Funky Wine Racks Or Do It Yourself Wine Racks – The Choice Is Yours

There is nothing quite like a good bottle of wine, the sheer pleasure you get from the first and the last glass. The bouquet or the wine, the color, the taste, how smooth it feels going down are all important when it comes to wine. One small little characteristic that is often over looked is the way you store your wine. This is just as important and often more complex of a situation then finding that perfect bottle of wine.

To properly store your wine collection, you need to take into consideration how to insulate, and how to maintain the correct humidity and temperature to store the wine. Plus you need to make sure that the wine rack fits in with your home décor and expresses you as a wine connoisseur. The right wine rack can help keep that $ 80 bottle of wine from turning to store shelf vinegar.

Funky Wine Racks

Depending on where you go and what you are looking for, you are bound to find some of the funkiest looking things that are considered wine racks. I have seen multicolored plastic looking ink blobs that are made to be stackable to hold as many bottles of wine as you would like. The prices that people are willing to pay for these types of wine racks can be in excess of two hundred dollars. I have also seen what looks like an inside out peg board where the wine bottles are clipped in by the neck and hang on the wall.

Unique Wine Racks

One may think that unique and funky could be one and the same when we are talking about wine racks, but in reality they are not. There are three very unique wine rack designs that I have seen as of late, one of which is what is called a wine tree. To look at this rack empty, you would think it is just a pile of metal spikes that are trying to hug each other. Really what it is, is an elaborately crafted wine tree, where the wine bottles sit upside down in the tree branches and give a very beautiful appearance yet functional as the wine is upside down so that the cork still touches the wine, keeping it from drying out. One of my other favorites is a huge movie reel that you can fit the wine into the circles on the inside.

Wine Rack Rod Iron

One of the most durable and corrosive resistant metals is rod iron, or wrought iron. This metal is usually finished in a black powder and will last for years. The beauty that is brought out by the strong metal makes an even more elegant display of your best vintage. The rod iron wine racks come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can meet your needs while keeping with your home décor.

Wine Rack Manufacturers

There are wine rack manufacturers out there to meet the needs of any person looking for a wine rack. Whether or not you are looking to custom build your own or buy one that is already made, you can find what you are looking for on the internet. There are literally hundreds of options available to you. You just need to know what you are looking for.

Do It Yourself Wine Racks

Can’t find a wine rack that tickles your fancy, you can make one yourself. There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. Make sure that your room is properly insulated and that the humidity in the storage area is just right. Make sure that you are keeping 4 to 6 inches between your bottle slots as that even wine needs breathing room. You also may want to go with a darker material when building your wine rack so that you are giving it the right touch of elegance.

There is in fact a wine rack for everyone that enjoys wine and has a few bottles on hand. Don’t store them upright, always make sure that they are angled and use darker material to build your own to make it more elegant.

Wine Cooler is here to help you make wise decisions on your first or next unique wine racks purchase. There are solutions from wine rack manufacturers you may not have thought of yet. Visit us to start your search!