MLM Prospects and MLM Prospecting: The Magic of a ‘Funded Proposal’

If I’d spoken of MLM prospecting and finding MLM prospects being a ‘profit centre’ rather than a ‘cost centre’ in the old days, the men in white coats would have taken me away.

In those days, prospecting was such hard work that many people wouldn’t have done it even if you had paid them. In those days ‘Funded Proposal’ meant getting engaged to someone with a good job.

I’m sure you remember being told constantly about time ‘leverage’. I do. Certainly, if our prospects eventually blossomed into highly motivated and productive distributors then, yes, we would achieve the ‘Holy Grail’ of time leverage. Shame it was so tough for any but the super-charismatic few to hang around long enough to reap the rewards.

The problem was back then that the process of prospecting was so completely ‘unleveraged’ that it usually sucked the lifeblood out of distributors before they even experienced the magic of duplication.

And it wasn’t just the time it took to find decent MLM prospects. MLM prospecting was very tough emotionally. Not many of us like to face rejection from family and friends on a constant basis. Even though there were huge success stories in my own organisation, to me it felt like very hard work for not much return.

The real problem of course is back then we were always in the role of ‘salesperson’. The prospect had never sought us or our business opportunity, so we were always on the back foot.

The problem seemed overwhelming. How could you build a residual income though prospecting when the very act of finding serious prospects was draining your bank account?

Enter the ‘Funded Proposal’ method of prospecting and a wholly different way of attracting real prospects. In the old days, you remember, it was all about us chasing them and gleefully showing people how they could get rid of their J.O.B. and walk the beaches with us. I used to wonder why people ran the other way.

Nowadays the biggest hitters are the ones who attract MLM prospects to them. The most effective way to do that is to offer a free report or mini-series of genuine value, that people will happily give their e-mail addresses for in exchange.

They are then followed up automatically by autorepsonder, and offered a quality e-book for a small fee that will give them practical help. Now your MLM prospecting activities have found a serious lead to whom you can send helpful content and profitable offers for eternity.

The key thing is that this prospect will be a fruitful contact for you even if they never join your primary opportunity. You do of course offer it to them, but roughly 95% will not want that – at least not now. In the old days, a ‘no’ prospect didn’t enter any sort of MLM ‘marketing funnel’, more likely they entered a ‘derision funnel’ – an increasingly large group of people asking you if you’d made a million yet.

Learning to use the ‘Funded Proposal’ system will be pure prospecting ‘gold’ for you, and it’s a hundred times easier to master than sidling up to people in the grocery queue and handing out flyers.

A Funded Proposal system, properly crafted, will pay you more as you prospect more, the opposite from days gone by. MLM prospects will join you and your helpful content, and that relationship will be far more important than sponsoring a tyre-kicker into your primary opportunity only to give you the old ‘we’ve been thinking about it’ routine.

If you can make MLM prospecting a process that earns you some money, isn’t that a better model for sustained growth than having your MLM prospects drain your timeFree Web Content, your money and your motivation?