Ways to Save Dollars on Cleaning Supplies

There is no doubt that all of us have been affected by rising costs of everything, from the gas that powers our cars to the breakfast rolls we eat in the morning. We all realize that each penny we save can go along way in helping us when the time comes. If you own a business, you know that the amount of money you spend on purchasing cleaning supplies can be a huge part of your operating expenses. But if you do it right, you can actually realize a savings of up to 50% on your janitorial supply expenses. While it may be necessary to have your business facilities cleaned by professionals and you have to buy toilet papers and soap for your office bathrooms, you can still save a substantial amount of dollars yearly on traditional janitorial and cleaning supplies you need for your facilities.

Hiring a cleaning company makes sense depending on the size of your facility. Getting a professional cleaning service for facilities smaller than the size of a regular football field is not a good practice and only makes the cleaning service richer and places your business on the losing end. You and your employees can actually do the same job and save money on cleaning expenses. You can use this money for other important business expenses. Your current employees should have no reason not to take out the trash when their shift ends. You can facilitate their efforts by providing a main location where they can easily bring their trash at the end of the day. Many companies have already made a lot of savings this way and some of them have offered cleaning jobs for after office hours to their current employees who want extra income. Many employees have already accepted these type of jobs to make extra money. You can be a smart small business owner by observing what services a cleaning company offers so you can do the same jobs for your business with the help of your current staff and save a lot of dollars.

One product that is consumed a lot is toilet paper. Its price starts from $ 40 a case and can go up as high as $ 120 a case. Commercial toilet paper comes wound with longer length to a roll and cost less than regular ones. Buying this type instead of regular toilet paper can save you several hundreds of dollars each year. Soap is another essential expense where you can save a lot of money. Instead of the usual cartridge soap, you can buy bulk gallon soap which is 4 times less expensive than cartridge soap. Instead of paper had towels, you can use hand dryers which costs less to maintain. There is no trash to dispose of, allowing you to save further on trash disposal expenses.

Some cleaning service company charge the janitorial cleaning supplies they use to their clients at cost. But some of them add a little more. As a business owner, you may have no idea at all about the cost of a case of trash can liners or soap but by asking your cleaning service provider for a breakdown of the bill they charge you, you can make a comparison with the cost of the same supplies from other janitorial supplies stores. You might be surprised that some cleaning services mark up their prices by as high as 300 percent.

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