How to be a Money Magnet

“Money makes the world go round”, heard of this
statement before? Money is something everyone is working hard for nowadays as
it is the currency to having a luxurious life. However, some people attract
money more easily than others, why?

Apart from thinking rich and achieving an alignment between
your reality and your subconscious mind, one popular way to achieving wealth is
through the Law of Attraction.


Based on the theory that the ungrateful will never prosper,
it is important to take some time everyday to appreciate the things that you
have in life. Instead of focusing on what you lack or what is not going your
way, you should instead be thankful for what you have. This will encourage your
subconscious, and the Law of Attraction will come into play.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is that you believe will
materialize as reality.


Hence, if you create your own reality in your subconscious
mind, you will be able to achieve it in real life. On the other hand, if you
focus on things that you lack in life, you will have more of similar
occurrences taking place because you are focusing on the negative aspects.


Method #1: Think and believe positive

So before you go to bed and when you wake up every morning,
embed thoughts of wealth into your mind by repeating to yourself your thanks
for what you have in life. This will allow your subconscious to work on it
whilst you are resting, and reinforce it when you wake up. Consciously make an
effort to appreciate the beauty in your life, and root out the dissatisfied and
negative thoughts.


Method #2: Counter your Conscious Mind

The biggest obstacle to this method is your conscious mind.
The one that even now, is telling you that this is all a bunch of lies and will
never work. This will undermine the effectiveness of giving thanks because you
do not really believe in what you are saying. Counteract your conscious mind by
starting off with the thanks for what you currently have, and then slowly
working in things that you would like to have.


In this way you will be able to train your subconscious mind
to accept that you have a wonderful lifeFree Web Content, and this will in turn be magnified by
the Law of Attraction until it becomes reality.