Home Wind Turbine: 2 Ways They Fail

Home wind turbine power is intuitively easy to understand and can be a terrifically powerful adjunct to your quest for independence from the utilities that hold our feet to the fire with increasingly higher prices for the electricity we buy.

However, there are several ways that you can mess up a home wind turbine project and you need to know about them before you move forward to buy one…

Not adequately assessing the wind resources you have.The wind on your property is different everywhere you might think about placing the wind turbine on your land. The obstacles surrounding your house and trees will diffuse the wind patterns and even if they are strong it will make them a lot less than they would be if the obstructions were not around.

Most people assume that if they have wind blowing outside that is going to be enough to supply the wind turbine with enough energy to move the rotors. While that may be the case, it is not guaranteed that it will be enough to produce enough energy to supply power to appliance like you may think. There’s no substitute for taking the time to adequately assess the wind where you might install the turbine. Don’t think you can do all your analysis in one place either though.

Buying the wrong type of turbine kit for the place you intend to install the wind turbine. There are 2 basic types of wind turbine. There is the horizontal variety and the vertical variety. They’re very different in the way they produce wind. For example, the horizontal variety relies on a tail section to shift the turbine in the direction of the strongest wind. Whereas the vertical type of turbine has no tail section and moves independently in whatever direction the chaotic wind might blow it. Obviously the vertical type of product is lot better in a high intensity environment like on your roof. The horizontal axis device works best with winds that are strong, like for example on top of the tower high above the tree line where nothing can interfere with the flow of the wind.

All in all, home wind turbine equipment will save you money almost no matter how efficient you are in the evaluating and buying process. But, it is in your best interest to be careful sizing up these opportunities just like you would any other home project where there was a multi-thousand dollar investment required.

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