Roll of Wet Floor Mops to give a spot-free floor

The shine of a floor fades away after a few months and gives the house a dull and weary look. This is mainly due to improper cleaning and maintenance. Like other items of the house the floors also need special care and cleaning. Regular maintenance and cleaning not only bring back the shine of the floor, but it also creates a good impression about the residents of the house to the visitors. Plenty of means and many floor cleaning equipments are available in the market to give the floors a new look.
To give the floors a new look the best available Wet Floor Mops should be used. These mops are generally used to mop a wet floor to clean away the dirt and water. Wet mopping a floor is a definite cleaning process and following some tips and expert advices will ensure the desired result. The equipments needed to wet mop a floor are 2 buckets of water, cleaning solution and the best quality mop. Before starting the cleaning process the area should be prepared well by removing the furniture’s. If cleaning an office floor, then the ‘Floor hazard’ sign should be used to draw everyone’s attention. For perfect cleaning the furthest corner of a room should be chosen first and then proceeded towards the door. If a house has wood floors, then a specific and the best among the Wood Floor Cleaning Products should be used.

Different types of Wet Floor Mops are available in the market specially designed to wet mop a floor. Mops are of different types and come in different shapes and sizes like flat mops, sponge mops, string mops and many more. The best products in this section are:
SuperMocio 3 Action mop- This is the ideal floor mop for cleaning the stubborn dirt and hair particles from the floor of the kitchen, hallway or bathroom. Its smart 3D fiber zone is meant for ultimate cleaning and picking up minute particles. It is a machine washable mop with non-scratch dirt eraser to remove stains and the lemon shaped head helps to clean the corners of the room.

SuperMocio Compact Mop- This mop is equipped with a 3 piece handle which makes it easy to store. This also comes with 3D smart fiber zone that picks up minute particles. This also gives a unique, easy rinse effect. This is a machine washable mop with super absorbent inner strips which is best for water pick up. The dark blue micro fiber zone helps in removing greasy dirt.

SuperMocio Soft Cloth Mop- This is a soft mop with microfiber, which gives a better cleaning experience. The microfibers help in removing water as well as oily dirt and minute particles and this gives a steak-free finish on the floor. The mop ensures better water absorption and is machine washable. It also has a lemon shaped head to clean the corners of the room.
Many houses have a wooden floor. Maintenance of such floors is more difficult than mosaic floors. To mop regularly and keep the wooden floor in perfect look the best available Wood Floor Cleaning Products should be used. The best wood floor map is the EasyWring UltraMat Flat Spring mop. The super absorbent strings of this mop are made of microfiber and are suitable even for laminated floors with a durable foot pedal to ensure humidity control.

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