What is So Great About DIY Wind Turbines?

Renewable energy generation out of wind power is now a real alternative for domestic users. DIY wind turbines (Do It Yourself wind turbines) are a low cost option for residential owners. Large commercial turbine systems can cost you up to $ 20,000. That is too much for the family budget, isn’t it? Then, a DIY wind turbine is the way to go to turn your home into an environmentally friendly place.

Wind power to produce electricity can be reached in many areas. The first thing you need to know is the average potency and speed the wind has when it blows over your area. You should take into account that the wind should blow at least at 10 miles per hour, so that your DIY wind turbine can work properly.

There are lots of wind turbine building guides on the web. A clear and accurate manual can give specific plans and directions. You can get one of them at very low cost and get helpful information for every step of the construction process.

Once you have bought your DIY wind turbine kit, all you need to do is get your household tools and get to work. No special skills or devices are required to build the turbine structure; you just need a little patient and commitment. The blades are usually made of PVC, wood, corrugated cardboard or aluminum. Plastic or wood are also used to do the base and the frame. Lightweight materials are used for them in order to get as much rotational energy as possible. In fact, your DIY wind turbine blades should be long enough to capture the most average wind. You should keep in mind that longer blades will generate energy even with slow wind blows, while shorter blades are faster to get power from strong winds. In order to catch as many winds as possible, the turbine should be mounted on a high spot, where air can not be obstructed by trees, hills or buildings. The connection between the turbine and your home should be done through electrical wires which feed into a battery, where energy is stored. This battery can be powered by regular batteries, such as AA or NiMH ones. To use the energy generated by your DIY wind turbine, you need an inverter to turn it into electricity.

If you want to complement the electricity supply with the additional power generated by your turbine system, then you should connect it to the electric grid. When the wind blows strongly, the grid will capture that extra energy coming from the turbine and provide electricity when wind blows slowly. On the other hand, all the electricity needs can be covered with the wind power system.

Although homemade wind turbine’s efficiency can hardly exceed 1000 KW capacities, your household electrical needs can be totally satisfied with it. DIY wind turbines are an outstanding chance to save some money and they are also a great opportunity to use renewable energy sources to supply your day to day requirements.

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