How to Take Care of Your New Wood Floors

You’ve looked at lots of options when it comes to new flooring in Vancouver. Should you choose tile, carpet or wood? Vancouver is full of many wonderful stores that offer great products. And now, you, like many other people have chosen to put new wood floors in your home. This beautiful timeless choice is one you will not regret. However, before you go any further here are a few facts about your need floors that will help you both enjoy and maintain them for many years.

Since wood is a natural product the moisture in the air can cause it to expand or even contract. You will need to be careful about the temperature and moisture in your home. If you live in an extremely dry or wet climate, you will want to protect your hardwood flooring in Vancouver. Some people choose to use a whole hose humidifier to make sure the moisture is contained.
It doesn’t matter which wood floor in Vancouver you choose. All hardwood flooring in Vancouver will change or fade over an extended period of time. If your floors are exposed to strong direct sunlight will cause this damage to increase. But don’t worry; there are things you can do to help protect your flooring. Vancouver has many wonderful options that are cost effective and can protect your floors from the sunlight.

Buy window treatments that block light. When the sun is strongest, make sure blinds or light blocking curtains will easily keep your loved wood floor in Vancouver safe and sound. Another easy way to protect your floors is simply by purchasing rugs that will cover a large portion of your floors. Many people choose to rotate their furniture as well so that the UV exposure is evenly spread out.

Finally, you want to make sure that you clean your hardwood flooring in Vancouver regularly. This can be done in several ways. First, remember that water is wood flooring’s biggest enemy. Begin by using a soft broom and remove any soil or dust that may have taken home on your floors. Make sure you don’t skip this step, especially after meals or high traffic areas. Follow up by using a soft brush attachment on your vacuum. You will be amazed at all the dirt and soil this wonderful step can find. Finally, you can use a damp mom. But make sure it is not completely soaking wet. Water will ruin your wood floor. Vancouver has tons of local stores that sell inexpensive mops that will get the job done. And once in a great while, you can add a little bit of vinegar to your water solution and will find your floors are spotless and clean.
Wood floors add value and joy to your home. There is nothing like a natural wood floor. Warmth and beauty can last for many memories if you take the time to take good care of wood floor in Vancouver.

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