Green Building Certification

The janitorial industry might be the last place you might think of nationwide innovation, but the janitorial business is in transition as the Green movement takes over. This is no longer an obscure industry of brooms, mops, and trash removal. Things are changing rapidly and the Green market has brought new value to every janitorial service that cleans our schools, homes, offices, and factories. The reason is that the janitorial service is the starting point of Green operation.

Florida is an example of the impact of Green mandates. Governor Christ passed a requirement that the state would not do business with any hotel that did not conform to a Green facility. This created an immediate rush for hotels to Go Green. Similar rules are being passed in other states that will affect nearly every type of business.

The Green School Act is yet another illustration of the power of the Green movement on business. New York and Illinois have already passed the Green School Act, and other states are sure to follow. In the state of New York, letters are going out telling all building owners that they have a limited time to get ready for new Green mandates in the city. We find that cities and states are anxious to pass rules and mandates requiring businesses to conform to Green standards.

You already know that Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 13101 that required all government agencies and building to install Green products and services. George W Bush signed another executive order strengthening Green requirements in government facilities. Already, cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and Fort Lauderdale are promoting their cities as “Green Cities” asking all companies and corporations to “Go Green.” You can easily see why knowledgeable people are predicting that the Green market will take over all businesses in the next two years.

Beware of Green pretenders, however. Many janitorial services are using token efforts to participate in this new, Green economy. They are adding a few Green products to their janitor cart and they will pick up some HEPA vacuums as the older models wear out. The fact is that you cannot buy Green in a bottle. It is a practice as much as it is the product being used. When all janitorial services have adding in a few Green products, we will reach something called “Green Equalization” where all look alike but none are fully qualified.

The great separator of pretenders from Green janitorial services is their training and certification. This seems the only way to validate the level of knowledge and the commitment to reputable Green services. Green Clean Institute is now the largest training and certification program in America and Canada. Rather than self-appointment as a Green janitorial firm, it is important that an independent third party organization establishes a standard and required training for true certification. When a company who does the service also sets their own standard for performance, we are all left with arbitrary and conflicting ideas of what to expect.

Green Seal certifies products, but Green Clean Institute certifies janitorial services. If your company is “Going Green,” you will want to look into the GCI Green Building program. You should also require that your janitorial/cleaning service become Green Clean certified as well. Frankly, there is no substitute for the quality, training, support, and certification of Green Clean Institute. As the largest certification organization for janitorial services, Green Clean Institute is the best resource for Green Business.

Remember that Green is not a substitute word for environmentalism. It directly refers to the health quality of a facility and the health impact on the people who inhabit that building. If your company is planning to “Go Green,” the key issues are not energy or water conservation, building materials, or access to public transportation. The whole project is to improve the indoor air quality and the continued good health of all the people in that facility.

We are in a major transition period that requires us to move from the standard practices of the past to the better practices that come from Green Awareness. It seems to be more than an American issue since every country knows that we must preserve and conserve our precious resources. It seems to be only a question of whether each of us will make the change voluntarily or by government regulation.

Locate a great janitorial service for your business and achieve a GCI Green Building status. Green Janitor uses a unique janitorial service program to enable your company to craft a Green Building program that really counts.

The Green Building Solution

How much does it cost to become a Green office or Green Building? One of the challenges is that businesses have been encouraged to “Go Green,” but they have not been told what Green represents unless you consider a rambling list of environmental and ecological changes an answer. In truth, it seems that the concept of a Green building has been hijacked and taken to every extreme possible.

The foundation for a Green building comes down to the improvement of the health concerns of the building regarding the people that work there. It is admittedly helpful to change the light bulbs, reduce energy consumption, conserve fresh water, and recycle the trash. However, the best place to start a Green office is in the janitorial duties.

There are three pieces of the Green janitorial puzzle. The first of which is what we call the Green Agenda where the decision-makers implement polices. The second is to make sure the Green products are used, and the third is to require a Green certified janitorial service for your building.

The importance of a Green building is the improvement of the health factor for those who do the cleaning and those who put their eight hours in every day. Studies should that there are acute and chronic influences based on the cleaning of the building. This reflects in the cost of manpower and the loss of profitability through absenteeism, lost productivity, and increased medical costs.

The Green practices are just as important as the Green products. For instance, the use of microfiber cloths can reduce chemical use. It can also decrease the bacteria and dust shuffled around the building. New cleaning methods must change the old “Spray and Wipe” routine to install a “Dwell Time” of the cleaning product. The spread of disease is greatly reduced by change of cleaning methods as well as the tools. It is not sufficient to toss a Green product in the janitor closet and assume that the whole project is Green.

During the bid or quote process for your building, you should include a “Green Practices Clause” that gives preferential treatment to janitorial services that not only offer a line of Green products but also boast a Green trained and certified workforce. It makes ultimate sense that the operator is equally as valuable as the tools of the operation. A set of tools does not make an average guy into an expert mechanic. Why should this not be true of the people protecting the health of the building for your employees?

Find a Green Clean Institute Certified janitorial firm in your area or require that those hoping to service your building are Green Clean Institute Certified. Your employees will be healthier, your costs will go down, and you may even qualify for the Green Clean Institute Certified Green Building.

A big part of a Green Building is the janitorial service. More than energy or waste, the health of the workers are influenced by the selection of janitorial service you employ. The Green Janitor issue

Green Clean

Have you gone to a chemical manufacture’s event with the promise of getting a Green certificate only to be sold on the company’s cleaning products? These certificates are not worth the paper they are written on. You see, may claim to be Green Clean because they have a few Green products in the mix, but only those who actually use Green products and Green practices are truly Green.

There is no other source of true janitorial certification except Green Clean Institute. You already know that other firms are competing for the business, and they can buy Green products too. So, what is the real difference in your company. Green Clean Institute ( is an educational program that offers janitorial services a true training and certification program. It is also a federal trademark for enhanced value.

Janitorial work is no longer a mop and bucket business. It is more than taking out the trash or buffing floors. The world has changed, and more is expected of janitorial services than ever before. Frankly, you need to graduate from a “Task Oriented” job that is a mere job to be done, and become a “Service Oriented” business that does the job wisely. This requires that you take some training and pass a few test, but this can be done in your spare time.

Service oriented means that the person has a general knowledge base in the performance of his or her duties. Cleaning Green should mean that the person doing the job has more than a new line of cleaners and a microfiber cloth for dusting. Knowing how these things work and why they work brings Green Practices to the project as well as Green Products.

Green Clean Institute offers a Green Clean Firm certification at a very affordable price. It is not earned by paying a fee, but requires the person to take six easy-to-understand modules and six exams. In the end, your firm will earn the only federal trademark certification available for janitorial services. This is something that you can include in your bids and quotes.

Imagine winning a bid even though you were not the low bidder. This happens because more and more corporations and government bids require the choice of Green Clean certified firm over other non-Green certified firms. We are seeing more and more firms, schools, and government buildings asking for Green certified janitorial services. This is a market trend that you should not miss.

Green clean certification is an investment that pays off many times over. One good job pays for the cost of the training many times over. The material is useful, and even those who have been in the business for years seem to enjoy the course. Courses are available as a download, so learning can start when you are ready.

Green Clean Institute believes that all janitorial and cleaning services need to have Green Clean Technicians to honestly claim to be a Green Clean Janitorial service. Being a janitor is not enough in this new, Green economy. Being a Green Clean Technician is the first step to an honest Green Clean business.

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Green DIY Energy Overview For Cost-Conscious Conservationists

Green DIY Energy not only saves money but helps the environment. By using green energy, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, therefore helping in the fight against global warming. The main types of green energy that are used by consumers are solar and wind-powered.

DIY kits increase savings to the consumer even more than if solar or wind energy is installed professionally. Not only does usage of green energy save money on homeowners’ monthly energy bills, but government rebates and tax incentives are also available.

DIY kits help homeowners avoid having to pay professional contractors to install solar panels or wind turbines. If done by a professional, this can be very costly and greatly reduce energy cost savings. The type of kit should be carefully chosen. Instructions can be confusing for individuals who do not have much experience with home do it yourself jobs.

The easiest kits to use are those that are dedicated to a specific use, like heating a backyard pool. A kit is also most useful if it is modular, which means that another kit can be easily added on to increase energy capacity as needed. A solar kit should be able to operate on its own, and not need to be connected to the home’s existing electrical system or plumbing. Kits should have easy instructions, clear diagrams, and come with all needed parts. It should provide an alternative plan when there is minimal or no energy available. In other words, it should be able to change the household’s energy consumption to conventional electricity when its own green energy source is not available.

Solar panels are the most popular form of DIY power. Solar energy works on the amount of available light, not heat. Solar panels are large panels that contain numerous smaller plates which collect sunlight and transform it into energy. Before purchasing a solar DIY kit, the homeowner should consider the amount of sunlight in the area where he or she lives. During shorter, overcast winter days, solar panels may not produce the amount of energy needed. However, during longer, sunny days, extra power is transformed by solar panels. This energy returns to the grid and turns back the electrical meter. This saves the homeowner even more money.

Wind power is another popular form of green energy. Wind turbines change the wind’s kinetic energy to power compatible with a home’s electrical system. It is also connected to the power grid, and on days when an excess of wind power is produced, it is sold back to the electrical utility.

Green DIY energy usage is growing rapidly. By using this natural, renewable energy, consumers enjoy great savings, while simultaneously helping to lower carbon dioxide emissions. While various types of DIY kits are plentiful, and are fairly easy to use, the homeowner should still carefully select a kit that is compatible with his or her DIY abilities.

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Green and Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies and Materials

Do you find cleaning as an unappealing task? Majority of us will give a yes answer, if only residential house cleaning is cheap, we probably hire one instead of cleaning by ourselves. Nevertheless, cleaning is a disliked task that needs urgent awareness.

To start your cleaning sessions, you should have the needed cleaning supplies and materials. Fortunately, you can find all your needed things in the market.

First, evaluate your own home. Remember that every home is exclusive and needs particular cleaning materials and equipments. For example, what is the composition of your walls, your ceiling and so on. It would be best if you can inquire to the sales person regarding the suitable and best cleaning supplies and materials for the materials present ion your home.

You must keep all your cleaning supplies basic. Before thinking on specialty cleaners, you must identify the basic cleaning supplies every home should have. These basic cleaning supplies do almost all the work in the home.

Consider the cleaning supplies and materials for dusting (used to get off the dust from home). What you really need are the following: microfiber rags, dusting spray, furniture polish, and vacuum cleaner. Dusting your countertops and surfaces, you need anti-bacterial solutions and wipes, tile cleaners, towels and gloves, wood and stainless steel cleaners. Laundry requirements are typically detergents, bleach, fabric softener, and stain removers. For your floor, you will need mops, brooms, and dustpan. Buying the basics is a good start, however, the supplies and materials for cleaning need proper storage.

If you do this, you will find that having the appropriate cleaning materials and supplies can make a big difference in the efficiency and effectively of your cleaning routine. Therefore, you should find out the way to pick the right supplies, which cleaning products you should avoid, if you have the options for green cleaning, the best cleaning products for every chore, and the real timesaving equipments that can assist you in your home.

Let us get to the materials and supplies one by one. Laundry supplies that is available in the market come in many scents, sizes, and packaging. Choosing the appropriate laundry detergent is vital as well as the decisions to be made regarding bleach, stain removers, fabric softeners, and other additives must be made.

Take note that each home composed of several types of surfaces, and every material used has particular requirements when talking about cleaning the surfaces. For instances, the floor surfaces can be wood, ceramic, laminate, carpet, stone, or vinyl and they will require some special care throughout the route of their lifespan.

Nowadays, cleaning methods go hand in hand with taking care of the environment. Fortunately, there are cleaning materials and supplies available in the market that complies with the regulations set by EPA. These supplies and materials have minimal impact in our environment.

It may be unfortunate for those who hate cleaning, but it is still necessary to learn it. The costs of running the residential house cleaning depend on you, especially if you are able to clean them. Having the right supplies makes your cleaning task of home easier.

The above are just basics things that you may want to purchase. However, cleaning materials with eco friendly features are the best choice. It is significant to stay on track to your supplies and spot those wanting refill.

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Green clean carpet cleaning solutions

Proper cleaning of any area is very essential for the wellness of the beings residing there or using the space for a limited time period. Every aspect of cleaning should be kept into consideration whether it is the daily cleaning procedures or else something as negligible as upholstery and carpet cleaning. Negligent in the sense that many people usually give a blind eye when it comes to cleaning carpets and rugs and the process is only initiated until something extreme takes over. However when this happens the carpet is usually in a state that requires immediate care. Hence opting for professional service providers is an important aspect if you wish to retain the beauty of your space.


Carpets alike all other upholstery products require regular care and up to date maintenance. Carpets that are specifically used in homes trap a variety of allergens like dust, dirt, moisture and other chemical residues hence it is very important that these carpets are regularly treated with the best possible cleaning solutions. If neglected then not only will your carpet put up a bad face but even your family and you yourself will suffer with health issues that are produced within your carpet. As a home owner you can undertake regular cleaning in the form of vacuuming but even this is not enough for the health of you and your carpet hence hiring professional rug cleaning services is the best way out.


By the means of professional care you can multifold improve the durability and beauty of your carpet along with making your carpet seem as good as new. But cleaning companies make use of chemically hazardous cleaning substances that can prove dangerous for the well being of your family and also intensely harm the environment hence there are many gentler cleaning agents available nowadays keeping in mind the eco-friendly means of work. So whatever kind of carpet or rug you posses, eco friendly methods can undertake Persian rug cleaning, woolen carpet cleaning and even the common synthetic carpet cleaning. Go green is the word that is taking over because of this eco friendly approach. The cleaning substances under this are composed of edible variants that are more effective than chemical substances used in cleaning. Eco friendly cleaning agencies are carpet and Area rug cleaning CT that is that they treat all kinds of carpets and rugs irrespective of length breadth and kind.So instead of having strong chemicals being used to treat your carpets pick the safer version instead for your family and earth.



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Green DIY Energy Ebook Review

Which ever your reason might be, be it to reduce your electricity bills, or to “GO GREEN”, you’d probably still get each by producing your own renewable energy sources.

Power For Home, like Earth 4 Energy, Home Made Energy and so on, is actually among those products that provides you with a detailed training guide, which come within videos, diagrams, guides and so on, that will help you how to build your own solar panel and wind turbine in your own backyard. These solar and wind energy can power up your home and significantly reduce your home bill, which may cost you less than $ 200 to build these types of devices.

As well as exactly how generating your personal renewable energy will for that earth, because producing electricity traditionally through non- renewable sources of energy gives off plenty of contaminants within type of sulfur as well as nitrogen oxides, air particle matters as well as toxins.

Green DIY Energy Review:

The product exceeds the more than hyped- up junk regarding why you should conserve the actual earth as well as goes straight into the actual gritty information about building the professionally home built renewable system energy system. The actual manuals are comprehensive with step-by-step manual what sort of solar panel can be created (for around $ 98), in addition to a wind turbine ( for about $ 140). Be assured that making it simple for a layman who wishes in order to D.I.Y. You’ll get detailed photos and diagrams and movies tend to be even produced by NABCEP certified electrician.

Additionally this particular bundle gives you the essential formulations you need to determine the total system load, wire sizes, battery capability, number of panels required to power your home. Set up guide and info on taxes credit for energy efficiency are also included.

What’s included in Green DIY Energy Ebook:

– 9 design Guide

– 7 Videos

Introduction: An overview of every thing such as electrical terms used in renewable energy systems, security, advantages and disadvantages associated with solar power, system components, on-grid as well as off-grid systems, insolation as well as solar dimension, charge controllers, battery configuration, inverters, system check, dimension a wind generator.

Photovoltaic System Elements: Solar cells, solar modules, solar arrays, charge control, batteries, battery banking institutions, inverters, DC-loads, AC-loads, designs, day use systems, off-grid systems, crossbreed systems, on-grid systems, on-grid along with backup.

Safety and Conformity: Important considerations for grid-tied systems as well as hooking up for your local grid

Electrical Fundamentals: Security, Volts, Amps, Amp-Hours, Watts, Watt-hours and Kilowatt-Hours, your energy consumption, Ohm’s Regulation, Air conditioning and Electricity, series circuits, similar tour, Photo voltaic panels in series as well as parallel.

Tools: An extensive take a look at all of the resources that you’ll require to construct your solar panel

Batteries: Objective, lead-acid batteries, deep-cycle batteries, safety, maintenance, Gel-cells, soaked up cup matt batteries, pros and cons, charge remotes, alkaline batteries, battery specs, battery safety, cabling as well as configuration, dimension, cycling capability.

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Green Cleaning Chemicals

Every setting, residential or commercial, uses cleaning products to sanitize the environment. Using green cleaning chemicals is a safe and eco-friendly option when compared to conventional cleaners as they help keep your environment clean and hygienic without any adverse effects.

Green Cleaning Chemicals – Remove Tough Stains

When it comes to removing hard grime and stains, people usually prefer cleaning products that provide effective results quickly. However, such products could contain toxic elements that are harmful to health and that would also contaminate the environment. Green cleaning chemicals are the solution as they ensure superior results in a safe manner. These cleaning chemicals can remove the toughest of stains and grease on clothes, bathroom floors, dishes, toilet bowls, kitchen surfaces, glass surfaces, counter tops, sinks, garbage cans and stoves.

Safe Cleaning Option

Most green cleaning chemicals are composed of plant-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients which are perfectly safe. Green liquid detergents that are specially prepared for laundry purposes can be safely used in washing machines.  All-purpose green cleaning products can clean all things except those made of glass. They come with citrus-based cleaning solvents to ensure the best results. The products are also available in pleasing and long-lasting fragrances.

Green cleaning chemicals intended for toilet bowl cleaning work easily and effectively on tough stains, mineral deposits, rust and hard water. They have the surface clean within minutes. The notable feature of green liquid bathroom cleansers is that they do not emit harsh chemical fumes that could result in physical discomfort like allergies and breathlessness. Green products easily cut through hard water, soap scum and rust, and leave your bathroom naturally clean and well sanitized.

Clorox and Amrep are well-known names in the green cleaning chemical industry. The best way to buy green cleaning chemical products is to shop in online stores which give you a good idea of the features, application and prices of various brands. Reliable online distributors supply premium products at discounted prices and ensure free product delivery for purchases over a certain amount.

Eco-friendly green cleaning chemicals help you to keep your environment clean and hygienic.

Green Cleaning Services for Non Toxic Cleaning

The necessity for green cleaning services has escalated since the world population looks for better solutions to extend the earth as well as our environment. It’s apparent that environmentally friendly cleaning services are something that should be put in place and given serious attention.

Green cleaning services businesses have been started by those that are concerned with the long-term health and environment effects of conventional cleansing methods on our family members, tenants, personnel and also the natural environment. By delivering these services for non-toxic, eco-friendly, professional office cleansing steps have been made in the proper course.

Green cleaning services can be offered to all types of customers. They may be provided to commercial buildings, small places of work and post construction clean-ups. Day-to-day, weekly, biweekly, month-to-month and one-time housekeeping services is a element from the plan with regards to suitable green cleaning services. With innovative scheduling systems and virtually a limitless labor force it allows companies like Green Cleaning Services inc. in Portland Oregon to service all kinds of customers on their schedule.

At Green Cleaning Services, Inc. in Portland they are committed to being the best within the industry, offering the Portland customers unmatched green cleaning products, options and customer service. With world-wide pandemics emerging and antibiotic-resistant super bugs such as MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) becoming more prevalent, safeguarding workers, patrons, customers, family members as well as pets from this sort of dangers without having poisonous chemical exposure is vital.

Green All-Purpose Cleaner

Mix 1/2 cup of soap with 1 gallon of hot water. For a fresh fragrance, add 1/4 cup of lemon juice.

Scrub, rinse with water, repeat if essential.

Green Cleaning Disinfectant

Mix 2 teaspoons borax, 4 tablespoons vinegar and 3 cups hot water.

Work with a damp cloth to wipe surfaces with the solution or you can use a non-aerosol spray bottle.

Green Cleaning Air Fresheners

Plenty of ingredients found around the house could be utilized to soak up unwanted scents. A couple of:

* Home plants purify the air

* Grind up slices of lemon in the garbage disposal

* Leave a box of baking soda in your refrigerator to soak up odors

Silver – The All-Natural Green Disinfectant

Silver has been known for its disinfectant properties for centuries. In ancient Greece and Rome it was used as a germicide.

A comprehensive green cleaning plan requires various methods for cleansing nearly each and every component of a constructing. At Green Cleaning Services, Inc. we follow procedures meant to maintain dirt out although use eco-friendly cleaners and methods to improve indoor air high quality.

Almost all of the dirt in a constructing enters via the entryway. We place special focus on this region, putting a program in location to keep grime out and clean air in. A good matting system with an outdoors scraper mat and an inside carpet mat vacuumed once a day keeps dirt down. It’s also important to clean under the mats and replace dirty mats with clear ones each week. Trash bins and cigarette urns positioned at all entrances keeps trash outside of the building. These bins should also be cleaned frequently. It is crucial to sweep outside sidewalks, stairs as well as other entry areas to the constructing daily. These locations should be cleaned having a high-pressure power washer periodically.

Areas in high visitors locations such as lobbies should be cleaned daily with high-efficiency vacuum cleaners that use microfiltration bags. Bags should be replaced when they’re half-full. Vacuum filters ought to be regularly changed. Make certain to maximize the water extracted from carpets to minimize the potential for mold, mildew and bacterial growth. To dry carpets faster, increase air flow and use floor fans or carpet dryers.

Microfiber dust cloths and vacuum attachments ought to be used to remove dust. Avoid feather dusters and other dusters that stir up dust. Spray dust cleaners onto the cloth instead of onto surfaces.

Create a cleaning plan for restrooms. Surfaces that hands frequently come in get in touch with with should be cleaned frequently to kill germs. Flooring should be kept dry to stop slipping and cut down on the buildup of micro organism, mold and mildew. Ground drains should be disinfected regularly to stop biocontamination. The ventilation program ought to be operating during and after the cleansing cycle.

Workers ought to be trained to safely handle and use cleansing chemical compounds. That means following a manufacturer’s directions for diluting concentrated cleaners, placing labels on secondary containers and never mixing products together. Cleaning goods should be poured onto a cloth instead of sprayed to decrease VOCs.

Trash ought to be eliminated each and every day and dumpsters and other outside trash bins should be emptied regularly. Check that trash and recyclables are correctly separated.

Green cleaning works in two ways.First, it relies on cleaning chemicals that do not contain many of the highly toxic constituents that are common in cleaning products. Second, it employs advanced technology, such as microfiber dust mops, that is more effective at gathering dirt, soil, and other particulate matter. By utilizing safer cleaning chemicals and modern equipment, “green” cleaning releases fewer harmful particulates and toxic substances into the environment.

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Green DIY Energy Review

Which ever your reason may be, be it to reduce your electricity bills, or to “Go Green”, you’d still get both by generating your own renewable energy sources.

Power For Home, like Earth 4 Energy, Home Made Energy etc, is amongst those products that provides you with a detailed instructional guide, which come in videos, diagrams, manuals etc, to help you build and install your very own solar panel and wind turbine in your own backyard. These solar and wind energy can power up your home and significantly reduce your home bill, which may cost you as little as $ 200 to build these devices.

Not to mention how generating your own renewable energy does for the earth, since generating electricity conventionally from non- renewable sources of energy emits lots of pollutants in form of sulfur and nitrogen oxides, particulate matters and toxins.

Ratings: 3.5/5


This product surpasses the over hyped- up junk about why you should save the earth and goes straight into the gritty details about building a professionally home built renewable system energy system. The manuals are thorough with step-by-step guide how a solar panel can be made (for about $ 98), and also a wind turbine ( for about $ 140). Rest assured that making it feasible for a layman who wishes to D.I.Y. They provide you with detailed photos and diagrams and videos are even made by NABCEP certified electrician.

Also this package gives you the essential formulas you need to calculate the total system load, wire sizes, battery capacity, number of panels required to power up your home. Installation manual and information on tax credits for energy efficiency are also included.

What You Will Receive

– 9 design Manual

– 7 Videos

o Introduction: An overview of everything including electrical terms used in renewable energy systems, safety, advantages and disadvantages of solar power, system components, on-grid and off-grid systems, insolation and solar sizing, charge controllers, battery configuration, inverters, system test, sizing a wind generator.

o Photovoltaic System Components: Solar cells, solar modules, solar arrays, charge controller, batteries, battery banks, inverters, DC-loads, AC-loads, configurations, day use systems, off-grid systems, hybrid systems, on-grid systems, on-grid with backup.

o Safety and Compliance: Important considerations for grid-tied systems and connecting to your local grid

o Electrical Fundamentals: Safety, Volts, Amps, Amp-Hours, Watts, Watt-hours and Kilowatt-Hours, your energy consumption, Ohm’s Law, AC and DC, series circuits, parallel circuits, PV panels in series and parallel.

o Tools: A comprehensive look at all the tools that you will require to construct your solar panel

o Batteries: Purpose, lead-acid batteries, deep-cycle batteries, safety, maintenance, Gel-cells, absorbed glass matt batteries, advantages and disadvantages, charge controllers, alkaline batteries, battery specifications, battery safety, wiring and configuration, sizing, cycling ability.

Be a smart shopper, make a product comparison before buying.