Laying Kitchen Floor Tiles


Laying kitchen floor tiles down is a relatively easy project that anyone can take part in. If you have some knowledge about tiling, then you should be okay. Most people just decide to call in the professionals to do it for them. You have to first find out how big your kitchen is. This alone will tell you how many boxes of tiles that you will actually need to buy. Once you have measured your kitchen out, you can then decide on the appropriate type of tile to lay down in your kitchen. You can choose from so many different types of tiles for your kitchen. If you prefer marble, or hardwood, that decision is totally up to you.

You will need to learn how to mix thin-set mortar which is going to be used to cover the floor of the backer boards. It should be very creamy, and used not any longer after an hour because it can dry up very quickly. You will then be able to apply it on to the linoleum and install the backer board there after. Once you have done all of these things, you will be able to start laying your tiles down the way that you would like them to be. You have to make sure that you lay them down correctly, if you want them to look nice.

Granite floor tiles work the same as any other floor tiles. You can use spacers as a guide to help you lay out the tiles correctly. You should start laying the in rows all the way across the floor. If you lay out the tile before you actually set it, it will provide you with a good estimate of how tiles will fit and where any cuts need to be made. While you are laying the kitchen floor tiles down, you need to make sure you make any corrections to the tile while the thin-set is still wet. It would also be wise to keep a wet rag and bucket close to you so that you can wipe up any of the left over thin-set after you have placed the tile down correctly.


This job can be simple if you follow the guidelines correctly. It will be a lot easier if you have a smaller kitchen versus a bigger kitchen. The hardest parts of laying the floor tiles can be in the corners because you may have to cut pieces just to make sure that they fit evenly. 


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