Handyman – Selecting the Right Person For the Job


Hiring a handyman can be a tedious job in itself. But ensuring you get
the right man or woman for the job is important. Whether you are
correcting an exterior problem after severe weather, installing
something new in your home, or starting fresh from scratch, there are
ways to get beautiful results on a budget. Follow these simple
guidelines to ensure you will be happy with the results of the repairs
for years to come.

Determine the extent of the job you want to hire the handyman for and
the specific skills required to get it done in a timely manner. Many
contractors have different specialties and skill sets. Most states in
the USA require contractors to be licensed in a particular specialty.
Ensure you are hiring a contractor that has the skills to get your job
done right the first time. Whether you are looking for someone to fix
air conditioning, plumbing, electrical work, alarms, or structural
features of a building, there is an individual or company in your area
that specializes in it. Take the time to do your research and find the
right person for the job. Often with big jobs, this means dividing up
the contract between several people. Hire a plumber to do the plumbing.
Hire an electrician to do the wiring. Do not hire a roofer to install
the air conditioning and central heat.

Prepare a set of questions to ask the handyman in advance. Make an
appointment to meet them at the work site and get to know them a little
better. You’ll want to ensure you are able to communicate with the
contractor and that they are open and receptive to your questions and
concerns. Not being able to ensure an adequate two-way flow of
communication may mean your input isn’t heard or can even result in
costly delays. Hiring someone that shares a common point-of-view and is
able to honestly address your concerns with their work is important.

Some of the questions you may want to ask your contractor can include
licenses, references, estimates, work descriptions, insurance schedule,
completion date, and warranty. Licenses are state-issued and can be
verified in each individual certification boards. They should be happy
to provide you with a list of references that include contact
information for recent customers. Written estimates and descriptions of
the work to be completed are important. It is often customary to shop
around between contractors and compare estimates, but the fastest and
cheapest isn’t always the best. A firm schedule should also be provided,
including their completion date and clean-up. Insurance and warranties
are also very important questions to have addressed before any hiring or
work occurs. The handyman should be fully insured and be able to
guarantee their work for a certain period of time that is agreed upon
with both parties.

Following these steps will ensure peace of mind when hiring a handyman and help the repairs or new installation go smoothly.



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