Installing Solid Wood Floors can be of Benefit to the Environment

Most people are concerned about the state of the environment these days and the way that we have managed to create so many serious problems. These cannot be fixed overnight but taking small steps is good sign that we wish to try and repair the damage we have caused. Something like installing a solid oak wood floor or other type of solid wooden flooring is a good step in the right direction.

Why using real wood is good for the environment

The environmental benefits of choosing real wood are indisputable. Far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal, than with any other construction material. Also, after each wood harvest, the forests are replanted for the next generation. Today, because the popularity of solid wood floors has grown, so too has the commitment to cultivation. Many more trees are grown than are currently harvested, so increased demand has had a positive effect on the environment.

It encourages the planting of more trees

The more trees we use, the more we plant, because virtually all of the European wood that is used is sourced from managed forests. ‘Harvesting’ creates space for new growth – and this often happens at a rate of two trees planted for every one felled.

Completely recyclable

Wood is completely recyclable. In fact, it’s can be used in three different stages. Firstly, it is used to create a product. Secondly, the product itself can be recycled, and thirdly, it can be used for energy generation. No other renewable material can equal this, in terms of volume and economy.

It replaces carbon-hungry alternatives

Not only is the production and processing of wood highly energy-efficient, giving wood products an ultra-low carbon footprint, but wood can often be used to substitute materials like steel, aluminium, concrete or plastics, which require large amounts of energy during production.

Reduces greenhouse gases

The ‘carbon sink’ effect of wood products such as solid wooden floors has a significant role to play in reducing greenhouse gases. Increasing the use of wood products still further will continue to reduce the negative effect in the atmosphere.

I have a friend who is the manager at a solid wood flooring company and he often says that he is surprised by the way that so many people enquire about the environmental benefits of choosing a solid wood floor over another kind. He says that although most people tend to go for a solid oak wood floor for other reasons such as the appearance, the durability, the warmth and the fact that it will be an investment, the environmental benefits will often sway them too.

Solid wooden flooring is just one option if you want a wooden floor and there are other types available which are not as expensive. These will give you the appearance of a solid wood floor but you will not have all the other benefits that you get with the real thing, such as the durability and the way that it is an investment.

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How to Take Care of Your New Wood Floors

You’ve looked at lots of options when it comes to new flooring in Vancouver. Should you choose tile, carpet or wood? Vancouver is full of many wonderful stores that offer great products. And now, you, like many other people have chosen to put new wood floors in your home. This beautiful timeless choice is one you will not regret. However, before you go any further here are a few facts about your need floors that will help you both enjoy and maintain them for many years.

Since wood is a natural product the moisture in the air can cause it to expand or even contract. You will need to be careful about the temperature and moisture in your home. If you live in an extremely dry or wet climate, you will want to protect your hardwood flooring in Vancouver. Some people choose to use a whole hose humidifier to make sure the moisture is contained.
It doesn’t matter which wood floor in Vancouver you choose. All hardwood flooring in Vancouver will change or fade over an extended period of time. If your floors are exposed to strong direct sunlight will cause this damage to increase. But don’t worry; there are things you can do to help protect your flooring. Vancouver has many wonderful options that are cost effective and can protect your floors from the sunlight.

Buy window treatments that block light. When the sun is strongest, make sure blinds or light blocking curtains will easily keep your loved wood floor in Vancouver safe and sound. Another easy way to protect your floors is simply by purchasing rugs that will cover a large portion of your floors. Many people choose to rotate their furniture as well so that the UV exposure is evenly spread out.

Finally, you want to make sure that you clean your hardwood flooring in Vancouver regularly. This can be done in several ways. First, remember that water is wood flooring’s biggest enemy. Begin by using a soft broom and remove any soil or dust that may have taken home on your floors. Make sure you don’t skip this step, especially after meals or high traffic areas. Follow up by using a soft brush attachment on your vacuum. You will be amazed at all the dirt and soil this wonderful step can find. Finally, you can use a damp mom. But make sure it is not completely soaking wet. Water will ruin your wood floor. Vancouver has tons of local stores that sell inexpensive mops that will get the job done. And once in a great while, you can add a little bit of vinegar to your water solution and will find your floors are spotless and clean.
Wood floors add value and joy to your home. There is nothing like a natural wood floor. Warmth and beauty can last for many memories if you take the time to take good care of wood floor in Vancouver.

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Keep stains and scratches on wooden floors at bay with microfiber floor mops

Most household owners opt for wooden floors made from materials like oak, walnut and mahogany. This is because they have a high durability and can be maintained very easily, despite their high price. But to enhance its longevity, you need to use a number of tools for maintenance. The dust which gets accumulated under the rugs as well and the movements of shoes get scattered all over the floor. So what type of equipment can be used for maintaining cleanliness? Wood floor mops are being widely sought after these days by clients because they leave no residue. The spray mops which come with microfiber pads are non-toxic as well. This makes them suitable for unwaxed, wooden floors which come with polyurethane.

Scrubbing is one mistake which household owners often make while cleaning floors. Rubbing not only ruins the look of the floor but ruins its coating. Microfiber floor mops are considered most suitable for floor mops. They come with pads using which you can remove all dirt sticking to the floor. It won’t take too much of your time either. You can handle these mops easily as they come with a soft touch grip and can be cleaned easily.

A wood floor mop of high quality is durable and lightweight in design. They come with a refillable cartridge. In case, you buy a mop which doesn’t come with a trigger option you can use this container for pouring water as well as cleaning solutions during the dusting process. But ensure that excess water doesn’t get spilled over the floor. This may lead to permanent stains. These days, there are a number of electro-static mops using which you can draw the dust and dirt scattered across different parts of the floor into them.

Wood floor mops are good absorbents and can soak in a lot of water. Once you have used, the pads can be cleaned and hung in a bucket. Wood floor mop comes with a telescopic handle which will make it convenient for you to clean difficult areas. If you require mops with greater versatility, then you should go for the ones which are suitable for use in marble, tile and vinyl floors as well.

To buy the most suitable quality of mop which provides you with a lasting service, comparison is essential. Surfing through the websites of a number of manufacturers will make it easier for you to choose a brand. Budget allocation won’t take too much time as a result.

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Discover the Right Way of Installing Ceramic Tile Floors

Installing ceramic tile floors is not as hard as it looks. With a little knowledge and an easy step-by-step guide on how to do it, you can already be tiling your way to your dream floor. Here are some basic ceramic tiling tips you can chew on when you plan on installing ceramic tile floors at your home.

Before you tile, identify first your existing tile floor. There are three main types of subfloors you might encounter: Vinyl, plywood, and concrete floors. Installing ceramic tile flooring directly to your vinyl or linoleum subfloor surfaces is greatly discouraged. One, it may contain asbestos fibers; and two, vinyl flooring is not a solid as good ol’ concrete flooring. When installing ceramic tile on vinyl, experts would recommend rough-sanding, or scarifying, the vinyl floor surface first so your tiling mortar has good grip to set on.

If your subfloor is plywood, be sure that the wood is at least 1 and 1/8 inches thick and is supported by an equally strong underlayment. Otherwise, your ceramic tiles will dislodge easily, or worse, break and need replacing. Concrete floors are the most ideal subfloor surface to work with. But before you can start installing ceramic tile flooring over it, it must be cleaned thoroughly. For dust and other debris, sweep and then mop your concrete subfloor surface, and allow it to dry completely. Smooth concrete surfaces must be rough sanded just like vinyl floors to allow the tiling mortar some grip.

After you’ve made the estimates for the floor space that needs to be tiled, window-shop for your ceramic tiles. Ceramic floor tiles come in a variety of prices, shapes, textures and styles. Pick a tile type that’s within your price range and ask to see it in what a palette of colors. The most common ceramic tile size is one square foot. But ceramic tiles may come in a wide array of sizes; from one inch, to two feet.

Prices can vary according to tile type. Natural stone tiles made from granite or slate may sell for two dollars per square foot. Glazed ceramic tiles run from a dollar to twenty dollars per square foot, while unglazed quarry tiles may average around $ 2 per square foot.

Remember: When installing ceramic bathroom tiles, use ceramic tiles with a slightly rough textured surface. This is so you won’t encounter accidents on a floor that’s always wet. Smooth glazed ceramic tiles, especially, are ideal for kitchen or back porch flooring. But you shouldn’t use them bathroom floors, as they can be treacherous when wet.

Having the right tools for the job is a must. You can buy most of the tools and materials you’ll need at you neighborhood hardware store, or home center. For equipment that might over your budget like tile cutters, try asking your local home center or tool rental yard if they have the tools you need for rental. Basic ceramic tiling tools include A pair of safety glasses, heavy leather gloves, tile spacers, notched trowel, a handheld tile cutter, and a pair of tile nippers. Have some sandpaper handy for smoothing out cut edges. Sponges and clean dry rags will come in handy for cleaning and wiping off excess mortar material and grout lining from your newly-finished ceramic tiling floor.

Consult a professional if you are hesitant over how to start installing ceramic tile on your floor. From choosing the right tiles and color, to tearing out existing ceramic tile floors without damaging the subfloor, to installing ceramic tile that will last you a lifetime, a home improvement professional will be able to help you with information, at the very least, or assist you when you start installing ceramic tile.

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Sandling Wood Floors for beautiful floors

Wood is related to the progression of the renewal of life. The various elements in our body if kept in balance prevent us from various illnesses and diseases. Within the five elements, wood furnishes the most compliant and fresh solutions within a home. And Sanding Wood Floors is an excellent option.

If the wooden floor in your home is covered up with the carpets, it is not much of a healthier idea; rather you can have your wooden floors sanded. There are few excellent service providers present who are engaged with proving the efficient services related to floor sanding. Carpets furnishes an attractive look but it is a home for dust mites invisible to naked eye, instead a fresh restored wooden floor i.e. sanding floors is healthier and also environment friendly.

Few important tips for Floor Sanding: A bit of preparation would be good. Little gaps and small imperfections can be filled with resin and wide gaps could be filled with fillets. Also the floor boards should be replaced as required. Sanding can be started then with the use of coarse sanding paper. Using a 7-tier system with a dust free sanding machine is a great idea. For a smooth and even surface, sometimes de-nibbling is required. For a Wood Floor Sanding, it is always recommended to use environment friendly products i.e. to apply three coats of high traffic lacquer. Also, varieties of stains are available to choose from.

For the drum sander, it consists of sanding paper, dust bag and sander itself. It is hard to find sanding paper at a local hardware store, instead you can find at the tool rental yard. You can get at least three gradations namely coarse, medium, and fine sanding paper. Few rental yards also buy unused paper. The operation need to be carried out carefully, this should not happen that you carve unsightly grooves in the wood. It is sometimes unnoticeable to strip off a small piece of wood. You need to be careful with that.

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How to Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Like New

Right after a flooring Ottawa company comes out and installs your new floors, they are sure to look absolutely amazing. Few people plan on letting their wood floors become scuffed up and unattractive; unfortunately, that usually happens through carelessness and due to poor maintenance and upkeep. If you think that caring for wood floors is cumbersome or time consuming, though, think again. The reality is that small, simple steps can be used to keep hardwood flooring in Ottawa looking like new. The following basic tips can help you keep your hardwood floors looking great, year after year.

Sweep Daily

Invest in a decent broom and use it regularly on your flooring. Ottawa retailers sell a wide array of great brooms that are designed specifically for hardwood floors. Whisk brooms are the most efficient tools for sweeping wood floors; however, you should buy whisk brooms with rubber fibers to avoid inadvertently causing scratches.

In addition to using a traditional whisk broom, you should keep a microfiber broom at the ready, too. These brooms have soft cloth-like material that pulls microscopic dust and other debris up off of the floor. Because the material is so soft, you never have to worry about scuffing up your wood floor. Ottawa is awash in stores that sell microfiber brooms, so you shouldn’t have any trouble tracking them down.

Vacuum Weekly

Even the best microfiber brooms in the world can’t remove all of the dust from hardwood flooring. Ottawa homeowners should run their vacuum cleaners over their hardwood floors on at least a weekly basis. Most vacuum cleaners have “bare floor” settings that work specifically on wood floors. If you don’t already have a vacuum cleaner with such a setting, investing in one is well worth it. A high quality vacuum cleaner will suck invisible dust and debris from wood floors; it will also remove dust from the microscopic cracks between planks.

Clean Spills Quickly

Standing water is the mortal enemy of a hardwood floor. The minute a spill happens, make sure to sop it right up. Use a paper towel, a soft sponge or a cloth to do so; never use a scratchy sponge, as it could scuff up the wood. If water is allowed to stay on wood flooring in Ottawa homes, it can cause permanent damage. If you’d rather not replace your hardwood floors, make sure to take care of spills promptly.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

You can’t use the products that you use to clean tile or linoleum floors on hardwood flooring. Ottawa stores sell plenty of cleaning products that are designed for use with wood floors; invest in a selection of them so that you always have a decent product to use. Some cleaning products are designed to clean and disinfect wood floors; others are meant to give them shine and luster. Alternate between these two types of cleaning products to keep your floors clean and glowing.

Beware of Direct Sunlight

Many people don’t realize it, but direct sunlight can wreak serious havoc on wood floors. In order to keep the wood floor in your Ottawa home as like-new as possible, make sure that it’s not exposed to direct sunlight for too many hours per day. If it is, invest in shades or blinds to soften the impact. Otherwise, you will need to have your floors treated with special finishings that are designed to protect against UV sunlight damage. Of course, that’s a small price to pay for avoiding faded, unappealing flooring.

Enjoy High-Quality Wood Flooring for Years

You may wonder – is it possible to enjoy a wood floor for many years? Absolutely. The trick is to keep the preceding tips and pointers in mind. Regular cleaning, basic upkeep and a little bit of common sense all go a long way toward keeping the wood floors in your home in like-new condition.

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Wood Floors NY is Texturally Magnificent

Well, wood floors NY have always adorned the residential and commercial complexes with their exotic looks and magnificence. It is their durability, easy accessibility and texture beauty that have enabled people going for it. After all, everybody likes to have something classy and unique in their house. And it is the wood floors NY with different designer patterns that they have been making a place for themselves. These types of floors are an investment for life span, so it is better to take care on every step of maintaining that investment sparkling and shiny. Indeed, one should not ignore the small things to make certain that floors, whether solid wood or laminate, are scuff and stain-free.

In fact, solid wood floors NY are available in a wide range of extents and styles, with each board made of solid wood and pulverized from a single piece of timber. These hardwood floors were initially used for constructional purposes, being installed vertical to the wooden support beams of a building. Fresh edifice techniques now seldom include wood building frames and solid hardwood floors are used nearly for their facade. For flooring, solid wood floors NY have many confines due to the natural characteristics of wood. For current construction methods, the most noteworthy characteristic of solid wood floors is that they are not compulsory to be fixed unswervingly over concrete.

Another form of wood floors NY is engineered. These wood floorings are comprised of more than two layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer, known as lamella, is the wood that is noticeable when the flooring is installed, and is stick to the core or substrate that gives the constancy. Laminate, vinyl and veneer floors are often mistaken with engineered wood floors. Laminate uses an icon of wood on its shell, vinyl is plastic designed to look like wood, and veneer makes use of a slender layer of wood with a core that could be one of a number of diverse composite wood products. Engineered wood is one of the most preferred wood floors NY used internationally. Its subservient category is acrylic impregnated wood flooring that utilizes a genuine wood veneer that is saturated with liquid acrylic and hard-edged using a special process.

wood floors NY is available in the wood market at various affordable rates and in different patterns. So, every individual willing to get them incorporated in their house is able to buy and beautify the interiors. After all, everyone appreciates the innate beauty of a residential or office complex that has refinement and durability in its attitude. It is because of these features that wood floors NY are well accepted everywhere and have been creatively designed to suit the needs of every kind of buyer, be it from elite class or a working professional. Moreover, these floors are made magnificent with the kind of texture used in them and the varied style of applying them in a particular residential or commercial plot.

Wood floors NY are the best form of flooring materials, which enable the person to lend magnificent taste because of the vivacious texture it accompanies.

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Wood Floors NY Express Rich Quality

With so many designer floorings swinging in the market, wood floors NY have their own charm. Expressive of high quality and durability, these floorings lend an aesthetic look to the entire interior. In fact, they look so elegant that no other flooring type will be able to make that charismatic effect. Apart from this, these floorings are quite affordable than the other types of floorings. In this direction, the marble floorings are the most expensive ones and that too as per their variety. On the other note, wooden floorings are simpler in touch and modular in designs. Moreover, this type of floor remains friendly for a much longer time period.

Now, it comes the turn of the cleaning and maintaining process of the wood floors NY. This takes a step further from the usual cleaning and wiping as it does not require the use of water for sweeping. Rather, these floorings should be cleaned by applying wax to maintain the luster of the wooden piece. Along with this, the person can also buy special wooden flooring cleaners that are available in the market. After all, maintenance would enable your wood floors NY to last longer than you might have thought. Well, it gives a classical touch to the entire interior decoration and brings liveliness to the otherwise dull room.

Contrasting to the most floor coverings, wood floors NY come from a natural source that is sustainable. These days, most timber is cut from forests that are cautiously managed to make certain about the continued resources in the future. Also, according to Environment Protection Agency, these floor types provides healthy environment. Another advantage of having wooden floorings is that it does not catch much dust particles. This makes it possible for the people living in a family, who might have allergy from dust. What makes it likeable is that it has the ability to reduce the accumulation of toxins.

There are three types of wood floors NY present in the market – solid, engineered and acrylic impregnated. The solid wooden floorings are the piece cut from logs of wood and are not of much finished type. On the other note, the engineered ones that are constructed in various layers with a grain touch. And the last one is acrylic impregnated, which involves the injection of grains in the woods with the help of acrylic material. With these types of wood floors NY available, a person can beautify his home as per his choice.

Not just the types; rather, styles of wood floors NY is also making a rage. Strip style is the one that has a lineal tongue and grove construction. Passing on to the other style called Plank, it is of the same type as that of Strip; but, the difference lies in the width. Lastly, the Parquet styles involve the use of small wood pieces used for making different artistic patterns of wood floors NY. Each and every individual has it own preference and it is the type or style of wooden floorings that makes them have a colonial style interiors.

Wood floors NY are environment friendly and lends an aesthetic look to the whole interior decoration. It is because of its graceful appeal and durability that people prefer it over other forms of floorings.


The author of this article is the master of flooring designs. He loves designing house interiors and different floorings. He has been involved with various groups of advertising people to get different ideas of on sets of Home flooring and basically Wood floors NY. For more:

What woods are used for hardwood floors?

Investing in hardwood floors not only increases the home value, but also adds elegance and charm to the interiors which can be enjoyed for years together. There are different types of hardwood floors available these days, which makes it easy to choose one based on the budget and the interior design scheme. The basic hard wood floor has many variations with different treated surfaces, and other alterations made to meet the demands of flooring. There are laminated wood flooring, engineered wood and the solid hardwood, which are available in various natural and manmade textures and colors. While choosing the hardwood floor, the strength of the wood, the grain structure and the color of the wood should be kept in mind.

Laminate wooden floors are actually plywood planks with layers of veneers on top. These can be given the same finish are real woods, and can be made to withstand daily wear and tear. Although not as good as solid wood, these are nice alternatives with stain resistant and scratch resistant surfaces. They are treated to last long, so can be safe investment when it comes to installing hardwood floors. Engineered wood is the next best alternative to the solid wood and can withstand weather changes and can be treated to be least effected by humidity. It has layers of wooden planks that are bound together by adhesive, and so they can be made to withstand wear and tear just as the solid wood. They can also last really long, and minimize the need for replacing the hardwood flooring.

Solid wood is the best and most expensive hardwood flooring option available, since they are thick and strong, and can add lavishness to the interiors with the real wood charm. Since they are natural wood, treated to with stand maximum wear and tear, they are the longest lasting of all the other alternatives. Although a lot depends upon maintaining the wooden flooring, this option can be the best, since they are available with treated surfaces these days. They can also be made to resist staining from spillage and can be made scratch resistant. Solid wood can come in various different colors, depending on the wood used for the planks. Cherry wood, red and white Oak Wood, Teak wood, Mahogany, Maple, and Bamboo are some of the wood that are available and in demand these days. They can be treated to give different look to the flooring, but the colors of the solid wood planks are mostly natural. The colors can range from light brown or cream to dark brown, or reddish brown. Using bamboo can give the hardwood floor a pale whitish green color.

Whatever the type of wood used, maintaining hardwood floor is something that should be done regularly. Although treated surfaces can resist scratch and stains, the floor must be wiped regularly to avoid dust from settling. It is not necessary to clean them daily with cleaning solutions, but mopping them with damp cloth is sufficient. Hardwood floors are an investment that can return more value with time, if properly maintained.

Learn how to take care of your hardwood floor, if you already have one, or learn the options available if you are thinking of installing a new one.
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How to Avoid Damage on Wood Floors

When searching for the best flooring Lakewood, CO has to offer, you have to first identify your unique needs and preferences to find out what would suit your home best. Wood flooring in Lakewood, CO is a great investment because it is fairly easy to maintain and has an especially long life, which would raise the value of your home in the long run. Keeping up with maintenance of a wood floor isn’t very difficult and you can even take steps to prevent damages from occurring to extend the life of your floor and ensure the highest quality possible.

The worst enemies of your floor can be dirt and grime. Sharper pieces can cause unsightly scratches on your wood floor’s finish by being dragged across with shoes or with inefficient duster mops. A good way to prevent these kinds of scratches from occurring is by removing your own shoes before entering the room and asking that family members and guests do so as well before entering the home. As an extra preventative measure, place welcome mats in front of door entrances in several areas around the house to ensure that the majority of dirt is wiped off before entering the home.

Another important factor to consider about the wood floor Aurora, CO residents enjoy is that you should clean frequently with several different methods. Vacuuming is a great way to clean your floor without exposing it to harsh bristles from brooms. Many people with wood flooring in Aurora, CO don’t take advantage of the cleaning benefits of the vacuum because they narrowly assume vacuums should only be used on carpeting. Although vacuums are beneficial for cleaning the floor, you should never use a vacuum with a beater bar since this can cause dents and scratches.

Water damage is a common problem with the wood flooring Lakewood, CO residents have since this can often be a problem during rainy and snowy weather. Water can strip the finish on the floor board and warp the overall look of your wood floor in Aurora, CO. During wet weather days, clean the wood floor with a damp cloth strip mop and dry it excessively once you are done. This will prevent any water build-up from occurring and thus prevent any damage.

Refrain from using cleaning products on the wood flooring Lakewood, CO has to offer. Most cleaning products are too hash on the floor and can remove the finish and also leave an unattractive and damaging filmy coating. Cleaners that advertise their safety for use on wood floor in Aurora, CO may not necessarily be as safe as they claim to be. Be especially wary of using oil soaps on the flooring since these can cause significant damage to the high-quality flooring Aurora, CO has available. A delicately dampened mop with pure water or water mixed with up to half a cup of white vinegar will clean your floor just as well as any cleaning product without sacrificing any damage.

Finally, prevent scratches on your wood floor in Aurora, CO by applying pieces of soft felt to the bottom of the legs of your furniture and lifting it instead of dragging when moving is necessary. High-traffic areas of the home, such as the dining room, might benefit with a rug to protect the floor from constant furniture movement. An alternative measure for protecting your flooring in Aurora, CO is to give it a coat of wax every now and then for an extra layer of protection.

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