Automotive supplies factory stepped up the warehouse fire prevention

Last year, according to the author to understand the background of the rapid development of the automotive supplies industry as a whole, several companies also suffered a “fire” the painful experience, due to mismanagement of the cargo warehouse, cargo storage warehouse fire accident. Although the person in charge of reply to the author, the fire companies did not cause too large, in fact, does not rule out the future of this potential threat due to lack of management, awareness and prevention of the enterprise will result in

Sudden fire disaster to face the Lions International Logistics Co., Ltd., manufacturer of farming on the automotive supplies industry, agents or will end the owner must be a warning, correctly handle the dual tasks of the rapid development of good business and enterprise security, adhere to grasp with both hands to each principle, to lead the healthy development of enterprises. For a non-standard and lack of awareness of security companies, in particular, is to maintain a huge staff of life, corporate property of the heavy responsibility of corporate citizenship, we are more concerned about his social responsibility and mission. The painful lessons of the urgent need caused by the high degree of attention and depth of thinking of the automotive supplies industry, manufacturers, agents and terminal shopkeepers, automotive supplies industry, what to do “Fire safety and prevention work to put an end to the bitter experience in the industry staged.

Automotive supplies plants to intensify the warehouse fire prevention is the most important prerequisite of protection of employees life and property safety. Car seat, car seat cover, car care products or lubricants and other automotive products while ensuring the production, it should ensure that the production, storage security, especially for products stored in warehouses, whether it is cloth, cotton, hemp material or car maintenance chemicals must set a specific store environment, and provision of adequate fire-fighting facilities, Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality. in addition, the Treasury must have a “no fire” signs, if necessary, special items can be placed in a specific location. and appoint a special care and transportation.

Automotive supplies agent enterprises need to strengthen the “warehouse” fire prevention

At present, the domestic enterprises of the part studied under the automotive supplies industry have agents of foreign leading brands, which the company is involved in the explosion-proof membrane, car care products different or lubricants, however, separated by vast oceans between the agents and vendors, agents are often concerned only with the ignored the storage environment and transport precautions and safety information products in the performance and features of the product, however, which will undoubtedly leave a huge security risk the safety of domestic products, especially for the car wax, the chassis cleaning agents “flammable chemicals, such a potential security threat would be unthinkable. Agent enterprises must attach great importance to product safety and proper warehouse management thereby reducing the risk of fireComputer Technology Articles, resolutely carry out the mission to protect the staff of life and property safety.

Automotive supplies terminal stores urgent need to strengthen the “store” fire prevention