Maid of Honor Speeches – 4 Things to Remember

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A maid of honor’s responsibility is not merely restricted to assisting the bride before and during the nuptials and reception because she is additionally given a duty to share a speech for the newlyweds. So this write-up intends to help maid of honors out there by providing seven strategies on how one must write and deliver a maid of honor wedding speech.

1. Subject

When outlining your maid of honor speech draft and mentally straining for an appropriate subject, you should never forget to avoid undesirable or delicate issues, such as politics, religion and sex.

2. Length

It may be true that you have been best friends with the bride since you were still young, but this does not mean that you ought to share every tale that the both of you have experienced together; remember to keep your maid of honor speech short to avoid boring the guests. After the best man delivers his speech, you surely do not want to drag everybody else since there are still a number of people who have already spoken and will speak after you.

3. Features of the Speech

Following the best man’s speech, it is now the bride’s turn to be complimented via the maid of honor speech. This should be both genuine and loving at the same time. In addition to sending your wishes and salute to the newlyweds, it is also possible to lift the mood through teasing the couple by telling the audience a sweet story regarding them.

4. Self-Confidence

While it may take a little confidence to walk down the aisle before the bride does, you should show a lot of this characteristic during your maid of honor speech. The best piece of advice to overcome your fear of speaking in front of a crowd is to just to be yourself. Everything would come out naturally if you especially talk about things that are from the heart.

5. Evaluate

After you have written a personal maid of honor wedding speech, let other people assess its content. Inquire whether it sounds too personal or if it would only humiliate the couple. Following this, have someone listen to you as you read the final draft out loud and let him share his opinion or feedback.

6. Notes

Lastly, refrain from bringing a lengthy speech as much as possible. You could instead bring a few note cards as you take the stage and only mention the significant things that you want to emphasize on.  

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