Planning For A Home Renovation

Most of us wouldn’t enter into a major home project such as redecorating without at least some kind of a basic plan. However, home designers can vouch for the fact that the more attention you spend on the details of home decorating, the better your final results will be.

Planning a home decorating project is made more convenient with the onslaught of materials like the internet with its articles, websites, videos and blogs. Throw in the numerous home decorating magazines and interior design books, as well as exhibits, open houses, showrooms and others. You practically have every information at your feet. Oh, and let’s not forget our ever helpful friends who are either design enthusiasts or have done their own home decorating, and you’re swimming in a mirage of design ideas.

Expect that in the process of home decorating, your life may take on a chaotic turn. Your vision of a comfortable and cozy place won’t just materialize in a snap. You still have to deal with cans of paint, rearrangement of furniture, painting job, measurements, and the ceaseless cleaning and sorting. Dealing with this is actually more of a concern than the actual redecorating work.

Remember that your house will look like a complete mess before it transforms into a swan. Therefore, it is advisable to go slow. Not exactly with the tasks but in renovating in general – decorate one room at a time. In doing so

– It won’t be a burden managing your household. – Not all rooms will become unavailable at once, so you will be left with spaces where you can keep your displaced objects or where you can hang out. – You won’t be too stressed out, thinking incessantly when the renovation will end. By doing one room at a time, every few weeks or so, you’ll get instant results. – It’s easier on the pocket. You can withhold any more work in case the budget runs short, and resume when finances get better.

When engaging professional workers such as painters, carpenters or electricians, try to have them do all their work within a specified time period. You’ll have to do more upfront preparation and deal with an intense time of disruption, but you’ll also save a lot of money. Check your potential contractor’s credentials thoroughly before hiring. If you don’t feel right about the contract, don’t hire that person or firm. There are plenty of candidates available.

Before the renovation starts, allot a space or room where the family can hang out, especially if it’s the living room or kitchen that’s being done. There should still be comfort and relaxation despite the ongoing work in the house. Don’t forget to include area rugs in this room as these floor decors are instant comfort boosters. The brightly-colored area rugs will also keep your little kids’ attention, paying no heed to the noise and dirt around them.

Have fun even if redecorating a home can be troublesome. Utilize colorful items to lift your mood, such as eating utensils, flowers and scented candles. It will keep your sanity in check and your children’s creative minds flowing.

Finally, be sure the youngsters – and any spouses lusting after the power tool – understand that the area being redecorated and the tools therein are off-limits for the duration. If possible, have the family enter and exit the home via a separate entrance, so that the area under construction is kept protected.

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