Do-It-Yourself Wedding Favors

DIY or do-it-yourself wedding favors are very popular today. They are not only less expensive than traditional favors, but they also add a personal touch to ordinary items. When you purchase a picture frame and hand it over to your guests, all they will see is a store bought picture frame with you and your partner’s picture and the details of your wedding. On the other hand, if you give them a handcrafted picture frame made from raffia or bamboo, they will feel that you are really happy to have them in your wedding. Plus, they will admire your effort and creativity. Personalized wedding favors have a huge impact on guests. They send out a message that you appreciate your guests so much that you even took time to make unique and creative favors just to show your gratitude to them. Because of this, your guests are more likely to remember your wedding than any other weddings. They would be able to recall the fun they had while at the church or reception each time they see your favor sitting on their shelf or table. You can actually make such favors from scratch, but you can also buy kits and materials from stores. Other than crafts, you may also consider giving your guests scented soaps. Handcrafted soaps are attractive and useful; your guests can even use them immediately once they get home from your wedding. In order to make a bar of soap, you should go to a craft store and buy a clear melt-and-pour soap. Break it apart and melt it in your microwave oven for approximately twenty seconds per square. Then, you should pour it over your chosen molds. Fill them half way each, and let the melted soap set for a minute. You can leave it that way and wait for it to harden completely if you plan to personalize the soap packaging. Otherwise, you should put a small charm inside the soap by placing such charm on top of the set soap before filling the mold to the top. In about thirty minutes, your soap will be ready. Once it becomes hard enough, you can simply pop it out of the mold and place it inside your choice of packaging. You can use boxes, fabric drawstring bags, and paper. Do not forget to include a ‘thank you’ card. In the olden times, little sugar cubes were used as wedding favors. Today, sugar is still very popular; they have somehow evolved though. Instead of plain sugar cubes, sugary treats in the form of candies and chocolates are given away. You can buy favor pails and fill them with sweets. You can put candies and chocolate bars with personalized wrappers or bubble gum sculptures of you and your spouse. Tie a fabric ribbon or lace around the handle of every pail. Then, place a card or a sticker with you and your spouse’s name as well as your wedding date. Your favors, no matter how small or inexpensive they are, will still be appreciated by the people you care about. So, instead of splurging on favors, you can just make your own. You will be able to reduce costs, and at the same time show your guests that you truly appreciate their presence.

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