Data Cleaning

Direct marketing plays a massive role in the modern day business and is rooted in both traditional forms and new technology, but any advances in IT can come with some drawbacks that can damage firms.

Social media and mobile marketing have been booming in recent times, while the more traditional forms of direct mail and email marketing still remain strong. All companies need to ensure their campaigns are well-documented and backed-up in case of any IT failure, making sure their marketing efforts are not damaged from an IT problem that can arise from many unexpected sources.

In order to avoid potential problems coming from any of the multiple parties involved, data cleaning should precede any major project undertaken. Such data cleaning, along with streamlining relevant marketing databases, can help to sidestep any potential IT problems and help achieve success with a campaign.

The addition of direct mail to any campaign can increase the success of the marketing promotion, but will also add more IT processes involved to design material and also, in many cases, print it.

With marketing campaigns likely to be more successful if the “visual element” is correct, as customers will look at material that catches their eye, it also means more departments or outside companies such as could be involved with the design, scrutiny and distribution of any material.

Every aspect must be backed up in case of IT failure, and undertaking tasks such as data cleaning and streamlining preceding the campaign could reduce any potential risks going forward.

Such implementation of direct mail into any marketing campaign is worth the additional risks associated with adding more vendors into the mix. It offers marketers a great opportunity to engage more with their customers, and when combined with online or email marketing then it tends to be more lucrative and result in a higher return-on-investment.

Direct mail can also appeal to customers by boasting environmentally friendly credentials or being personalised to give the campaign a more innovative approach. Marketers are beginning to increasingly combine such mail platforms with more modern social media marketing, as they can complement each other within any overall campaign.

Every different form of marketing strategy has its own strengths, but a firm needs to do everything they can before implementing such campaign to avoid the pitfalls of potential IT failure down the line.

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