Correlation between happiness & peace of mind achieved through bathroom remodel Austin

For many years researchers around the world have wondered whether there is a correlation between the mood of a person and the state of his or her bathroom.

What is the theory about?

This question has intrigued the minds of researchers because there is a popular theory that says that if a person has a nicely remodeled bathroom in Austin – well lit, good smelling, with excellent tiling and very good bathroom fittings such as taps, showers, faucets, bathroom sets etc, then there are strong chances are that the person will be a happy and joyous person. On the other hand when the condition of the bathroom is bad, then there are very strong chances that the person will be a having some crisis in his or her personal or professional life.

Survey done to determine attitude towards bathroom remodel Austin

In order to make a conclusive assessment of the attitude towards bathroom remodel Austin, a survey was conducted among the residents of Austin. The respondents were carefully chosen on the basis of their age, gender, occupation, ownership and interests. Out of a total number of 500 respondents, more than 82% said that they got negative vibes when they used a bathroom that was bad and not maintained, in the sense that it had any one or more of the following deficiencies:

–    The bathroom had a bathtub that was old and leaking.

–    The tiles in the bathroom were dirty and broken.

–    The faucets, taps and showers in the bathroom had begun to rust.

–    There was no proper ventilation in the bathroom because the window blinds were not functional and the window could not be opened to let in fresh air.

–    The bathroom closets were not functional because the water from the pipes was leaking

Positive results emerge about attitude towards bathroom remodel Austin

On the other hand close to 91% of Austin residents gave a thumbs-up to bathroom remodel Austin. Almost all of them said that they felt ecstatic when they entered a remodeled bathroom in Austin because it generated a feeling of happiness in them and this feeling lasted for a long time and eventually led to positive thoughts and actions.

Readers can avail free services for assessment of their bathrooms and recommendations for bathroom remodel Austin From the above it is clear that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle that leads to positive behavior, readers must make use of an experienced service provider that can remodel their bathrooms in Austin. Service providers can be reached on their mobile phones and they usually reach your place within an hour’s time. They will be happy to do a free assessment of your bathroom, listen to your pain points and thoughts, give their expert advice and suggestions, make recommendations to you based on your needs and budget and finally submit you an estimate for carrying out the work without any obligation or any charge. Austin residents usually avails the services of such service providers when they have made up their minds to remodel their bathrooms.