Google + for Business: Moving Beyond Traditional SEO


Those stuck in the past are doomed to failure. While this axiom has always been true, it speaks even more clearly in the age of the internet. Companies who don’t stay abreast of every new development in the search engine optimization world will quickly fall behind those who do. While the product will likely always be king, promotion will always be prince, at the very least. Those companies already looking into Google + for business and figuring out how to best leverage the new technology to their advantage will find that the benefits are there for the reaping. Here are a few ways to get started.ButtonsButtons are those icons every social networking site has for websites to put up on every article they publish. These buttons give other networking users an easy way to share the article or site with their network of friends and it is one of the cornerstone reasons why this method of promotion works. If you intend to take advantage of what Google + for business offers, you’ll need to grab one of these buttons and put it on your site. In addition to sending an article or site to a person’s network of friends, it will also be taken into consideration when Google is modifying its search rankings, meaning with every “+1” you get, you could go higher.Expanding your ReachA social network is only as good as the people in it. If you have a very limited circle filled with customers and employees you already interact with on a regular basis, you’re not going to maximize your returns from Google + for business. Instead, make it a point to add other businesses to your circle. Preferably, you’ll want to add businesses that are in the same field as your own. This will give you an expanded reach and will also give you a bird’s eye view of what your contemporaries are doing to use the system to their best advantage.Encourage Visitors to Use Your ButtonsIt’s not yet clear what kind of view Google + for business is going to take on encouraging visitors to click the +1 button. Until they come out and say they frown upon it, however, there’s nothing wrong with throwing some subtle encouragement at your readers and visitors. Considering the potential impact of getting more of these votes, it’s worth it to try. Do not, however, make clicking the button a condition of reading your content, as this is against the TOS and is also a huge turnoff to your typical web surfer.