Interior Tips: Designing your Life

Interior Tips: Designing your Life

In more ways than one, your house is an extension of you.  It is a reflection of your life- your career, status, lifestyle, personality, goals, etc.  It is a place of comfort and a place where you could truly be yourself without any hesitations.

To the outside world, it is an indirect introduction of your soul, your substance.  Thus, it is equally important to make sure that your house represents you in the best way possible.

For anyone, designing the interior architecture of your house is not easy.  Nevertheless, here are some tips that may help you in coming up with your own personal space.

Feel.  Find out what kind of mood you want to set in each room.  Doing so would make it easier for you to pick out the perfect items and material for your space.  Would it be predominated by concrete or wood? How about glass windows? Would there be any?

Measure. Know how big your spaces are.  It would help you a lot from choosing the color of the walls to choosing the decorations to choosing what furniture to put so that it does not become too crowded or too lacking of anything.

Cheat, but DO NOT DUPLICATE.  Looking through interior design magazines, architectural magazines and the internet for nice designs is very advisable.  However, it is never cool to copy one’s design to its simplest detail.  Shake it up a little and make it your own.

STOP and take a look around.  As much as possible do not rush into buying things for the house. Compare prices and the quality of the items you are to get.  There’s always a good deal waiting.

Let others’ opinions be nothing more than a guiding force of your final design.  Remember that at the end of the day, it would be you living in that space and not them.  Above anyone else, it should be you who’s happy with the interior.  Because once you are, pleasing other’s with it would not be as hard.

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By: Catherine Micael

Elisa Armas