Interior Design Pointers: Home Theater

Peering around the living room, you start to consider how cool it would look to turn your average living room into your own private home theater. You notice several alternatives–luxury home theater seats, skylight lighting, an upgraded television set, and maybe even new carpet or hardwood floor. When planning some improvements for your room, you may want to think about these tips before you go off and get that new television set or upgrade your floor.

Carpet or Hardwood

The carpet material you use will dictate the price of the carpet; however, carpet, in general, may be considerably less costly than hardwood.  Carpet is oftentimes less costly and only requires that you vacuum every so often to keep the fabric free of dust.

However, the drawback to buying carpet for your theater room, or any room for that matter, is that carpet attracts stains. All carpet fabric is given an expected life span that can make the materials more or less expensive for the individual. Please note, life expectancies vary and just because a carpet has an estimated life of 25 years that does not automatically mean that your carpet will last that long; in fact, your carpet will last a few years less depending on how much you vacuum the fabric. For hardwood lovers, you may be paying more for the material, but the perks of having hardwood outweigh the costs. Unlike with carpet, you will be required to habitually clean the floors with hardwood cleaner to keep the wood’s shiny condition and halt any cracks from forming. Do not forget, you can damage the floor easily while moving furniture, so apply caution when moving items or even when allowing pets inside the house as their claws can also damage the floors.

Theater Seats

Theater seats come in different sizes, styles and themes to help you find the best seats available. Seats are seen as the single most important piece of home theater chairs next to the TV. The seats you purchase must allow for ample space for the viewer and a comfortable viewing experience to provide the best movie environment. Please note, the best companies to get seats from are those that offer many customization options that allow you to choose the headrest, armrest, and cushioning of your seats.


If you create a theater room, chances are you’re going to want to sit a few people in the room, and you’ll require a television big enough for everyone to see. The size of your TV should be proportional to the living room in which it is set, meaning a 42-inch television may be too small for a room. Instead, you may require a 60-inch TV or a projector to provide the most ideal viewing experience.

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