Plumbing – Before You Remodel


This is the service that runs throughout these areas of the home to help
move water to and from the areas you need it. Water, as one of the most
important and dangerous aspects in a home, needs planning. Before you
take on any remodeling project, it is critical to ensure the right
plumbing professional is helping you with this aspect of the home.

Where Is It?
One of the first questions you need to ask is where the current plumbing services are within the area. You need to know:

• Where current pipes are running, such as under cabinets or into appliances

• What condition those current systems are in.

When you know this, you are then able to make decisions about where the
appliances in your home need to go or where water needs repaired. The
reason for doing this type of exploratory procedure is quite simple. It
provides you with a way to know what the potential benefits are and
where the potential risks are. Here are some common things to consider.

• Is the plumbing in the right place for the remodeling project you plan
to do? If you already have a layout in mind, ensure the pipes make it
happen in their current condition.

• If not, can you move them? This is not always the easiest process and it can be impossible in some situations.

• Is the underlayment, including all wood and insulation in good
condition? It is quite often possible that a leak can cause damage that
is significant and even severe. You may not realize that the floorboards
under your shower, for example, are bad until it falls through.

• Is the plumbing up to code? This is an important situation since any
area where there is a building code will require there to be codes
followed. You need to ensure the design you put in place follows those

• Does the new proposed layout allow for the most effective, safest
method for transporting water to and from the bathroom, kitchen or other
area? Is there something that can be more efficient?

When you discuss plans to remodel any space, do think about the
plumbing. It may not seem like a system that you can actually improve
on, but it does needs your attention. A small mistake or a hidden
problem can deter any remodeling project right from the start. It can
also leave you facing a significant problem over the long term if you do
not plan for fixes and repairs now. A plumbing professional can help
you to make the right decisions.



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