DIY Solar Power: The Do-It-Yourself Alternative

If you have been paying attention to any current events lately you will have noticed the importance of alternative energy solutions such as solar power. Solar power, like many of the alternate energy sources has its advantages and disadvantages.

For one, solar panels can be costly and tricky to install, but with DIY solar power you can install them yourself at a fraction of the cost. Just make sure that you live in an area that gets adequate sunlight, or you may be living in the dark.

This is not complicated as long as you are technologically proficient. If you are, you can easily install the solar cells and other equipment yourself. There are many companies who sell DIY solar energy kits.

They cost around seven hundred dollars or less and they are the perfect way to get you set up with solar power so that you never have to pay the electricity company again. Just keep in mind that solar power is only cost effective as a long-term plan. Paying to have it set up or setting it up yourself with solar energy is very costly if you move out of the house six months later.

Finding A Supplier of DIY Solar Energy

Finding a solar energy company who has all the equipment you need shouldn’t be too difficult. There are many available. Simply look in your local yellow pages or do an internet search.

Even if you have to have the items shipped, it’s worth it if you can save a little bit of money. The instructions for how to set up the DIY solar energy equipment will be included and many of them have money back guarantees.

Think of it. All you have to do is pay your fee once for all the DIY solar power equipment and then you’ll have free, unending energy that comes directly from the sun. You’ll end up saving loads of money in the long run.

Before you decide on a company for all your solar energy equipment, make sure they have a provision where you can order replacement parts in case any of your solar cells or converters becomes damaged. The parts that come with a DIY solar power kit are intended to last a long time, but as in anything else, life can come at you fast. So make sure there is some kind of warranty or system available that will enable you to use your solar equipment for as long as you own your home.

If you need help installing your DIY solar power equipment and don’t want to pay any labor costs, search the internet for how-to articles on how to install it yourself. Then, you can finally say goodbye to the energy company once and for all.

Converting to alternate energy sources, such as solar power is a way to do your part to help reduce our need for electricity. Not only is it good for the environment, but switching to solar power will also save you money in the long run.

If you are going to live in your house for longer than the next eight months you can get the full benefits of going DIY solar. Just don’t install DIY solar power where the sun doesn’t shine.

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Crucial Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Improvement Tips

With an ever-expanding network of home improvement television shows and DIY magazines, the do-it-yourself home improvement sector has taken off. Homeowners everywhere are rushing to their local hardware stores, ready to rip out their bathroom tile or tear down old kitchen cupboards.

As excited as you may be to get started on your first DIY home improvement project, there are a few considerations you should first take into account. You need to plan, understand your project, budget, and be aware of your space. To learn more about these basic, but crucial, DIY home improvement tips, keep reading.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Before you even begin a DIY home improvement project, you should have a full plan in place. And prior to making that drive to the home hardware store, put together a folder with all your measurements and a complete list of everything you intend to buy, right down to the last nail.

People get excited about projects and don’t want to get right to it instead of “wasting” time planning. However, By planning out the phases and details your project, you’re less likely to overspend on unnecessary materials or find that you need to backtrack over already-completed work.

Planning prevents mishaps such as needing to stop work and call a plumber because you forgot to verify whether there were pipes running where you wanted to put in that door. Planning also decreases overspending, such as buying three cans of paint when you only needed two.

Meanwhile, researching your project will help to avert the more costly mistakes. By reading books, watching relevant DVD’s or researching online information about the project you want to tackle, you’re less likely to botch a job and more likely to complete it with a professional finish.

2. Budget

Along with planning, comes budgeting. As you plan the details of your project, keep a running tally of the expense for each material. If you don’t know how much something costs, check the Internet or call your local retailer to obtain a price ahead of time.

Once you have your budget, add 10-20% extra. Almost every home renovation project, DIY or not, runs up against unexpected expenses – it’s just a reality of life’s uncertainties. Whether it is materials that cost more than you expect or a surprise problem that needs to get fixed, you’ll need to have the money ready to take care of it. Every good DIY’er knows to have a little extra on hand.

3. Understand Your Project

Before you attempt to tackle a major home improvement project, make sure you know what you’re doing. Use resources like books, your local hardware clerk, the Internet and how-to videos to get a good grasp on the project you will be undertaking.

If you feel like the project is out of your league, don’t hesitate to call in a professional.

4. Know Your Space

This tip is related to planning, but make sure you have enough space to take on your project. Don’t try to fit a new island in your kitchen if there isn’t sufficient room for it. Try to live by the old carpenter’s adage of “measure twice, cut once.”

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Where to Get Do-It-Yourself Solar Power

Do-it-yourself solar power is one of the fastest growing renewable sources of energy today. Millions of people around the world are looking for ways to save money and to protect our environment. That is why a lot of people are switching to renewable sources of energy like solar energy. Do-it-yourself solar power systems are becoming popular because they are very easy to build and also they are quite cheap.

This kind of technology used to be very expensive and difficult to find a few decades ago. Big companies and the government were the only institutions that could afford it. Thanks to recent advances in technology, the capability to convert the rays of the sun into electric current is now available to all.

The rising cost of electricity is forcing a lot of people to cut their reliance on fossil fuel based electricity. This is due to the fact that majority of our power plants use fossil fuel. The price of fossil fuel is constantly rising. Fossil fuel is also becoming much scarcer. The idea of electric current from the rays of the sun seems logical for people to use.

The great thing about these energy systems is that they are very easy to find. The Internet is the best place for you to look. You will be able to pick out from a vast array of choices. This is the point wherein you have to be extra careful when selecting the DIY kit. There are some people who advertise fake kits on the Internet. The best way to avoid this problem is to check the reliability of companies selling those products. You can also check the forums or message boards to learn things about do-it-yourself solar power kits.

Once you have acquired the guide, you will not have any problem with the instructions and the materials. The instructions are very easy to follow. You do not need to be a scientist to understand them. The materials and the tools needed for this project are very easy to find. You can buy them from any local hardware store. On top of these advantages, the whole project will just cost you $ 200. That is quite a bargain for a lifetime’s worth of electricity. So, start now and purchase a do-it-yourself solar power kit.

Tired of high electric bills? Discover how thousands of families are using homemade solar power systems to power their homes!

The Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Cooking

Do-It-Yourself outdoor cooking can be a fun experience, particularly if you are camping in the wild or if you prefer a garden party with your family and friends. Learning a survival skill well is very resourceful, which is just one of the advantages of outdoor cooking.

Furthermore, outdoors cooking means that you’re most likely doing manual food preparation. There are foods that are typically high in carbohydrates, and it is exactly what hikers and campers need. Obviously, if you are going on a camping voyage you will not be able to bring a fresh cut of meat. As an alternative you will have to used dried meats, noodles, and possibly a stock of potatoes to see you all the way through.

In addition, you can create a small fire and make use of a pie iron over hot coals. A pie iron is an iron pan with an extended handle that can be useful for hotdogs, and bread. You can also make use of a Dutch oven that is made of aluminum or cast iron and has a cover where you can put hot coals.

You should fix the outdoor food preparation pieces by assembling iron bars so that it can overshadow the flame and be safe. You can also excavate a hole in the ground and put coals in it and then prepare your food in the earth just like a clambake. You can also wait for the fire to subside so you can put your pots directly on top of the coals and flames.

You can make use of little flames and prepare your food in clay pots, aluminum foil or leaves since campfires are forbidden in several states. There are several other ways to prepare your food on your own. An example of this is what campers do in Hawaii; they treat themselves to lave-warmed cuisine wrapped in banana leaves. How unusual! Overall, there are many different ways to prepare food and any of them are great ways to apply DIY outdoor cooking to your camping experience.

As you can see, outdoor cooking can be an option for anyone! Outdoor cooking provides a fun alternative to the traditional cooking styles of everyday life. For more ways on how to spice up your meals, visit my site at You’ll be amazed at all of the possibilities.

Do-it-yourself Car Repairs

Every car owner should always try and fix a defect on their car before taking it to a mechanic, unless it’s obvious right away that it’s something pretty serious, such as engine overheating. Some of the easiest repairs are related to the battery, spark plugs, brake pads, headlights and filters.

Replace a headlight bulb

This is a very simple and cheap repair, and all you need is a new light bulb and a screwdriver. You first open the hood and look for the bulb, which can be found in a bulb holder. Then, disconnect the power wires, which are attached to a plug, and should be three in total. Afterwards you can easily remove the bulb holder, and the bulb itself, holding it on its base. Then it’s time to put the new bulb in. You should stick it into the base of the plug, and try not to touch the glass with bare hands. Lastly, reconnect the wiring and put the headlight cover back.

Replace the windshield wipers

If you notice that the rubber on the wipers is worn out, or you hear a squeaky sound when you turn them on, then it’s time to replace them. Grab the wiper assembly and pull it up and away from the windshield. Then, you’ll see a hinge with a tab on it, which you should pull out, and pull the wiper towards the hood. Now remove the blade, but be careful not to let the metal arm fall back on the windshield. Then, take the new wiper blade and attach it to the arm, by inserting the arm through the designated hole in the blade. Then, press the blade and the arm together until you hear a click, which means the blade is in place.

Replace the air filter

Replacing an air filter shouldn’t cost you more than $ 15-20. Open the hood, look for the air filter box, then open it, as well. The filter is not attached with bolts, clips or anything else, so you’ll have no trouble removing it. Then, take the new filter and put it in the box, close the box, and snap the clips holding the box in the end.

You can save a lot of money that way, and you’ll avoid the hassle of having to take the car to the repair shop, wait for it to be fixed for at least a couple of hours, and then go back again to pick it up. There are a lot of repairs that you can do yourself, that don’t cost a lot of money and you don’t need to be a car expert to do it. Finnaly, taking care of your car can be the best DIY tip of all.


By Jordan Perch, automotive researcher and blogger at

Do-It-Yourself Sore Throat Relief

A sore throat is one of the most usual medical conditions you might have. Having inflamed tonsils is an inconvenience, but when not dealt with immediately, it can lead to more dangerous infections. Identify the source of inflammation and check out these sore throat relief tips at your home.

Causes of Sore Throat

Infection is easily the most frequent reason for a sore throat. Many airborne bacteria and viruses can lead to irritation and inflammation. Viruses that can cause flu and mono produce blisters in the throat. Contracting streptococcus bacteria leads to strep throat.

Other medical ailments can also cause a sore throat. Sometimes, the main cause is something as basic as a dry throat. This occurs if you sleep with your mouth open. Sinus drainage may irritate your throat, however it will disappear the instant you clear blocked nose airways. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or acid reflux problems also causes this disorder. The acid will irritate your throat as it goes up. Taking prescription antibiotics or medication for radiation treatment could cause a yeast infection in your tonsils.

Sore Throat Relief Tips

Sore throats normally disappear as time passes with no medical or home cure intervention. You will find sore throat relief tricks you can try in order to alleviate the irritation. Hydrate your mouth by drinking a good amount of warm liquids. This will keep your fluids up and lubricates your tonsils. It will help when you swallow often. It really is painful, but your saliva keeps your throat moisturized, soothing the pain. Gargling with warm water and salt happens to be an age-old remedy that still works.

You may also use a humidifier to ease the pain. Breathe through your mouth if ever the root cause of your problem is breathing dry air. Breathe through your nose if the cause is nasal blockage. The humidity will clear out blocked nose airways and stop sinus drainage. You can cover the head using a moist towel and breathe in the steam coming from a hot bowl of water.

Be sure to take decongestants or flu medication to quicken your process of healing. Lozenges will offer immediate remedy, but pain medication like ibuprofen and acetaminophen will have longer-lasting effects. Rest your voice while awaiting the soreness to reduce and try to avoid pollution.

Taking prescription antibiotics brings sore throat relief only when you have a bacterial infection. Consult a health care professional before taking any medication. Visiting a doctor is significant if you predict a strep throat. You must treat this condition at once before you can develop severe complications like joint pain and heart valve damage.

Call at your physician immediately if your condition lasts beyond 10 days.  You need bacterial and viral cultures, strep throat and candida tests to find out the root of your own inflamed tonsils. A sore throat that persists over a couple weeks could be due to some more serious condition, like AIDS or throat cancer.  

Most of people that contract this disorder feel better in several days’ time. Try these remedies when you feel irritation. You can avoid more dangerous complications if you address your sore throat quickly.

Alice Winer shares techniques to clear blocked nose pathways and discusses other sore throat relief tips.

Do-It-Yourself Roof Repair the Easy Way

There are very few things more troublesome to a homeowner than a leaky roof. Every homeowner who discovers that his roof has sprung leaks will be tempted to fix it himself, thinking that the entire process of plugging a dripping hole cannot be too hard.

For those who are brave enough to try fixing a leaking hole on their own, it’s important to first determine where the hole is exactly located. If it’s in an area on the roof that cannot be accessed easily, then it would be best to leave everything to a professional. On the other hand, if the hole is somewhere that’s easily accessible, then it’s okay to go ahead and try fixing it.

To find the hole, one should climb on the roof and pour water in the area where one thinks the leak might be. A helper or assistant should help pinpoint the hole from his own vantage point inside the house and under the spot where the hole is thought to be. After the hole has been located, one can start plugging it.

Maryland roofing experts say that fixing a roof entails the use of several ordinary tools. First, one needs a sturdy ladder to climb to get up on the roof. This if there’s no window close enough to the area on the roof where the hole is. Then there are the repairing tools such as putty and silicone for sealant, a utility knife, a wire brush, and a caulking gun. These are tools that can be bought in any hardware store.

To plug the hole, first dig out the old sealant. It has most likely dried out and shrunk because of constant exposure to the sun, and the area it protected became vulnerable. Use the putty knife to get all bits of the sealant out, and then clean out the hole with the wire brush. According to Maryland roofing experts, one should make sure that all of the old sealant is gone because the new sealant will stick better if the hole is clean and clear of debris.

Finally, apply the sealant or roofing cement on the hole and the immediate surrounding area. With the putty knife, the sealant should be pushed into the hole. A layer should also spread and flattened around it. Roofing Maryland residents trust can be expected to last up to five years. In the meantime, if there are any other ragged areas that could turn into holes with time, smear them with roofing cement or sealant, too.

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Do-It-Yourself stone pavers



Paul Mejia has been involved with do it yourself for 10 years. Supported by experienced finishers and a remarkable investment to excellent and durability, Master Hardscapes is your number-one option for excellent concrete and masonry. Our investment to excellent support service and client support is similar to our perseverance that every venture be accomplished to efficiency. We are extremely pleased of the work we do and of the solutions we provide and it reveals on the encounters of our many satisfied clients.  Here are some things to look at if you’re interested in renovating your lawn and adding stone pavers.


If you’ve ever designed your yard and put in a pathway or flagstone, cobblestones then you should be acquainted with stone pavers as that’s what the stones and cobblestones are categorized as when used in that way. There are many stone paver styles that you will see and organize into endless styles for a beautiful yard. These can be used for a position to recreation area your bbq grill or link the area from the house to your reveal. You can make pathways through your lawn or a direction from the entry.


Stone pavers have lots of uses and they are much better than using easy tangible. With stone pavers they are free to shift with the earth as they are little and aren’t mortared in position. Usually they are presented together with a sand product. Other times they lay there on their own. It will depend on the paver and how you are using it. Pavers are less costly to set up; however you can still invest a large amount of on certain types of stone paver.


Installation is uncomplicated if you want to do it yourself. Just choose out the type of paver you want to use and then sketch up a style. You will need to take away a lot of dirt so be ready for that type of surroundings. This could need a Bobcat to dig up the dirt. Choosing the pavers can be complicated if you’re looking at a surroundings lawn full of them. The costs have serious shifts with regards to the content, blue-stone being the most costly.


Brick looks the best regardless of what type of style you decide on. It’s also the most affordable way to go. Once you level the earth and lay your dirt obstacle you can begin to set the stones. Once you have them all in position you just sweep more dirt over them to complete the breaks. Wash it down to get the dirt to negotiate and keep doing this until the sand prevents reducing. Then you have your very own do-it-yourself stone pavers set up and there to savor for decades to come.


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Do-It-Yourself Wedding Favors

DIY or do-it-yourself wedding favors are very popular today. They are not only less expensive than traditional favors, but they also add a personal touch to ordinary items. When you purchase a picture frame and hand it over to your guests, all they will see is a store bought picture frame with you and your partner’s picture and the details of your wedding. On the other hand, if you give them a handcrafted picture frame made from raffia or bamboo, they will feel that you are really happy to have them in your wedding. Plus, they will admire your effort and creativity. Personalized wedding favors have a huge impact on guests. They send out a message that you appreciate your guests so much that you even took time to make unique and creative favors just to show your gratitude to them. Because of this, your guests are more likely to remember your wedding than any other weddings. They would be able to recall the fun they had while at the church or reception each time they see your favor sitting on their shelf or table. You can actually make such favors from scratch, but you can also buy kits and materials from stores. Other than crafts, you may also consider giving your guests scented soaps. Handcrafted soaps are attractive and useful; your guests can even use them immediately once they get home from your wedding. In order to make a bar of soap, you should go to a craft store and buy a clear melt-and-pour soap. Break it apart and melt it in your microwave oven for approximately twenty seconds per square. Then, you should pour it over your chosen molds. Fill them half way each, and let the melted soap set for a minute. You can leave it that way and wait for it to harden completely if you plan to personalize the soap packaging. Otherwise, you should put a small charm inside the soap by placing such charm on top of the set soap before filling the mold to the top. In about thirty minutes, your soap will be ready. Once it becomes hard enough, you can simply pop it out of the mold and place it inside your choice of packaging. You can use boxes, fabric drawstring bags, and paper. Do not forget to include a ‘thank you’ card. In the olden times, little sugar cubes were used as wedding favors. Today, sugar is still very popular; they have somehow evolved though. Instead of plain sugar cubes, sugary treats in the form of candies and chocolates are given away. You can buy favor pails and fill them with sweets. You can put candies and chocolate bars with personalized wrappers or bubble gum sculptures of you and your spouse. Tie a fabric ribbon or lace around the handle of every pail. Then, place a card or a sticker with you and your spouse’s name as well as your wedding date. Your favors, no matter how small or inexpensive they are, will still be appreciated by the people you care about. So, instead of splurging on favors, you can just make your own. You will be able to reduce costs, and at the same time show your guests that you truly appreciate their presence.

Brenda is an author for a variety of wedding issues and topics such as Bridal Shower Gifts and Cheap Wedding Favors.

Do-It-Yourself Prom Decorations

Walking and dancing under the elegant prom decorations you assisted in decorating is very fulfilling. Unleash your artistic minds and creative hands and decorate your prom night. This brief article will give you ideas and tips on do-it-yourself prom decorations that you can easily follow and do today.

1) You have to think first on the theme. It could revolve around what the entire class wants or represents. For instance, dancing under a silver moon or blue moon, starlit romance or return to the past. Use the theme to guide you in choosing the things you will need in decorating. Make sure the colors you will use will be appealing both to females and males. Choose colors that will coordinate with the different colors that your classmates will wear on the prom night such as white, midnight blue, gold and silver.
2) Prepare a blueprint of the venue. In this way, you know how you are going to fit in all the items you want to put in the venue such as the tables and chairs, food area, entry and exit way, backdrop and the dance area.
3) Decorate the tables and chairs according to the theme. Create centerpieces that will attract the guests to sit on the table.

If you have chosen dancing under a silver moon, here are concrete ideas that you can follow:

1) Create a backdrop through setting-up a theme. Put butcher paper or white sheet on the walls. Let your classmates with the most artistic hands do the painting. You can even ask from your art teacher for tips and ideas on what to put on the backdrop.
2) Cut out stars in different sizes from poster board and cardboard as your master guide. This is for you to easily trace and have proportioned stars. Cover the cut out stars with spray glitter paint or tin foil. If you used paint, let it dry for one night. Put the stars on the wall with tape and hang some of it from the ceiling using nylon thread.
3) Balloon centerpieces are lovely on every table. Scatter confetti on the tables. You can add small stars cut off from tin foil and scatter it as well on the tables.
4) Surround the venue with twinkle lights to create the mood. Make sure to secure the installation of the twinkle lights.
5) Add flowers on the boring table skirts. You can use tissue papers or different colors of construction papers for your flowers.
6) To create a dramatic entry of every student, create a balloon arch on the entry way. Tie balloons with helium to come up with a balloon column. Start tying with four balloons together and then add more four balloons and so on. Secure the balloon arch on the ground.
7) Change the lighting color of the venue through using colored plastic thin sheets or theater gels. Put it on every light in your venue to create the atmosphere according to your theme.

A prom night needs not to be worth a fortune. Ask your classmates to decorate your prom night and make it more memorable. You are enjoying your do-it-yourself prom decorations and at the same time helping your school save hundred of dollars.

Brenda Hopkins writes for Wholesale Favors about Prom Favors and Gift Ideas and gives advice on Prom Gifts to the teachers and prom committee.