Washroom Supplies – Eco Friendly Disposable Hand Towels

The term eco friendly disposable hand towels are used for paper hand towels which are one of the most commonly used hygiene products in the world. Traditionally, these towels were made out of cloth and since cotton was the most common material used in their manufacture, they were commonly referred to as cotton towels as well. However, these towels required a lot of maintenance in terms of washing, laundering and ironing due to which people were on a look-out for an alternative material which would not only serve the function of the cotton towels but would prove to be more cost efficient and maintenance-free as well.

It was just a matter of time before the ideal replacement of cotton towels was thought to be the paper hand towels. This happened owing to a number of advantages associated with paper like disposability, no maintenance and better hygienic standards. The hand towels made of paper are also referred to as disposable towels since they are meant to be used only once after which they are meant to be discarded. Since this prevents usage by multiple people, it promotes a better sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

It is due to these reasons that disposable towels definitely feature in the list of eco friendly cleaning supplies and hygiene products of most of the homes, commercial establishments, public areas and offices. Another type of product that helps with your air and smell problems is an air purifier. The Ozone system imitates the natural production of air out of the ozone – high-energy discharges in lightning on oxygen. The organic air freshener kills harmful airborne bacteria and destroys odour-causing components.

As this air freshener dispenser is gas-based, it can reach even the most inaccessible of positions.

The air freshener leaves no chemical residue – converting within a short time into oxygen. One of the most common applications of towels is their use as bathroom towels wherein these towels are provided to people through the towel dispenser. When searching for hygiene products and cleaning supplies online, products regularly top the search results list, with zigzag folds, dispensers paper towels, and dispenser hand towel rolls appearing as internationally-acclaimed best-sellers.

There are eco friendly cleaning supplies and hygiene products, twenty varieties of hand towels as well as hand towel dispensers available in the market. Most of these products are supplied by prominent brands related to the field of hand hygiene like Kimberly Clark, Kleenex, Kruger and Lotus and hence conform to the manufacturing guidelines due to which they can be classified as green towels as well.

The different types of Kimberly Clark towels are white folded, medium-sized and folded Scott Kimberley Clark towels, the Kimberly Clark toilet tissue dispenser known as Aqua, the Kimberly Clark hand towel dispenser and the Kimberly Clark wipers. Since all the above mentioned products can be classified as green towels, these are suitable to serve as bathroom towels, cleaning supplies and hygiene products in washrooms and toilets all over the world.

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