A Guide to Plumbing in the Bathroom


If you are doing renovations to your bathroom to make your home more appealing to sell, chances are that you can get it done for approximately $5000. If you are doing these renovations to your bathroom because you’re staying in your home and you just want to do some cosmetic changes, you will need to do an upgrade to the stuff you already have.Any renovations you want done should be taken care of by a reputable plumbing company. A good way to find a great plumbing company is to ask around. Find someone who has used the company in the past, ask if they were satisfied with the service they received and if the plumber acted in a professional manner at all times during the renovation process. Another way to locate a good company is to head to your local home improvement center. This is another great place to get a recommendation because these people have worked with many professional plumbers and can give you the name of a good one. There are several associations of that can give you names of good plumbing companies. These associations are the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association.Once you have a list of a few names, you want to get references from those contractors. Be sure to check the references and see if the people were satisfied with the services they got. You want to make sure that the professional that you hire has experience in remodeling bathrooms. Another thing to make sure of is that the plumber is licensed by the state they work in and make sure their license is active.You should be aware that your bathroom may be out of commission for a few weeks because renovations take time to complete. Understand that there will be some days that the shower and toilet are out of service due to the renovation process. If you have another bathroom in your house then you may want to use that one until your renovations are complete, if you don’t have another bathroom in your home, you may either have to stay with a family member until the renovations are complete or you can be a pesky neighbor and asked to use the bathroom every time you need to use the toilet or shower. It is important that you do not have company over during the renovation process. Also, there are times where you may not have water throughout your house for a few hours.It is important to get a written estimate from your plumbing contractor that is itemized and clearly spells out everything that you are being charged for including labor and supplies. Hourly rates will vary according to plumbers, but they can range from $50 up to $175 per hour. Bathroom renovations only make up about 10% of the renovation budget for most homes.

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