Home Wind Turbine: Most Important Thing You Have To Do

With a home wind turbine there are as many ways to mess things up as there are to get them right. As with any home project it is wise to look carefully at your critical decision factors and focus on the 20% that will drive the success of the project.

The things that you have to do are when sizing up your wind energy options…

Pick the right spot to mount it – So many people don’t do this right the first time. When there’s a rush to get something up and running, oftentimes people will purchase wind turbines, set them up, and then just assume that they’re going to make power because they are in a windy environment. That is not the case however. The smart thing to do is to carefully pick out several locations that might work. Then take some data. An anemometer will do just fine. You mount the anemometer on a stake as high up as you think you may want about the wind turbine eventually. Then, you look at the data for a while-usually 6 to 9 months is enough to draw realistic conclusions. You may have originally thought you could operate off of government wind charts and your intuition but that is not enough when you’re talking about thousands of dollars in the amount of trouble it takes to install one of these devices.

Know what your objective is – Many people don’t really take the time to get this right either. You need to have a specific objective in mind when you purchase a residential wind turbine. You need to know what you’re going to do with power you make. Clearly, you will make power but the amount that you make and where it is directed is something that is totally up to you to find out.

However, your most important variable to consider may be whether your local community will allow your device in the first place. Most people don’t realize this. Communities in which we live can have a big hand in limiting our free expression in this area. That is because of the big impact it has on whether or not we can install a wind turbine even on our own – these devices are looked at like many people look at teenagers loud car stereos – like a total annoyance that shouldn’t be thrust upon any community.

Concluding, it is important to pay attention to your one key variable when analyzing your home wind turbine purchase.

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