Garage Door: Get A New One To Begin Home Improvement


Many homeowners keep an exhaustive list of home improvement projects they’d like to complete. Most people perform one at a time, due to financing and time constraints. However, there is one home improvement that should take center stage and move to the top of that list: installing a new garage door and overhead lift system. Read on to discover the reasons why.Tax CreditSpeaking of financing constraints, being eligible for a tax credit that in certain instances will pay for the entire upgrade is the main reason to opt for a new garage door now. These new models provide superior insulation and energy-saving benefits over that of their older predecessors. New lift systems are also built to use less energy to operate, so upgrading one without the other makes little sense. Newer overhead lifts are also quieter and able to be remote operated.Check with your tax preparer or overhead lift system company for more information on the tax credit, how to become eligible, and how long the credit will be available.Curb AppealNew garage doors are available in a range of styles and materials, customizations and colors. If you can’t find the color you like, they are all easily paintable and/or stainable and most are made of low- to no-maintenance materials. The insulated models are the choices to make, since they are the qualifiers for the tax credit mentioned above.They are no longer the eyesores of the front of your house. Some models are so beautifully crafted; they are guaranteed to instantly elevate the style of your home. There are also ‘green’ models available that are formulated from scrap lumber and other recycled materials.Property ValueThe installation of a new overhead lift system is an upgrade that will increase your property value based on its energy saving qualities, operational efficiency, and beauty. Property value aside, more visually appealing homes with exceptional curb appeal draw potential buyers faster and in greater number, which is notable for readers readying their home for the market. They are a smart investment for those moving soon or staying put, as a new overhead lift system is designed to last for the long haul.Now that you are aware of the solid reasons to invest in a new garage door and lift system soon, you can be comfortable with your plans for the upgrade and know your decision was the best for your home and your pocketbook.

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