Google + For Business Offers Advantages to Many


Google + for business is not something to put off implementing. Many companies are still trying to navigate the waters of setting up social media campaigns with sites like Twitter and Facebook. In fact, some companies are finding it hard to dedicate enough time to those proven tools. Why should they consider adding yet another tool to the mix? There are several reasons to do so. As this is, after all, Google and the tools it offers are often ideal for marketing effectively as a small company.How Circles HelpOne of the advantages of promoting through Google + for business is that it gives more flexibility overall than its main competitor, Facebook. Circles are an example of that. On Facebook, groups are not necessary right for businesses to use. If you have a page for your company there, there is no way to link in groups effectively. A brand page is all you can really get with Facebook and that means that the company only makes connections to prospective clients or customers when the customer comes to the page and “likes” it. That is limiting. With Circles, things are more open. Circles provide the same tools and resources for business and personal profile pages. The business controls the way the circles are organized. This allows for far more flexibility. Multiple employees can manage them, too.Promote to the IndividualAnother way to use Google + for business, is to divide and promote. Because the company can set up circles, anyway it wants to and is able to place specific customers in one circle or the other (without that person’s knowledge or approval) this provides an opportunity to offer more specialized services. For example, a company may wish to offer previous paying customers with a higher discount than those who are new clients (or the other way around.) Because of the flexibility built into this program, it is possible to offer different information, resources and products to different people. Another flexibility that is built into the program that delivers for businesses.Create Circles based on customer interests. Set up a Circle for “annoying customers” or for other specialized things. What makes this particular program ideal is that it is very versatile to the company whereas other programs lack this benefit.Google + for business, can engage your readers and get them involved in your company. While there are many tools for socially interacting with customers or clients, few of them provide as much flexibility as this particular tool. That is why many companies are using it as a foundation for their marketing campaigns online. It could help to provide a marketing campaign that is more fitting to the needs of your particular client and that could lead to higher profits.