Keep stains and scratches on wooden floors at bay with microfiber floor mops

Most household owners opt for wooden floors made from materials like oak, walnut and mahogany. This is because they have a high durability and can be maintained very easily, despite their high price. But to enhance its longevity, you need to use a number of tools for maintenance. The dust which gets accumulated under the rugs as well and the movements of shoes get scattered all over the floor. So what type of equipment can be used for maintaining cleanliness? Wood floor mops are being widely sought after these days by clients because they leave no residue. The spray mops which come with microfiber pads are non-toxic as well. This makes them suitable for unwaxed, wooden floors which come with polyurethane.

Scrubbing is one mistake which household owners often make while cleaning floors. Rubbing not only ruins the look of the floor but ruins its coating. Microfiber floor mops are considered most suitable for floor mops. They come with pads using which you can remove all dirt sticking to the floor. It won’t take too much of your time either. You can handle these mops easily as they come with a soft touch grip and can be cleaned easily.

A wood floor mop of high quality is durable and lightweight in design. They come with a refillable cartridge. In case, you buy a mop which doesn’t come with a trigger option you can use this container for pouring water as well as cleaning solutions during the dusting process. But ensure that excess water doesn’t get spilled over the floor. This may lead to permanent stains. These days, there are a number of electro-static mops using which you can draw the dust and dirt scattered across different parts of the floor into them.

Wood floor mops are good absorbents and can soak in a lot of water. Once you have used, the pads can be cleaned and hung in a bucket. Wood floor mop comes with a telescopic handle which will make it convenient for you to clean difficult areas. If you require mops with greater versatility, then you should go for the ones which are suitable for use in marble, tile and vinyl floors as well.

To buy the most suitable quality of mop which provides you with a lasting service, comparison is essential. Surfing through the websites of a number of manufacturers will make it easier for you to choose a brand. Budget allocation won’t take too much time as a result.

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