Ceramic Tile Flooring Is an Enduring Classic

Ceramic tile flooring has graced the floors of palaces and can be found in the ruins of the great cities of antiquity. The use of ceramic tile goes back over four thousand years and it endures today as a long lasting and attractive flooring option.

There is seemingly no end to the patterns, shapes and finishes that can be found in ceramic tile and it can be used both inside and outside of the modern home. More and more homeowners have discovered that installing ceramic tile flooring can be a do it yourself project, adding value to the home and a beautiful look to almost any living space. Extremely durable and easy to keep clean, ceramic tile is a flooring option that should be considered by anyone considering remodeling or building a new home.

Even today, tile setting is still considered an art form. Crafts people and artisans can be found the world over who consider ceramic tile as more than a utilitarian choice of flooring. Ceramic tiles have been finished in a number of beautiful and intricate patterns, including hand painting and given a wide variety of glazing finishes. Similar to ceramic tile, stone is popular floor treatment and ceramic tile can be produced in a way that provides the feel and the look of stone flooring at a less expensive cost per square foot.

Ceramic tile flooring has always been a sensible option for use in areas exposed to wet conditions like bathrooms and kitchens. Modern ceramic tile can be glazed in way that makes the tile more slip resistant. The installation of ceramic floor tile often includes a finishing sealer applied to the cement grout between the tiles, making the floor very easy to keep clean and adding to floors life. The use of ceramic tile in other living spaces around the house has increased as more and more people have been moving away more traditional flooring options such as wall to wall carpeting. Since carpeting can trap dirt and other undesirable stuff like bacteria, hard flooring options like ceramic tile make for a cleaner and more sanitary living space.

The cost per square foot of ceramic flooring materials seems to have fallen with the growth of large home improvement centers. Homeowners have discovered that the cost ceramic tile is, in some cases, competitive with the cost of wall to wall carpet and a properly installed ceramic tile floor can last far longer than carpet and require less maintenance. Homeowners who wish to install ceramic flooring themselves can find many of the specialized tools that may be needed, such as tile saws, available for rent at their local rental centers or home improvement store.

Recent innovations in installation materials like the use of water based adhesives can offer an easy to use alternative to more traditional materials such as cement grout beds. It should be pointed out that some installations may require the use of more costly and extensive installation techniques so always seek the advice of a professional if you are not sure about your particular flooring situation.

Keeping a consistent spacing between tiles is important to any professional looking installation and professional tile setters are known for their keen eye, keeping everything straight and even. The same basic techniques for laying any type of floor tile apply to ceramic floor tile.

While not a substitute for years of tile setting experience, the do it yourselfer can take advantage of small plastic spacers that are placed between the tiles while they are set to the base floor. The spacers maintain an even spacing and are simply removed before the tile grouting is applied.

The result can be a professional looking installation and the satisfaction that can comes from adding value and functionality to your home.

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