Online Poker Tutorial: A Basic Introduction to Omaha Poker


Here is an online poker tutorial for players who want to try another kind of poker game aside from the popular Texas Holdem. This online poker tutorial will focus on what is called Omaha Holdem, Omaha HoldÂ’em or just plain Omaha. We hope you learn something from our online poker tutorial!Online Poker Tutorial: The Rules of OmahaOmaha is basically a community poker card game which somehow shared the basic concept of a Texas Holdem game. A player of this Omaha game will be given 4 cards. A player must skillfully use the best hand using exactly 2 of the cards in addition to exactly 3 of the 5 community cards. The basic catch or concept in Omaha is that a player must use exactly 2 of his cards and exactly 3 of his cards to make a winning 5 card hand.It is said that generally, you win much better in an Omaha game in comparison to a winning hand in a Holdem poker game. As a beginner in playing Omaha, you should really check and make sure that you are using exactly 2 cards from your own hand rather than three or one.Online Poker Tutorial: Why You Should Try Learning OmahaSo, Omaha may not be as popular as its famous brother Texas Holdem, but if you try enough to learn Omaha you will see there is a great game in this type of poker play.A lot of great Texas Holdem players also try their hand in playing Omaha. Even if these players are not so familiar with Omaha, they play their hands at high limits because they are great at Holdem poker. The problem is these players loose after just on flop. The reason is in Holdem, when you get a pair, that makes it a strong hand already. In Omaha, a pair may mean you loosing a lot of money. In Omaha poker, a player is rarely paid when he holds a pair but will often pay competitors with a higher pair, a flush or a straight.Compared to Holdem, Omaha seems a much more technical poker game than a psychological game because you can already see if there is a best hand since there is usually a straight or may be a flush on the table and often, a player on that table will have one. So, if you are the type of player who enjoys the technical aspect of poker rather than all that bluffing, perhaps Omaha is the game for you.Omaha is basically more simple and straightforward. And if you are great in statistics, you can count the probabilities of the card game.



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