Weather and Home Remodeling


Home remodeling is one of the most exciting times in a homeowner’s experience; that is, making your house everything you’ve always imagined it to be. You’ve probably spent more time imaging how your space will change than figuring out how it will morph into the new rooms filled with decorative details. The main concerns for any home owner undergoing renovations are the budget, timeline and the way the space will change. As an experienced contractor will inform you, one has to remain slightly flexible on both the budget and the design elements. First, the design features that were selected at the beginning of the project may have been discontinued or their arrival may delay the project by several days or several weeks at the least. Second, any leeway with the budget is dependent upon the level of work that is required. If you are simply changing the finishes, doors and resurfacing the fire place, at most a financial delay can occur as the result of waiting on materials. Or, you have planned to finish your renovations by a certain date. The simpler the project the more likely it is to finish on time. But the more involved with plumbing, electrical, tearing down walls. The contractors you choose can be as talented and efficient as you’d expect and even quote you the lowest price, but they cannot predict what they will find once they open the walls and rip up the flooring or when they take a good look at the piping or electrical wiring. The amount of pest nibbling, heat erosion, water damage or mold intrusion that may have occurred behind closed walls since the house was first built. These issues may have occurred as the result of improper construction or just shifts, time and weather entry. And speaking of the weather, it plays a very important role in your latest home remodeling project. For the contractor weather plays a very important role in meeting deadline obligations. Whether it is raining or not, the type of room that you aim to create such as a bathroom or a sunroom will be affected by your proximity to the sea on exterior siding, the direction of sun received there or whether you live in a harsh weather climate. However, during construction two weather factors can put a wrench in your home remodeling time schedule if you don’t allow a few extras days of wriggle room. Your construction team will inform you about how rain and cold weather prevent paint and floor staining from drying smoothly or quickly. Moisture can also buckle flooring and heat can swell doorways and floorboards. It is important to keep weather in mind but to not let it run your construction project. Spring and early summer are great times to get your home remodeling projects done because its warm out and you can work around the precipitation.

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