There is a very high probability that you are owed missing money! Surprised? Read ahead!


Please do not labor under the wrong impression that you have been successful in keeping track of every cent that you own. In fact, eight out of nine families are owed unclaimed money or missing money. These families have no idea that they are actually owed money by the State. Well, this article will help you find out all you need to know about the unclaimed money owed to you and your family.

Old checking or saving accounts and even accounts that you had opened for your child or the account that you had opened when you were a child can be a source of unclaimed money.

Saving accounts is not the only source of unclaimed money. You may be owed money that you had invested in stocks or bonds. The dividends that have not been claimed by you yet can become unclaimed money. Even alimony or child support payments can lead to creation of unclaimed money.

Escheat laws require that money belonging to individuals who are beyond contact for a period of three years or more must be turned over the appropriate state or federal government.

The governments proceed to hold the money until the same is claimed by its lawful owners. However, the fact that 35 billion dollars is owed to individuals implies that the problem has not been properly communicated. Most have to claimed the money and there are many who do not even know that this problem exists.

The state and the federal agencies have created individual searchable databases for individuals who want to search for unclaimed money. However, performing more than fifty searches to perform a complete search of all the databases does not make any sense whatsoever. The whole process is too cumbersome to be performed efficiently.

Avoid the fifty+ searches and search the all-in-one-database. This single database is the solution to your problem of unclaimed money.

Bill McIntosh, who is the owner of the all-in-one-database, states that the inability of the individual to search the state databases properly and efficiently is one reason why the problem of unclaimed money is growing at a rapid pace. The limited search performed results in vital information being overlooked.

Simply rejoicing that you are owed unclaimed money is not sufficient. You will be recognized as a smart individual only if you go ahead and claim your missing money.

Once you have found the money owed to you, claiming the same is very easy. Fill out the claim and file the same with the state or the federal government. If you are owed multiple unclaimed money accounts, you will have to file multiple claims.

For most of the claims, submitting the driver’s license and/or the birth certificate is sufficient. However, certain claims require additional documentation like death certificates. In cases of inheritance money becoming unclaimed money, additional documentation is required.

Once the claim has been submitted, the claim is reviewed. Once the claim is reviewed, the payment is made. The whole process takes 2 to 16 weeks.

When you are searching for the unclaimed or missing money owed to you, do not forget your family and friends. Make sure you search whether unclaimed money is owed to your loved ones as well.

Now that you have all the necessary information, finding your missing money will not be a problem.



Nicole Anderson offers detailed information about the problem unclaimed money at The database of includes information from the state as well federal databases. The website offers unlimited search to the members. A free money search to locate your missing money is possible today.