Basic Steps Of A Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom Remodeling in Rocky Hill CT is a time-consuming project involving many decisions, contractors, and finances. Yet it is a project that will be undertaken by most homeowners at one point or another. The benefits of remodeling your bathroom include convenience, style, improved function, and increased equity in your home, but the greatest benefit of all is your pleasure and enjoyment. If you are thinking about or have decided to remodel your bathroom you may be wondering what really stands before you. Bathroom Remodeling in Rocky Hill CT involves a number of basic steps. Reviewing them here will help you get a basic sense of what you will need to do and what will happen.To start off with, you need to determine whether you are going to give your bathroom a facelift in its existing layout or redesign it altogether. These decisions involve the placement of items like your sink, shower, tub, and toilet. If you want to change the basic layout, you will need to meet with a professional designer to help you. They can guide you through the options you have based on building codes and where water and power are already running in your bathroom. They can also inform you as to permits that may be required before certain changes can be put in place. Of course, they will work with you to develop a final design plan you will adore.In order for demolition and construction to begin, you need to secure the necessary building permits. Secure them prior to the onset of structural work. Then have everything in your bathroom that you will be changing removed. This may include the tub, shower, sink, toilet and/or vanity. Have everything cleared out before contractors come in to be start building.Once plumbing and electrical lines have been adapted and everything has been built or placed in your new bathroom, you will need to paint. This will include the ceiling and walls, as well as any doors and trim. It is best to apply two coats for rich and true color. After painting is complete, you can have your new floor laid. Fixtures and towel racks are typically installed at this point as well.Now your Bathroom Remodeling in Rocky Hill CT is basically complete. All that remains is to purchase accessories such as towels, window treatments, and rugs. You can also select wall or other d├ęcor at this time. After placing these final embellishments, you new bathroom is ready for use.



Bathroom Remodeling in Rocky Hill CT is a large project to take on. By following some basic steps, you can get through the process in an orderly manner. You will find Bathroom Remodeling in Rocky Hill CT to be well worth the temporary inconvenience it may cause.