of the paint. Never put a can of paint away with the top of the bucket wet with paint. Take a cloth and clean even and especially in the crevice where the lid sits. Always label the paint, (I put this on the front of the bucket) the room you used it in and the date. Usually the vital information is on the top of the lid that is where the numbers for the paint colors are, guard this info, you never know when you might use it again.


I am a crazy person about my brushes, I have a lot of them and they are in almost as good of shape as when I purchased them. I purchase only good quality brushes, in the big picture they will pay for themselves in the quality of the paint job.


Always clean your brushes with hot soap and water and let dry with the handles in a bucket so the bristles are not touching the bottom of the bucket. Never lay your brushed down always hang them up or have them with the bristles up. You can rarely fix a brush that has gotten bent or frayed; it is pretty much a done deal.


Roller pans that have layers and layers of paint are hard to work with, the roller has a difficult time getting paint on it in an even layer. If you hate to wash out the pans like I do, simply use an inexpensive plastic liner and throw it away.


In my house you had better run for the hills if you have used a roller and not cleaned it or taken it off the handle before it has dried on and now will not budge. I will hunt you down and make sure you are the one fighting to get that old crusted on dead roller.


All this sounds easy enough and common sense and it is but often we are tired when we finish a big paint job and just ready to stop. Get in the habit of doing these little things you will be so happy you did, especially when it is time for the next paint job.


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