How to Revitalize Your Kitchen Remodel with Creativity


Design trends of the past can revive modern remodels with ease. Items like vintage bar stools and retro kitchen chairs can add a quick splash of color and style to any modern, contemporary or traditional kitchen. Adding style and personality are easy, courtesy of one of my favorite online retailers. offers quality diner furniture and seating designed for commercial or home use. As a lover of vintage items, from clothing to art, I have found vintage bar stools to be just the right touch of charisma and function to liven up today’s kitchen remodels.

Remodeling a kitchen can add value if done tastefully, keeping style and function at the forefront of all decisions. As trends emerge, kitchen remodels often increase in overall expense and look the same as the kitchen next door. Consisting of kitchen islands, granite countertops, travertine backsplashes, topped off with stainless steel appliances and fixtures, modern day kitchens all have the same look, becoming more commonplace as time goes on, with fewer unique qualities to display. Retro furnishings offer so many fabulous styles that can lend to a variety of kitchen designs.

As you start reviewing options, don’t limit yourself to cookie cutter remodels. Your choices are limitless, which can be positive in terms of having options, but it also makes it very easy to bypass creativity and go for the most popular selections. Like anything in life, value is not determined by price and demand alone; originality plays a large role in increasing and contributing to the overall value. Style, character and unique attributes are fostered from creativity, quality and the right combinations of texture, color, pattern and appearance.

Open the door of opportunities to design elements that offer comfort and style. One of my favorite places to add creativity to kitchens is seating. Bar stools and kitchen chairs can be tailored to fit your preference and tastes. Unique seating choices are available in a variety of price points. Vintage bar stools and retro kitchen chairs make a striking contrast and immediately add style to kitchens.

The classic lines of chrome fit nicely with any style kitchen, like the Hairpin Parlor Chair which gives the look of a 1950’s Ice Cream Parlor. Seats can be selected in a variety of colors perfect for accenting artwork and decorative items or simply making a nice focal point. With so many high quality options available in diner furniture, adding style with vintage bar stools and retro kitchen chairs is simple and cost efficient.

The next time you decide to spruce up your kitchen or dining area, don’t just think in terms of high cost appliances, countertops and fixtures. Quickly add color, style and originality with vintage and retro diner furniture. With a splash of color, vintage bar stools and retro kitchen chairs offer a unique atmosphere for a warm and inviting kitchen.



Sam A. Brown is a long time enthusiast of vintage bar stools and retro kitchen chairs. As a personal shopper, Sam has chosen many unique diner furniture items for clients to add personality and individuality to modern kitchen remodels.