Actions to Take When Hiring a Handyman


A handyman is paid to fix various issues that arise around the house. Usually these jobs are smaller like fixing a leak or installing an electrical outlet. They are generally a much more economical choice over a plumber or electrician. The skills of a handyman are often diverse, but different professionals have different areas of expertise.Consequently there are a few actions to take when hiring an expert for any type of job including:• Making a list• Obtaining references• Asking for a written estimate• Getting a contract in writingMaking a ListIf you have more than one area of the house that needs to be fixed, it’s best to make a detailed list outlining the issues. Do not assume all are capable of all jobs. Keep in mind that the wider range of skills, the more expensive they will be. If there’s a long list of projects to complete, then a professional with a range of skills is the best choice. For a single job, find one that specializes in that particular field.Obtaining ReferencesIt cannot be stressed enough how important it is to find references. There are numerous labor stories of projects going horribly wrong to theft. The best way to find a good worker is through direct referrals. Many experts have a good portion of projects simply due to word of mouth advertising. Discuss the job with neighbors, friends and family for recommendations.Asking for a Written EstimateAsk for a written estimate that includes the time of completion and the overall price. Verbal estimates can change at any time as the handyman may significantly change the price after they’ve started the work. Its best to know from the beginning the cost and any factors that may affect the price.Getting a Contract in WritingThe final action to take during the hiring process is to get the final contract in writing. This protects you in case a contract dispute arises and is permissible in court. This also shows that the expert is trustworthy. Those not willing to put the contract in writing should not be trusted; so simply find a different contractor. Also always ensure they have liability insurance in the case that damage occurs.A handyman can complete many small tasks around the house at a much more affordable price than a licensed contractor. Checking references and inquiring around the community will ensure trust and comfort. Always acquire a written estimate and contract before proceeding with any work. There are plenty of highly-skilled, trustworthy professionals available; you just need to conduct some research to find them.



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