Popular Flooring Options for Your Pittsburgh Home

Each flooring type has its own pros and cons, which may be an important factor in choosing one flooring type over another. Cost, maintenance, appearance, longevity and environmental-friendliness are some of the considerations to take into account when looking for flooring in Pittsburgh. Whether you choose hardwood flooring, carpet or another type of flooring, you will be sure to find plenty of options in Pittsburgh.

Hardwood Flooring

One of the most stylish flooring options available today is hardwood flooring. Pittsburgh has a great selection when it comes to this kind of flooring. Hardwood flooring is known for its durability and the impressive look-and-feel it provides to a home, which is why it is considered a popular flooring choice not only in Pittsburgh, but around the globe.

Although hardwood flooring in Pittsburgh can be costly, it adds value to any home. It can be refinished many times, even with scratches, nicks and dents, bringing back its original luster and brilliancy. Hardwood flooring is a less popular choice for a bathroom, due to its sensitivity to humidity and moisture. Routine cleaning is a breeze with a good quality broom, but use a flooring retailer-recommended professional wood flooring cleaning product for a deeper clean as these will remove tough spills and stains without dulling the wood floor finish. Hardwood flooring is also resistant to dust and allergens. With proper care and maintenance, hardwood flooring in Pittsburgh can last a lifetime.


One of the most popular flooring options today remains carpet. Pittsburgh has a plenitude of options when it comes to this type of flooring. It is not only a popular choice for hallways, bedrooms and game rooms, but all throughout a home. Carpeting adds warmth and insulation to any room, making it an ideal choice for cold, snowy Pittsburgh winters.

This type of flooring choice provides decorator flexibility as it is available in almost every color you can think of. It also comes in a wide selection of patterns, styles and textures, making it a decorator’s delight. For example, a more plush texture may be perfect for a bedroom, whereas a Berber texture may be more suitable for a game room. Colors can also help you to achieve a certain look-and-feel to a room. For instance, a light-colored carpet can help make a small room appear larger. On the other hand, a dark-colored carpet can make a large room feel cozier. With abundant padding, carpeting is also a great choice if you need flooring that is a good sound absorber. With regular vacuuming, carpets are a breeze to clean. On high traffic areas or on spots, spills and stains, a spot carpet cleaning is recommended. Periodic shampooing, whether do-it-yourself or professional is recommended to prolong the life of your carpet in Pittsburgh.

Making the Choice

Although there are many flooring options such as ceramic, vinyl, bamboo and specialty flooring, Pittsburgh homeowners find carpet and hardwood flooring a great choice. When choosing between carpet or hardwood flooring in Pittsburgh, many homeowners base their decision on cost. However, there are many other factors such as maintenance, durability, comfort, cleaning and longevity that need to be factored into the decision. While some people prefer soft and cozy carpets, others favor the timeless charm of hardwood floors. Still others like a little bit of both and have carpets and hardwood flooring sprinkled throughout their home. Whatever your choice ends up being, residents looking for new flooring in Pittsburgh have a good array of options.

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House Cleaning Pittsburgh – steam carpet cleaning

Everyone likes to flaunt the interiors of their home or office space. Houses and offices differ in many respects, but the presence of the carpet is one often found in both. Carpets have become almost an inseparable part of the interiors of our living and working areas because they beautify and increase the comfort of those spaces. Few decorative items make as much of an impact as carpets. Just as much as people enjoy looking at and using carpets, just so much they dread cleaning them. The House Cleaning Pittsburgh professionals explain that this difficult and time-consuming cleaning task can even be challenging for the professionals, let alone the general public who often use ineffective cleaning methods which leave poor results in spite of time and energy having gone into the work.

Carpets are also an expensive item in the home and thus need to be cared for properly so that they last for a long time.

The House Cleaning Pittsburgh professionals tell us that carpet cleaning is best done by those with expert knowledge mainly because of the sensitive nature of the carpets. Firstly, the carpet material is vulnerable to shrinking. Secondly, the dye of the carpets easily fades with incorrect cleaning. Thirdly, a carpet’s durability is often reduced by incorrect handling methods. Correct cleaning will prevent shrinkage and leave you with a carpet that shows no fading of colour or loss of lustre: the House Cleaning Pittsburgh experts say that this can only be achieved by using the correct cleaning solutions and equipment, and using them in a manner that produces the most optimal results.

The cleaning of carpets by using the steam cleaning method is usually the preferred method, used on most carpets by the House Cleaning Pittsburgh professionals. Most carpets can tolerate steam cleaning, and steam cleaning produces excellent results. Not only does it leave you with a beautiful – looking carpet, but they high temperatures used also results in the elimination of bacterial, mites and other biological infestations in the carpet. Thus odors are also eliminated. In addition, the House Cleaning Pittsburgh professionals say, these high temperatures also are responsible for the removal of stubborn stains without causing any damage to the material of the carpet, which could easily result from the use of chemicals for stain removal.

When preparing to steam clean carpets, the House Cleaning Pittsburgh professionals explain that it is important to first remove the dust and other superficial loose dirt. This leaves only the embedded impurities and stains to be tackled, and these can then be more easily removed once the loose dirt has gone.

The next step is to expose the carpet to the steam at a specific temperature. The House Cleaning Pittsburgh experts say that the steam temperature is decided on according to the type of material from which the carpet is made and also the degree of soiling of the carpet. After a specific period of time, the carpet is then dried. Thus, the House Cleaning Pittsburgh professionals complete the steam cleaning without use of any harsh chemicals.

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