Service Apartment Interior Design in Hong Kong

Specialised corporate office design firms engage in professional and cutting edge service apartment interior design in Hong Kong. Along with hotel, commercial and food and beverage interior design, these corporate office design and interior design firms manufacture sustainable environmental friendly furniture, with ecological construction materials, and provides high end architectural design in service apartment interior designing in Hong Kong. Their primary services include provision of green interior design worldwide and top quality architectural designs all over Hong Kong. Apart from corporate office rooms and business meeting rooms, the firms also specialise in office complexes, product and retail showrooms, market places, shopping complexes, school designs and even restaurants and hotels.

Projects Undertaken

There are several corporate office design and interior design firms which have managed and modulated several projects in service apartment interior design in Hong Kong. One of them is the blueprint of the AEW Hong Kong office, a global investment company, who had rented a new place in Hong Kong, to expand their clientele. For the betterment of their services and clients, the corporate office design and interior designing firm, has refurbished it to provide an elegant execute and solid professional look to the office. Another project undertaken by the firm is the Model Agency Office, a comfortable, 1500 square feet office designed in the fashion of a loft. This was one of their fastest projects, extending only for about two weeks for design, and a further two weeks for construction. The office interior have a 4200mm high ceiling, with a 340 square feet open area balcony, with barbeque facilities, and perfect for refreshments and brain storming. To make the construction sustainable and eco-friendly with regards to their vision and mission, ship wood deck material has been used for the floor tile design on this particular office. This corporate office and interior design firm has also completed several other projects regarding service apartment interior design in Hong Kong. These include Vivaka HK office, the office of Shanghai Premiere Asia and finally, GZ Publicis Office.


* The first step in the construction procedure is to measure out the dimensions, in order to chalk out the required blueprint of the project. The corporate firm may also provide their existing floor plans to save time, or also allow the corporate and office design firm in Hong Kong to go ahead and take fresh measurements. The measurement method takes about one to two hours to complete, and is a onetime procedure.

* The next step is to formulate the blueprint and layout of the construction, and here, the office company is also welcome to share their design ideas, and the budget as well. The service apartment interior designing firm will then draw out the blueprint of the office to be constructed, accordingly.

* A temporary draft layout is prepared and showed to the clients, in order to make reviews and changes, and finalise the final layout.

* Finally, a three dimensional layout is shown to the clients for approval, and the construction materials to be used as decided by the corporate office interior design firm is also selected and reviewed.

* The final list of construction materials and layout plans are handed to the client, and the client can choose to start the construction by themselves, or take help from the service apartment interior designing firm in Hong Kong. The firm will also help the clients to order the materials, if they want to perform the construction themselves.

* The next step is the final construction process where the corporate client is free to visit the construction site and give desired inputs. The client can also review and comment on the services provided by the service apartment interior designing firm in Hong Kong.

If you are looking for a professional service apartment interior design Hong Kong , then go for 2plus4 Corporate Office Design & Interior Design Firms , which helps to provide sustainable furniture and solid executive look to the corporate office. The client can also add personalised preferences and creativity while designing the corporate office interiors.

Apartment Interior Design

You don’t have to wait to decorate your home the way you want it to be if you do not yet own your own home. You have to get permission for your landlord if you rent an apartment, of course, but there are things that you can do without having to change the walls if they don’t like the idea. Apartment interior design is a lot like designing for a whole house, but there are some minor differences. Make your living space your own while you are there. It’ll make you happier even if you are only going to be there temporarily.

In order to do apartment interior design on your own, you have to have some type of plan and some type of budget. If you know how much you can spend, you can start thinking about what you want to spend that money on. If your landlord grants you permission to paint, that can really change things up for you. If you are in a smaller apartment, you can go with one color and paint with variations of that color to keep it uniform. You can mix and match different colors in different rooms with a larger apartment. Spend as much time as you need because you are going to have to love what you choose.

Next, go for curtains, throw pillows, and even a couch cover to add color that compliments what you have put on the wall. Go with a neutral color for your couch, as you can add color to it with the pillows. If you are not sure about pillows, sew your own. You may love something bright and colorful, but you always want your couch to match anything, making neutral essential for this piece of furniture. The pillows are interchangeable and are much less expensive to change. Your curtains can be the same as the pillows ?change them as your mood changes for apartment interior design.

You may not want to spend a lot on finishing touches for apartment interior design, so see about saving money.

Go to rummage sales, thrift stores, and even take a trip through your parent’s attic to see what you can find to fill your walls or sit on your shelves. Even old books can look great, even if you will never read them. Look for old glass bottles and vases, small boxes that may have been jewelry boxes or small chests, aged photographs and even old jewelry as decorative accents for your new design ideas. These can make a good room into a great room.

Don’t think that apartment interior design has to be limited. You can usually make a lot of changes to an apartment without making a permanent change. That is what your landlord is probably concerned about when thinking about when you ask. You don’t have to remodel to change your apartment into the haven you seek at the end of a hectic work day. Just buy what you love and what makes you happy and bring those things home ?the rest will fall into place. If you love it and it makes you feel good, it is most certainly a success.