House cleaning for pet owners

A pet can be a great comfort and a friend to come home to, but most of us would prefer to do without the extra house cleaning necessitated. After all, house cleaning is not most people’s favorite activity! So how best to cope in a pet-friendly home?


First of all, let’s deal with the worst house cleaning problem. If you have a garden or yard and your pet can go outdoors for its toilet needs, you have already dealt with this particular problem. However, if you are not so fortunate, your pet may require a litter tray or similar. The best way to minimize toilet odors in your home is to change the litter regularly. Ideally, remove solid waste as soon as it is deposited. However, urine is not so easily dealt with, and can produce a strong odor quickly, so changing the litter tray contents once a day is the best bet. Using litter that includes carbon, or another deodorant element, can help reduce smells. Pet odors can also be disguised by using deodorant sprays before vacuuming – or scented pellets inserted into the dust collector.


We all know that most dust consists of skin particles from our own bodies but, obviously, pets also shed skin constantly, so the more pets we have, the worse the problem. Deal with this by house cleaning regularly to remove dust before it is ground in. Many vacuum cleaners have special filters, so dust is not merely redistributed around the home. Use one of these for the most efficient house cleaning.


Many people are allergic to pets – and even those who are not may have an adverse reaction to the dust, mites, and other creatures that pets carry. Hypo-allergenic filters in your vacuum cleaner can help reduce the effects of these.


Pet fur or feathers can be difficult to remove from both carpets and furnishings. Use a rubber broom to sweep your carpets before vacuuming to pick up the majority of these and your home cleaners will work much more efficiently. Vacuum fabric furnishings frequently, especially between and under cushions. Curtains and blinds also pick up pet hairs, and should be vacuumed or dusted weekly if possible.


However carefully we do our own house cleaning, though, ordinary domestic appliances are simply not up to doing a really deep clean. Once or twice a year, get in professional help. Specialist home cleaners will assess exactly what is needed, and have the equipment to do it. Be sure to mention special needs, allergies and sensitivities, and they will tailor any chemicals involved to protect your family. Clean carpets of surface dirt before the home cleaners arrive. This will enable the home cleaners to do the best job possible. Although it may seem like extra expense, professional home cleaners will save you time and effort for months to come. And, these days, they do the job quickly and with little disruption, so it really is worth getting them in regularly.

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Why Pet Owners Need a Maid


If you are a pet owner, there’s a good chance that you need a maid. We all love our cats and dogs but there are times when the messiness can get downright discouraging. Not many people can argue with the fact that Rover and Fluffy are messy. These furry friends have lots of wonderful qualities and can even be good for our health. By hiring a housecleaning service, we can reap the benefits without living with the dirt.
The ways our cats and dogs improve our lives are varied. Both canines and felines are loving companions. All pets are nonjudgmental although Fluffy may be a bit harder to please than Fido. Dogs need to be walked daily so force their owners to get exercise instead of zoning out in front of the television. For individuals who live alone, these animals provide company and body contact when they sit on laps or ask to be petted. Seeing-eye-dogs can lead the blind around and therapy dogs help the depressed feel more joyful. Canines also protect their masters and mistresses as a matter of course.
For all these wonderful characteristics, our pets also dirty up our homes more than we’d like. Most of them shed and leave little hairs all over the floors, carpets, and furniture. Most of these animals slobber a bit, as well. Even the best-trained pooch or kitty will have the occasional potty accident. Sometimes pets have an aroma that’s less than ideal. By hiring a maid to clean once a week, every other week, or once a month, all of these challenges can be overcome.
When a maid comes to a pet owner’s abode, the place can become a tidy place once more. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping will get rid of all fur balls and excess hair that’s strewn around the floor. Sofas and fabric-covered chairs can also be vacuumed when the housecleaner uses the wand attachment to suction the surfaces clean. Hard surfaces such as flooring can be sterilized so all evidence of slobber and potty accidents disappear. Usually, when all of this housecleaning is done, the odors evaporate. For stubborn smells, the maids will have a few tricks up their sleeves such as carpet deodorizers and disinfectants.
Pet owners love their cats and dogs for plenty of good reasons. The fact that these animals leave some mess around in the way of shed hairs, slobber, unpleasant smells, stains, and potty accidents shouldn’t diminish the quality of the relationship. By hiring a maid to clean weekly, monthly, or as needed, the humans can breathe a sigh of relief, the dogs can bark happily, and the cats can purr.

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