Janitorial Cleaning Supplies for the Obsessively Clean

Perhaps you haven’t noticed but a great bulk of your grocery expenses goes to cleaning materials for the house. The supermarket is a wonderland of cleaning supplies that it takes a lot of time just choosing what to buy. With so many brands and variants to choose from it could be quite confusing. What’s so frustrating is that after spending so much time and money it still doesn’t give you the quality of clean that meets your standards.

One technique I do at home before making that trip to the grocery is to make a list of the cleaning supplies that I need. I call this technique “Top Down”. I start by doing an ocular inspection of the rooms from the uppermost floor of the house going down to the lowest. List down by order of priority what needs to get cleaned the most to the very least. List down what cleaning supplies you would need and calculate how much you need to buy. Let’s say you have glass windows, how much glass cleaner will you need? Will one bottle suffice to clean all the windows in the top and bottom floors? Do you have wooden floors? Do you prefer to use floor wax paste or the spray on type? Which type gives you the shiniest clean at the same time protects the wooden floor from spills and stains? Bottom line is after doing a list of chores that you have to do, make another list of cleaning supplies that will best help you achieve the kind of cleaning you have to do. You don’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning supplies as long as you buy the right amount and the right type of cleaners.

Now I know when you get to the grocery it could be very tempting to try a new brand that’s unfamiliar and cheap. If you can’t resist the temptation I suggest you just buy a trial size bottle before you buy in bulk. Try the new cleaner at home and if you are satisfied with its quality and price then include that brand in your next grocery list. Otherwise, stick to your original list of cleaning supplies. I know so to that if you buy in bulk the purchase comes out cheaper. That only works if you use a lot of that particular cleaning material. Cleaning supplies don’t really have an expiry date so if you stock up too much on one thing it will just occupy your supply cabinet for a very long time. If you buy too much of something that doesn’t give you the quality of cleaning that you deserve you’ll end up disposing it in the garbage bin! Act wisely and carefully choose what you are buying. Are you buying that product just because it smells good or it gives you the shiny clean you are looking for? I suggest you prioritize the product that gives you the best results. Multi purpose cleaners can do a multitude of jobs done than buying several products. It cuts your costs too!

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