Interior design tips: Afghan rugs

When it comes to improving the interior design of your property there a few things which are better tools for the job than Afghan rugs. Along with the likes of Persian rugs they look equally at home next to a roaring open fire in the living room or at the end of the bed in the master bedroom. As beautifully crafted pieces which take a large amount of skill to make, they are versatile and look at home wherever you put them. If you have not yet been told about the virtues of Afghan rugs then perhaps it is time to read on…
As you can probably guess from the name Afghan rugs are woven tapestries designed to be laid on the floor and hail from the country of Afghanistan. They typically feature intricate woven patterns and were traditionally made by the women living in tribes in the surrounding villages near Herat and other major centres in the country. Afghan rugs are renowned for their superb quality and splendid looks so there is certainly no shortage of demand for them. Rich colours from natural dyes and detailed motifs depicting animals and shapes are the hallmarks of these fine items.
Ethnic furnishings, fixtures and fittings are all the rage at the moment as they add so much character to a living space. Afghan rugs are just one type of exotic adornment used to supplement the decorative scheme of a room. In fact along with the likes of textile accessories and ornaments oriental rugs in general are very popular. Persian rugs – which hail from modern Iran – as well as other traditional counterparts such as Bessarabia (modern day Moldova) and Middle Eastern countries are frequently purchased. Indeed Afghan rugs and their equivalents from neighbouring countries are sought after all over the world today due to their exquisite craftsmanship.
Buying Afghan rugs…
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