$1500 Federal Energy Tax Credits Are Easier Than Home Improvement Grants!


$1500 Federal Energy Tax Credits Are Easier Than Home Improvement Grants!If you’re a homeowner and planning to have some home improvements projects in your house to make it more energy efficient, now is the perfect time to do so! Why? Because there are federal energy tax credits available for consumers who make energy-conscious purchases and home improvements.Energy tax credits are offered at 30% of the cost up to $1,500 in 2009 and 2010 for the following:•    Windows and doors (exterior windows, skylights, storm windows, exterior doors, storm doors)•    Roofing (metal roofs and asphalt roofs)•    Insulation•    HVAC (heating and air – all types)•    Water heatersThese tax credits are for existing homes only.Other homeowner energy tax credits that are available at 30% of the cost with no upper limit are:•    Geothermal heat pumps•    Solar panels•    Solar water heaters•    Small wind energy systems•    Fuel cellsThe above tax credits on the other hand, are offered for both existing homes and those under construction, until 2016.Taking advantage of these energy tax credits is so much easier than availing of home improvement grants. For one home improvement grants are not readily accessible to the average homeowner. While free government home improvement grants do exist, there is limited information for these so you’d really need to be patient in your search. And even when you find one where you may qualify for, the application process is lengthy and tedious, and the results depend largely on whether your city or state has the available funding. But with the federal energy tax credits, the savings you get are as good as a done deal – no applications or proposals needed! So if you have some home improvement plans in mind anyway, why not go green? Your overall savings is two-fold: you get your energy tax credits, and you save on electricity and heating costs by making your home energy efficient. If you are looking for a handyman in Edina, MN, be sure to visit the Edina handyman directory to find a contractor who can help you take advantage of these tax credits!



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