Handyman: Finding a Reputable Contractor


When something needs to be done around your home, whether it be a leaky faucet that needs to be fixed or a more substantial job, like replacing a door, working with an experienced handyman helps the process go smoothly, eliminating unnecessary setbacks caused by inexperienced workmanship.Choosing a contractor, whether you work with an independent one or one that works with a company, can bring some anxiety, because you will be letting a stranger into your home. By carefully researching your options and any workers you are considering, you can find a trustworthy person to help you spruce up your home.A quality handyman will be professional. Look for a contractor who can provide a written estimate. Having a written contract ensures that everyone clearly understands the cost involved with the job. Ask for an estimate on company letterhead, even if the letterhead is from the contractor’s own independent company. This shows that you are working with a professional. Also, ask to see the contractor’s business card, which a true professional will have ready to hand to you.Next, ask about payment arrangements. Contractors that require cash payment may be less than honest. While cash is definitely a legitimate way to pay, look for a contractor that will accept other forms of payment, such as a personal or certified check.Once you feel comfortable about a particular contractor’s professionalism, it’s time to check credentials. Ask to see the handyman’s licenses and registrations, when applicable. Inquire about what third-party property and injury insurance coverage he has. You need to be sure that you are not held liable if he gets injured while working on your home. Find out if any trade professionals that will be used on the job are bonded.Some handymen hold membership with homebuilders associations or your local chamber of commerce. Ask to see any credentials like these. The more credentials a handyman has, the more confident you can feel about hiring him.No matter how well you look into an individual’s experience and credentials, the best way to find a reputable handyman is by word of mouth. Look on websites that allow people to review local service professionals. Talk to friends and family members about the individuals they have used to fix up things around their homes. When this person has a good reputation in the local community, you know you are working with an excellent service professional.



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