Why Bamboo Flooring Is A Great Choice For Your Flooring Project

Bamboo flooring can give you the natural beauty of hardwood floors in your home without you having to feel that your choice in home improvements is having a damaging affect on the environment. As one of natures greatest gifts to mankind, bamboo flooring has been used in many useful ways since the beginning of time. Bamboo flooring is highly appreciated by many people. Bamboo flooring is available in only 2 shades (over 50 colors are available). Bamboo is naturally golden blonde in color; but all have a unique and distinct pattern when made into flooring.

Bamboo flooring has grown in popularity because it’s better for the environment, is extremely durable, and looks great in homes. It can be used in high traffic places. Bamboo Flooring, while new to America, has been used for centuries. Its popularity in America, however, has been growing at a tremendous rate for the past decade.

Bamboo flooring can also range in hardness and colors. Unlike wood, which is tinted or dyed, bamboo is treated with heat to obtain darker colors. Bamboo flooring is similar to oak in dent resistance and dimensional stability. Bamboo flooring immediately draws attention and recognition to a room, giving it character and style. With its hard wearing properties, environmental benefits and natural beauty, bamboo flooring is the flooring of choice for generations to come.

Naturally self-generating, bamboo grows to maturity within five years and is regarded as the strongest wood on plant earth. With forest resources under continued environmental pressure, Bamboo Flooring is a natural selection for your next building project. Natural types tend to show dirt and heel marks due to the yellowish color. Cleaning and care should always be considered.

Manufactured bamboo floors are typically made available in planks with either vertical- or horizontal-grain orientation.

Bamboo flooring also rivals the strength of steel. The location where Bamboo is grown has great significance. Bamboo flooring can be as soft as pine and harder than maple depending on the species of bamboo used and when it was harvested. Bamboo flooring is extremely hard and is stronger than many hardwoods. Some species have been rated higher than maple and almost double that of the red oak.

Bamboo Flooring is one of the hardest, natural materials available for hardwood flooring and is an excellent alternative to tree wood. Because bamboo is a rapid growing grass and not wood, it can be harvested every 3-5 years, unlike 15-25 years for most tree wood. Bamboo flooring is fully sand able and repairable when it is necessary.

Any Bamboo Flooring Company supplies a wide range of bamboo flooring, including natural horizontal bamboo flooring, natural vertical bamboo flooring, carbonized horizontal bamboo flooring and carbonized vertical bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is designed and manufactured in 3 configurations; flat pressed (horizontal), side pressed (vertical), and Woven Strand. The strips used in the side and flat pressed configurations are precisely milled to a 3/16? Bamboo flooring is available in four colors and several styles; prices range from $ 1.50 to $ 8.00 per sq.

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Learn More About Bamboo Flooring

Flooring plays major role in decoration and appearance of the house. There are many of flooring materials and styles available, offering many choices for home owners to improve beauty of the house or office. If they desire to have flooring that looks more natural and environmental-friendly, then the most appropriate choice for them is bamboo flooring. This flooring has gained popularity not only for home decoration but also for many companies as well. Bamboo flooring perhaps is one of the most contemporary and also innovation of flooring material. This flooring has its own unique appeal with eye-catching pattern through slightly darker groups at the bamboo nodes that make bamboo flooring attractive.

Bamboo is an ecological alternative for an individual who do not want to use flooring that is not pass chemical processed. Bamboo flooring has come up as the major trend for commercial flooring as well as household flooring and it is also considered as a substitution of traditional flooring of hardwood. This flooring gained the popularity because of the unique appearance, durability and rich color. This flooring is prepared by the manufacturers after shining a new bamboo. The bamboo flooring basically proffers and also technically faster in terms of installation in the house. The bamboo flooring is fine option if you are seeking for hard quality wood flooring since they are very durable as well as it is scratch-resistant material too if compared to other wood types.

Bamboo is the perfect choices for flooring since the style of bamboo itself takes place to be much more versatile and one can lay it either vertically or horizontally onto the floor in anyway you desire to use it. Bamboo flooring these days is much in demand and this perhaps is the reason of being this flooring a bit expensive. You can choose variety of bamboo flooring types such as carbonized or strand woven. Bamboo flooring has diverse colors and has different looks altogether into your room. Bamboo flooring also offers classic look to the house and is very eye-catching in almost any decor.

There are few drawbacks of using bamboo flooring in the house. The first one is lack of pattern, color as well as style to opt from. Meanwhile, it is also very difficult to arrange the colors when installing when manufacturers usually apply several shades ranging from very dark color to very light. Using of dark color tones facilitates the floor a very attractive as well as rich look. It is necessary for you to clean as well as take care of the flooring the same manner as the hardwood floors. In order to make the floorings clean, simply sweep the floor regularly as well as make use of any cleaner prepared for the hardwood floors in order to keep the bamboo flooring beautiful and clean. You can also apply wax bamboo floorings to provide high shine finish. While shopping for the bamboo flooring it is advisable to compare the different kind of flooring prepared by many manufacturers in order to assure yourself that you are getting finest quality at low price.

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How to Wood Flooring – Hard Wood, Bamboo, Cork Wood Flooring Products and Supplies

Wood Flooring Products and Supplies Texas

The luxurious and well furnished homes are the dream of every one in this world. Everybody wants comfortable moments after a day’s hectic work. The classic flooring makes the home fantastic which adds a unique look to home furniture and interior elegance. Wood flooring company Texas is highly reputed due to its classic artwork in the flooring category. The flooring company provides various types of flooring services to its clients and tries its best to accomplish the task up to their satisfaction. It is the desire of every one to make his home stylish, attractive, modern and comfortable, all these qualities will come together with the installation of wood flooring at your home. If you have made a decision to fix wooden flooring at your home then a take while to gather sufficient information about the various categories of wooden flooring which will help you to make a good decision. It is very important to know about the wood flooring products, their pros and cons, because it will help you to get desired results with perfect choice of material for flooring.


The bamboo wood flooring is the most elegant addition to your home, it has numerous advantages. The bamboo flooring could easily be repaired in parts, could be polished when ever it gets dull, it is long lasting. The interior designers like to keep the natural look of the bamboo for stylish appearance of the floor. It is environment friendly and keeps the temperature of floor stored for longer times. The bamboo flooring is very easy to clean, could be installed in parts and replaced in parts.


Another useful wood flooring type is cork wood flooring which has become very popular. It is made with the bark of cork and is considered most strong and durable. The cork floor is very flexible in contains air inside which provides comfortable cushion. The cork has remained traditionally in use since old ages for germs free storage of the beer. Cork gives texture visual effects in flooring and is available in various coloring to match your coloring scheme. The cork is more environmental free with great insulating features which help in maintaining room temperature. It has become more popular because of its affordability and excellent qualities.


There are many renowned companies available online dealing with wood flooring products and supplies with cheap rates. You have the great chance to search on the internet for selecting the best wood flooring product and supplies firm which can deliver the wood flooring products with short period of time on cheaper rates. There are many reputed companies which have the ability to provide your desired wood flooring products at your work area and provide the best quality satisfaction to the customers with guarantee. Take a look on the material when delivered for quality and quantity check. The well reputed supply companies keep stock of the wood flooring products which are best in quality and they also provide the services of flooring with experienced and professional staff. You may sign a contract with the company for complete task or you may arrange material at your own and hire them for the rest of the flooring task. The flooring task requires surfacing of the floor and termite treatment before the start of the task.

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Bamboo Or Traditional Wood Floors

There are many myths still surrounding the benefits of having carpet over wood flooring, but the fact is that wood floors are durable, economical and if taken proper care of, will last a lifetime. Making the choice of wood floor over the alternatives is the easy part; deciding between bamboo and traditional woods can be more difficult. The big question becomes bamboo versus hardwood flooring? Chicago homes, like many others, may well benefit from either type of flooring as each has disadvantages and advantages.

Bamboo is a relatively new option for wood floor in Chicago homes. Bamboo is considered by many to be a more environmentally friendly choice over other traditional wood floor products, because it is sustainable and grows very quickly thereby replacing any harvests in very little time. Unlike other types of hardwood flooring, Chicago environmentalists know that bamboo can grow repeatedly on the same plant making it a wise choice for the environment.

Contrary to public belief, bamboo floor products can be many times more durable compared to hardwood products. This depends heavily, however, on the age of the bamboo when harvested. Product that has been grown five or more years will be harder and more durable than bamboo that was harvested early. The durability also often depends on the quality of the product, so choose a reputable manufacturer of bamboo flooring; Chicago has many floor product dealers.

Unlike many other options for wood floors, Chicago homes with extreme temperature changes and high humidity will benefit from bamboo floors because they are less likely to warp in the presence of moisture or humidity.

Solid wood flooring in Chicago homes, on the other hand, offers a kind of traditional look that many find timeless and very appealing. The warm tones and plank width of solid hardwood flooring in Chicago houses give an elegant ambiance that really is hard to match.

Gone are the days of babying a traditional wood floor. Chicago homeowners are discovering that technological advances in hardwood are resulting in products that are more durable as well as more dent and scratch resistant than products from ten years ago. Moisture is, however, a concern with this kind of flooring. Chicago’s high humidity and cold winters can cause an improperly laid floor to warp or bend.

Compared to bamboo, traditional wood generally comes in wider plank widths reducing the number of seams that can trap allergens and irritants if allergies are of concern. Of course, either bamboo or regular wood is going to prove far less irritating to those with allergies compared to carpet. This is another sound reason for hardwood flooring. Chicago is at the mercy of seasons and various seasonal allergies; reduce your suffering with wood floors.

Regardless which you choose, cost is always an option when considering wood floor. Chicago homes may well gain in value if a wood floor, bamboo or otherwise, is installed over carpet. Carpet has a lifespan of seven to ten years; wood floor is permanent if well maintained. When considering the replacement cost of carpet, your choice should be easy when choosing flooring. Chicago retailers often have flooring promotions so keep your eyes open for installation and product sales to reduce the cost of installing your new wood floor.

With proper care and installation, any wood floor will last you a lifetime and will provide a durable but elegant flooring option for your home. The choice between bamboo and traditional woods is becoming more difficult as demand rises so too does the quality of these products and the prices come down, making owning a wood floor a reality for many.

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Should You Get Bamboo Wood Flooring?

With so many different types of flooring to choose from, how are you ever going to decide on the right one for your home? Well there may be quite a few to choose from but the bamboo wood flooring variants are the ones that are gaining most quickly in terms of popularity, and for good reason. Even the bamboo laminate flooring is quite popular in homes these days, and here you will find out why.

Why Bamboo?

So if you are wondering why you should at least really consider bamboo wood flooring, then you should know that there are a few different reasons. For one, bamboo wood flooring is extremely durable, and this is one of the biggest deciding factors that you should use when considering any type of floor. Especially if you are going to have it installed in a high traffic area of your home, durability is key.

You don’t want to end up with scuffs and marks on the floor after having it newly installed, and instead you want a floor that is going to last and look great even ten, twenty years down the road, with a little rejuvenation here and there of course. The bamboo wood flooring definitely has this to offer, because it is one of the strongest and most durable types of flooring that are available today.

Also with the bamboo wood flooring you get great variety and versatility. Whatever your preferences are, thick or thin panels, dark or light coloring, you can find the bamboo flooring that meets your needs.

Then there is the added bonus that you do not have to worry that you are being environmentally unfriendly when you purchase the bamboo flooring because it is a renewable resource. Bamboo is a grass and not a wood, so you don’t have to feel bad for having trees chopped down unnecessarily to make your flooring.

These are all great reasons that back the bamboo flooring and prove just what a great purchase this type of flooring is. Just make sure that you consider all your options and of course your personal preference is going to be the most determining factor of all.

Some people just like the look of real hardwood floors, and therefore may not be satisfied with the bamboo even though it comes off as real wood flooring to most people, to the trained eye it is pretty easy to tell the difference.

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